Oct 262022

Did Mr. Anti-Government Jeff take gifts from people? (Let alone being over the limit)

Jeff Hewitt has some ‘splainin’ to do. And, we are not talking about the 50 liens and the slew of lawsuits he has been in.

This guy has had nothing but trouble with the FPPC – the campaign finance regulators – because he refuses to file his paperwork. Hey, that sounds a lot like his “successful” business! Worse, he has also been lit up for flaunting the rules as well!

The FPPC fined Hewitt $1,111 for failing to report large contributions as required by law. This occurred on five separate occasions. FPPC Case # 17/00038  Total Penalty: $1,111  Respondent: Jeff Hewitt for State Senate #23 2014; Jeffrey F. Hewitt; David Castaldo, Treasurer Govt Code Section Violated: 84203 (5 separate 24-hour report violations)
FPPC fined Hewitt $4,923 for failing to file required campaign reports and failing to during 24-hour period. Hired Ashlee Titus at Bell McAndrews, Hiltachk. FPPC Case # 2018-000248.  Respondents: Jeff Hewitt for Assembly District 42 2016, Jeff Hewitt, David Castalado, and Wendy Hewitt.
Your intrepid blogger expects more FPPC complaints are to be expected as a result of Hewitt’s failure to file all $1,000 checks or more within 10 days of receipt last year (dozens).
Currently, five formal complaints have been filed with the FPPC against Jeff Hewitt between 2017-2021. As a result, three separate investigations are currently underway. The two other complaints did not result in new investigations, but were added to the current investigations.
Of the five complaints/investigations:
  • two were initiated directly by the FPPC;
  • one was initiated by the Secretary of State;
  • two were initiated by the Franchise Tax Board;
  • BONUS one complaint for violating anti-corruption statutes was initiated by a private party
Another BONUS: Jeff Hewitt also got a warning letter over his conduct from his governor campaign in the failed California Recall of 2021. Hewitt failed to file his form 700 statement of economic interests for his Governor campaign – speaking of transparency.
The five complaints and the three open investigations are listed below.
Jeff Hewitt: 2 pending lawsuits, 5 pending FPPC Cases, 1 Pending Anti-Corruption Case, and 2 liens since being elected. What the hell else is there that we don’t know about yet?
To be continued…
Dec 162021

I am not sure why Dan Brown of Yolo County is being fingered as the puppet master of Michelle Guerra in Solano County. Several sources who have found themselves in the crosshairs of the I-80 West Rampage have indicated that Dan Brown is the brains behind the borderline psychotic actions of Michelle Guerra in Solano County.

One thing I find amazing is that Brown purged Rob and Allison Olson off of the Yolo GOP. Those two were mainstays of that County Party and while they are squishes, they are good people and have generally been productive for the Republican cause. I like them both. I have more respect for them supporting Jessica Patterson over Steve Frank because they were honest about it. Dan Brown was not.

While Brown’s portion of the I-80 West Rampage has been smaller than that of Michelle Guerra, he was present and ran a recent meeting where Guerra was able to finally exact final revenge on the last holdout members of the Solano GOP.

Why does the rampage of Michelle Guerra matter? She sold her soul to Jessica Patterson in the Chairman’s election and is now in Solano County on a rampage against RINO’s. Got it, she supports the queen RINO and is now going full Bannon on her local county party.

And, note – I had a front row seat to see the Bannon People take over the Washoe GOP. Washoe is the swing county in the swing state of Nevada. It will be a labratory for weather this national effort is constructive or weather it is the tea party on acid.

Several of your intrepid blogger’s sources believe that Guerra’s near psychotic rampage is related to purging undesireables to purify the Solano GOP to conform with what she thinks is Bannon’s mission.

Guerra has publicly attacked and threatened Republican Electeds in Solano County. (Remember Solano is about 28% Republican)

Guerra publicly attacked a disabled member of the Solano GOP threatening them in front of a lot of witnesses.

She staged a public lynching of a long time Solano GOP member that was presided over by the aforementioned Dan Brown.

I was sent a list of former Solano GOP members who endured withering attacks from the crazed Guerra before they resigned. I recognized several of the names and all are recognized conservatives and leaders within the Solano GOP. They are gone now.

What I have also found is that I no longer know who to trust on SCRCC or even our local republican community.  I now find myself wondering  I’ve seen aggressive behavior by newer persons who are supportive of Michele, but who have been antagonistic toward certain elected members – specifically XXX and XXX. I felt Michele was dismissive and disrespectful to (three names deleted). I even suspect this other group is starting to try and permeate the Solano Republican women’s group.
They’re entitled to their opinions but I do not trust their intentions, whatever they are revealed to be.  Hard to know because at this point in time, they keep their intentions to themselves. (BLOGGER’S NOTE: Classic tactics of the Bannon Precinct Strategy Types)
New associate member Bonnie Horn’s comments and recent placement as a Education committee leader, the absurd trial-like central committee hearing against XXX, the heated and disparaging comments toward (XXX and XXX) by Michele and members who align with her, the disrespect shown toward XXX, XXX, XXX, Earl and Tamika Hamilton, the ZOOM electronic interference coupled with Michele’s efforts to manipulate bylaws for her needs … these all combine to take the elected central committee in a different direction I’m not comfortable with.  It is becoming a committee of followers and there is no decision making power but with Michele, no planning or any communication or authority for decision making with the elected district reps themselves.  It’s more like the elected reps are considered to be in the way until Michele can somehow remove them and appoint those who align with the other group’s agenda.

Then a different source said this:

One example, Bonnie Horn has been with SCRCC for less than 1 month; however, Michele has placed Ms Horn in charge of the Education Committee (we’ve never had an education committee) and of course, you saw Ms Horn’s widely circulated email, extremely biased against Tamika and encouraging “happy hunting” of RINOS.

If Tamika Hamilton is a RINO, then most Republicans are communists. Hamilton is guilty of aligning with Patterson, and that is the extent of it – but apparently, Guerra gets a pass for what she did.

It should be noted that the rampage queen has gotten her 30 pieces of silver for betraying conservatives in February. Guerra is on the CAGOP’s coveted Rules Committee – and has participated in the cover-ups of the by-law violations your intrepid blogger exposed.

Guerra is on the proxies and credentials committee and participated in lynching at least 20 legitimate conservative delegates to the CAGOP at the Feb Convention. So, it appears she used the CAGOP as a test lab for what she was going to do in Solano County.

Guerra is on the CAGOP’s Executive Committee.

Guerra is also on the new “Blind and Disabled” committee. Do they know what she recently did to a blind member of the Solano GOP? Several people witnessed Guerra verbally abuse this blind woman reducing her to a blubbering mess. As Jessica Patterson is known to be quite mean herself was this some sort of interview for the position?

Guerra is a unique breed, she sold her soul to the squishes and the establishment to make a name for herself and get on committees within the State Party. In Solano County she is on some sort of false crusade masquerading as a Bannon-ite. She is a fraud and both Patterson’s people and Bannon’s people should be extremely wary of her and Dan Brown.

Then people wonder why the hell the CAGOP is headed south of 23% registration?

Dec 042021

Hannah Holzer is proving that she is a typical liberal hack. The truth does not matter, research is for the bourgeois.

Here is 100% of the agenda from the BS article:

How egregious was it? A chunk of Roseville was shaved off from the rest of the city in a way that made no sense apart from cynical political calculation. In another questionable change, a supervisor previously approved of a configuration of a district primarily because it contained his house.

Here is the truth that Holzer denies because it is all about Scott Alvord (a democrat) being drawn in to Sup D2. MAP A WAS THE MOST LIKE THE CURRENT LINES!


Just because a lot us did not like Map A, “egregious” is a leftist whore-out term to create controversy in the wrong spot. Egregious was what Jim Holmes did to inject drama in to the entire process. No Holmes drama, no Sacramento Bee whore-out op-eds whining because there was no Democrat seat drawn in Placer County. Whenever the Bee Editorializes, imagine it is being written in Beijing. This is because this floundering enterprise has decided that going in to Pravda communist territory is the way to regain relevance.

Oh and the supervisor Holzer refused to mention by name in the above snippet? That would be Jim Holmes… whom I’d imagine this loser would want to retain in office given where he generally falls on County issues. But mentioning Holmes by name would undermine the fake controversy that the Chinese Consulate in downtown Sacramento is trying to gin up.

Further illustrating what a complete fool Mz. Holzer is, is her reliance upon Suzanne Jones for many of the quotes in the article. The “Hybrid” Map looked like one of Holzer’s UC Davis sorority party drinking games. Those that supported it did not realize that even your intrepid blogger could have written up a lawsuit and trashed it as the flaws were that obvious. But this is what ass-backwards reactionary compromise does to people.

Crazy Suzy was only pissed because Carol Garcia remains in Sup D4 and Garcia (or someone else for that matter) is going to blow her ass out of office. It would be funny to see the Bee endorse Jones who is a social conservative with an IQ roughly equal to the sidewalk. I should start posting photos of Carol Garcia on the blog to give Jones nightmares… good Lord. Who the hell knows what 2024 holds?

So, to my dearest plant-life supervisor and lazy commie “reporter” – let me show you what real research and opinion looks like. I give you Rocklin Mayor Joe Patterson:


Supes can right the wrong districting decision this Tuesday <<< NOW TAKE NOTES, see how Polite this title is? You guys are a so-called journalists. Act like it. I am a blogger and I am not constrained by any so called veneer of objectivity. Or perhaps you should put “Sponsored by the CADEM Party with Major Funding From Chairman XI” at the bottom of your crap if you had any integrity.

Supes can right the wrong districting decision this Tuesday

Joe Patterson
Rocklin City Council

Every 10 years after the Census is completed, the Placer County Board of Supervisors is required by state law to redraw district boundaries to account for population changes and ensure every supervisor represents an equal number of residents throughout the county.

Earlier this week, on a 3-2 vote, the Board of Supervisors moved forward a proposal that does not consider the public’s testimony and weakens the voices of every resident, particularly those who live in cities.

Why is this important? Because the Board of Supervisors has a $1-billion annual budget and is primarily responsible for addressing homelessness, libraries, veteran services, mental health services, jail facilities and coordinating emergency services.

This process, called redistricting, is complicated and usually politically charged. Politicians are often motivated to draw district boundaries that protect their jobs. That is why voters created an independent commission on the state level which takes that power away from politicians. For the first time ever, the supervisors had an opportunity to create a truly independent commission where the decisions would be made by residents. Instead, they appointed an advisory committee of their choosing and ultimately dismissed their recommendation and virtually all public testimony. The approved map is very clearly against the will of the people.

One county supervisor, Jim Holmes, who represents most of Rocklin and all of Loomis, went as far as going to the Loomis Town Council to admit that he asked county staff to draw a map to ensure his job would be safe. Despite video evidence of this unethical and perhaps illegal request, he now denies it happened or was taken out of context.

After several months of hearings and receiving public input, their hand-picked advisory commission recommended a map that incorporated public testimony and would not split cities while also respecting rural areas. Emails, calls, and testimony from approximately 500 people overwhelmingly supported these goals. However, Supervisor Jim Holmes made a motion that dismissed this process and adopted the staff-created plan without changes requested by the public. His motion flew in the face of what the vast majority of his constituents asked the Board to do via official public comment: keep us together.

The map supported by Supervisor Holmes splits Rocklin into two different districts and it does so by separating the most diverse part of town, thus diluting the voice of Rocklin residents. It also rejects a desire by the town of Loomis to be matched with the rest of the Loomis Basin and distinct from the city of Rocklin.

In Placer County, 72 percent of the population lives within cities (Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln, Loomis, Auburn and Colfax) yet four of the five supervisors live in unincorporated areas. This matters because decisions are being made on how to spend $1 billion every year and city residents have very little input on how it is spent.

Take for example, $77 million that Placer County received from the federal government intended to help assist residents and businesses impacted by the pandemic and various state-mandated lockdowns. Our supervisors allocated $28 million of those funds to install sewer infrastructure in parts of the county that are largely uninhabited. While your kids were stuck learning from a computer screen, your favorite business was closed at the peak of the pandemic or you lost your job, our supervisors decided to spend millions of dollars to get new people to move to Placer County rather than helping residents who already live here and pay taxes. This should infuriate city and rural residents alike.

Only one supervisor, Bonnie Gore (who lives in a city), supported keeping cities together while also creating some independence to drawing the lines. However, the majority of the Board chose to draw their own lines.

This year gave supervisors a unique opportunity to engage the public and help give you a bigger voice on matters that keep you safe and healthy. Unfortunately, the majority signaled a lack of concern for your input and decided they could do a better job.

Fortunately, this is not over quite yet. The Board of Supervisors can right this wrong and adopt a map that respects your wishes. They will be meeting on Tuesday and you can email the County Clerk at mwood@placer.ca.gov and ask that they throw out Map A and keep cities and rural communities together.

Joe Patterson is a Rocklin City Councilman and former mayor. His contact information is 916-297-4822 and joe.patterson@rocklin.ca.us.

Please note, I supported Map B. I am being told there is a Map Z in the works that will pull more of Rocklin proper in to Sup D3 and it is possible that the final Map will have almost all of Rocklin in Sup D3. Map B would have put all of Rocklin in Sup D3.  If Map Z gets passed, Bill Halldin will end up in Sup D3 and in my opinion would be the favorite to replace Holmes in 2024. Patterson will still be in Sup D2 under Map Z.

Holzer should be in Map CCCP.

Dec 022021

I have written some blogs about the Western Placer Waste Management Agency. I have heard that the staff went on a rampage and rode the five members of the board to get their way on the contract. The truth may be a little less hyperbolic, but your intrepid blogger now has the “Trash Bash” as an issue I will be tracking. I will be watching the staff of the agency, the performance of FCC and every nuance of what happens.

Every time I take up a cause, I also hear the rumors that people were invoking my name and saying “Don’t let him win”. Yawn. The fun part is knowing that I am living rent free in people’s heads and that I am vetting rumors of all sorts of unethical and maybe illegal behavior. We will see where they end up. After all, FCC has a proven record of bribery.

For those interested, I am 100% aware that the Green Waste people (whom WPWMA Staff screwed over) has three major issues in their file including the death of an employee in a freak industrial accident. Three discernable issues was all I found on them and I found 15 related to FCC in about 10 minutes of effort. Please note, my file on FCC is growing daily further adding to my theories of malfeasance by the staff of the district.

Lastly, Please note that I have worked for Bill Halldin professionally for many years. This includes helping elect him to the Rocklin City Council and as a campaign operative for his Assembly effort. I think he screwed up and made a bad choice picking FCC and acquiescing to staff, that is all. Mr. Halldin is also a friend of many years and I’d vouch for his character. My focus is on what the staff did to manipulate the outcome and their relationship with the provider they chose.

Mr. Halldin is the Chair of the WPWMA board. Supervisor Bonnie Gore is also on the board. I ran an independent expenditure trashing Jack Duran on her behalf. I am not close to Bonnie, but I have known her for 20+ years, have observed her for 20+ years in the public arena and I’d say the same thing about her character as I do about Mr. Halldin’s.

Speaking of Bonnie Gore – is she going to run for that new Roseville / Citrus Heights Assembly Seat? I hear that her other bad vote against Map A was borne out of some entanglements with some prospective donors / stakeholders for an upcoming race for legislature of some sort. My personal preference is for her to run for re-election as she should not waste herself on being a speedbump in Sacramento. It should be noted that then Bonnie Mertus became known as she was a legislative staffer for Senator Rico Oller amongst others.

Paul Joiner vs Shanti Landon – with the District Map Set, this race is going to be a WWIII Barn-Burner. It will effectively be Police/Indians vs everybody else. Landon has a slew of endorsements and strong fundraising. Joiner (another friend of many years) has the ability to write himself a check for what Shanti has raised thus far and the money bomb from those two special interests will be significant. Rocklin Councilmember Joe Patterson was drawn in to this district, but Bill Halldin is in District 2 as well. I spoke to Patterson, he is staying in Rocklin.

Speaking of Sup D3: Jim Holmes is now a 3 year lame duck. I do want to thank and applaud Mr. Holmes for “falling on his sword” at the last meeting and admitting his mistake with regard to his pubic comments about the map-drawing and his efforts to have map C created. It is rare to see someone man up like that in politics. While I still have major issues with Holmes, his actions on Tuesday deserve mention. Holmes made the motion to adopt “Map A”, which carried 3-2. Map A effectively ends Holmes’ 20 Years in office.

Suzanne “Crazy Suzy” Jones. The feedback I got about her was about her lack of awareness and her comments that belied her lack of intelligence. It is actually really sad to hear that stuff because despite the fact that I am close politically and personally with Kirk Uhler – for the good of Placer County I wanted to see her do well before I help run her out of office in 2024. She appears to be as inept and incompetent as Joe Biden. Will Suzanne file for one of the new legislative seats? She has run for office 8 times for 6 different offices and she is mid-term.

James Gallagher / Kevin Kiley – they got drawn in to the same district. I have read a lot of stuff that the citizen’s commission was having secret meetings with interest groups and I am certain that the process was corrupted. When I looked at the district they created with Kiley and Gallagher in it, I know 100% this was deliberate.

Kevin Kiley for Congress? I have been told he has been in contact with the NRCC and leadership. Kiley would be another McClintock type member of Congress in most every way. I hope Kiley takes on the Fraud Doctor Ami Bera – he’d wreck that loser. If Kiley runs for Congress, I’d be inclined to endorse him.

Gallagher? He has two terms left in the Assembly, my guess is at that point LaMalfa retires and Gallagher gets to realize his dream of being in Congress. Godspeed James.

Let’s shift to Orange County where some of the biggest losers I have ever dealt with in politics exist:

Loser #1 John Moorlach. You’d think after getting clobbered twice in the last two years that he’d go somewhere far, far away. But, he is on the minds of people (or perhaps those are the voices in his head). Is it Moorlach for OC Assessor? Is it Moorlach for Senate against Scott Baugh. (I seriously don’t think Moorlach has the balls to take on Baugh, but never underestimate ego) Or is Moorlach going to join the OC Supervisor free-for all?

Loser #2 Diane Harkey. Yes THAT Diane Harkey who I shredded earlier this year. SHE’S BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK and the whole OCGOP establishment have been pulling all the levers for her! She was early endorsed by Feckless Freddie and crew. (Fred Whitaker is the establishment patsy chair of the OCGOP) Well, it looks like there is another fly in the Harkey ointment (despite the gigantic opposition research file that is) – none other than Diane Dixon, the squishy Mayor of Newport Beach is going to join the fray.

Dixon is rumored to be quite aggressive interpersonally and Fred Whitaker found out personally. It has been rumored that the OCGOP may reconsider the endorsement of the deeply flawed Harkey (In favor of another 70-something?)

That gives us Kevin Muldoon, Diane Dixon, John Moorlach(?) and Diane Harkey. If that is how the race shapes up, I will be getting writer’s cramp as all three candidates over the age of 65 have opposition research files like Three Mile Island. (Or an FCC compost plant) Muldoon is Under 45.

It appears that several in Orange County are bristling against the concept of retirement and may need some more occupational therapy from your intrepid blogger.

I am sure there will be more. This is politics after all.

Nov 182021

IN Placer County in 2020 – Three School Boards turned from Dem/Squish R majorities to solid R majorities. It appears that the Sacramento Bee is enraged by this. 2021 has seen a “columnist” from the Sacramento Bee who is fresh out of the People’s Republic of Davis on the dope rhyme. She has unloaded her vitriol on several local electeds in Placer County and has been seen at board meetings trolling for people to attack.

These are the sorts of things the misguided people on the right should be focused on. The Communists in Sacramento and their whores in the Sacramento Bee know 100% who the enemy is.

The Sacramento Bee penned an article recently that tied the Proud Boys and Militias to parents protesting at school board meetings. 30 years ago when my wife was a journalism student, this practice was called juxtaposition and was regarded as an unethical practice.

Ryan Sabalow – one of the Bee reporters is from Shasta County and I first met him when he worked for the Redding Record Searchlight. I do not know this leftist cheap shot artist, the Sabalow I knew was a good reporter, but that is not allowed in today’s media. Further, anyone that calls Shasta Supervisor Leonard Moty a conservative must be a blithering idiot or a product of China.

In case you have any doubt as to the Bee’s agenda – take a look at this section of the article:

From Modesto to Placerville, Sacramento to Oroville to Redding, the dangerous, conspiracy theory-driven spirit behind the deadly Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riots has spread across California as far-right extremists and anti-government activists mobilize to disrupt the work of local elected officials. Local government and school board meetings have turned into tedious and contentious slogs filled with hours of public comment as extremists shout and ramble on, spewing misinformation and sometimes threatening public officials.

Got it? Anyone speaking out is now part of January 6th.

But wait – there’s more:

Central to many of these efforts: Christian church leaders, including many who have boasted about defying public health orders and made a show of doling out exemptions for people who won’t take the vaccine. In some cases, churches have spearheaded conferences riddled with prominent conspiratorial figures. Some say they are organizing to “take back” the power.

The Bee has always hated the Church and when given a chance to smear the Church with other groups, they could not help themselves.

Also notice the lack of Bee coverage about BLM, ANTIFA and other far-left groups. I don’t recall Act-Up, the Earth Liberation Front, or other violent enviro groups making the pages of the Bee… just angry parents and people angry about the policies of the Bee’s fellow leftists in California Government. This is why I refer to the Sacramento Bee as a whore for the left.

What makes this moment particularly dangerous, experts who study political violence and anti-democracy movements say, is that right-wing activists are using misinformation — about public health, school curriculums and elections — to gain traction. This is not just routine conservative organizing, said Lindsay Schubiner, a program director at the Western States Center, an Oregon-based nonprofit that promotes equity and counters white nationalism. It’s a confluence of “bigoted and anti-democracy groups” working to undermine basic institutions.

Please note that the Western States Center is a far-left organization routinely discredited for leftist smears, similar to the Southern Poverty Law Center. It makes perfect sense that a rag like the Bee would go to them for a quote.

I am going to finish with a large quote from the Sacramento Globe by Katy Grimes:

“MORE EXTREME THAN THE TEA PARTY” the Bee subhead says. How “extreme” was the Tea Party – that “non-partisan grassroots organization of individuals united by core values derived from the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights as explained in the Federalist Papers,” fighting excessive government spending and taxation?

“What makes this moment particularly dangerous, experts who study political violence and anti-democracy movements say, is that right-wing activists are using misinformation — about public health, school curriculums and elections — to gain traction,” the Bee said.

This is not just routine conservative organizing, said Lindsay Schubiner, a program director at the Western States Center, an Oregon-based nonprofit that promotes equity and counters white nationalism. It’s a confluence of “bigoted and anti-democracy groups” working to undermine basic institutions.

It’s curious that the Bee chose this non-profit, whose board members include an attorney with the Southern Poverty Law Center, a self-described “social justice agitator, cultural sexologist, and public/sexual health educator,” and a member of the PLAN Action Fund board, which “Organizes people to use our collective leverage for social justice.”

“Oregon has faced political violence and attacks on our democracy throughout its history from bigoted and anti-democratic movements,” the Western States Center says.

But ignore what’s happening in Portland… residents are fearful of going to the “trashed” downtown. A tourism report by Travel Portland found that people don’t want to travel to Portland because they associate the city with homelessness, homicide, and civil unrest. “Because of group cancellations stemming from the pandemic, homeless, and downtown riots, tourism jobs in the metro area have dropped by 10,000 from 36,000 in 2019,” Oregon Catalyst just reported.

This is a perfect storm fomented by media, organized leftists, shadow government NGOs and non-profits, and government: Call parents “terrorists,” while defunding local police. This won’t end well.

The Globe reported on this shift away from fully-funding Sacramento’s police department in October 2020:

The Sacramento City Council voted unanimously to pass a “public safety” resolution, but there is little safety involved. The resolution is intended to officially redefine public safety — Sacramento Police Department, Sacramento Fire Department, and Emergency Medical Teams — to include what the city calls “youth-prevention services” such as arts programs and health food programs, and other “community outreach programs.”

Even with all of the data and statistics of a stunning crime spike in the Capitol City, instead of beefing up the very effective Sacramento Police IMPACT Team and the gang enforcement unit, Mayor Steinberg chose to offer concierge services to “the underserved,” and “unhoused.”

“The community engagement team organizes residents through civic engagement to ensure they have access to resources and opportunities provided by the city of Sacramento. The engagement team is the direct liaison between the community and the mayor’s office, and its focus is on reaching the underserved.”

The City already has mental health and homeless outreach units with the Sacramento Police Department, who are trained to deal with these unique issues – unless they’ve already been defunded.

The source articles follow:

SacBee Calls Parents ‘Angry, Violent, Toxic’ While Touting City’s New Community Organizer Hire


The Bee has lost a ton of subscribers in the last decade. The Paper is a shadow of its’ former self. Instead of following proven principles of marketing, they double down on the very far-leftist ideology that cost them tens of thousands of subscribers. This is the body politic of 2021.