Jan 222021

Fire them all.

This is Trish Todd

The Voice of OC followed up on the last Orange County Register story about John Moorlach and crew smearing Trish Todd – who I believe was raped by the Sociopathic Bill Brough in 2015.

We’ve been laying out the timeline and facts while Fred Whitaker has accused her (and your intrepid blogger) of libel, Clark has allegedly been calling people and both Clark and Moorlach have been taking a bath in a pigsty. Moorlach and Clark’s comments to the media have been absurd. They are in a five-star mess of their  own making.

But when he was asked about allegations that his chief of staff told Todd not to report the rape allegations, Moorlach told the Orange County Register during an editorial endorsement meeting that Todd was a “disgruntled” employee who was not his “best hire.”

Todd says that was an attempt to smear her reputation.

“[Moorlach] told the Orange County Register Editorial Board he was not supportive of hiring me and he had to deal with poor performance by me and these were documented in my personnel file,” Todd said in a statement this week.

“[Moorlach] knew what I knew. That was a complete lie,” Todd added. “He also could not do anything to correct the record because despite my giving him a complete release to disclose my personnel file, there was not anything in there he claimed was in there.”

Through a representative, Todd released documents from her personnel file – including a letter from Moorlach saying “her skill set is far advanced,” so she should be paid an amount that’s “higher than her current salary would allow.”

For those of you unable to click on the link to the letter John Moorlach wrote praising his “disgruntled” former employee – I decided to provide a nice screenshot of it.

So, it looks like John Moorlach is a filthy liar along with Fred Whitaker and Tim Clark – both of whom were reputed to be telling people on the OCGOP during the jam-down of their endorsement of John Moorlach that the “Rape Stuff” was from a source that was not credible and/or a disgruntled former employee.

Now we know why Moorlach has been as quiet as a church mouse lately after digging himself a rehtorical trench for the last two months:

Moorlach declined to comment Thursday on Todd’s allegations about how he handled her rape claims, and whether he feels he handled the situation appropriately.

“I’ve been counseled not to talk,” Moorlach told Voice of OC.

It looks like Tim Clark missed the memo when he was whining to the Orange County Register what a victim he was/is last week in the first story about Trish Todd’s personnel file.

But – it appears that Fred Whitaker is back in his spider hole as well:

Orange County GOP Chairman Fred Whitaker, who has been trying to unite Republican voters around Moorlach, didn’t return phone messages seeking comment on the allegations and whether the party is investigating.

Ego is a powerful and destructive force. The defect in most people about how they’d rather die or get wrecked than admit fault or change course recurs with alarming frequency in politics.

Enter the OC Communist Party:

“By continuing to stand with John Moorlach despite months of overwhelming allegations, the OC GOP is perpetuating a toxic attitude toward women,” said Ada Briceño, chairwoman of the Orange County Democratic Party, in a statement earlier this week.

“It’s wrong, and it’s up to all of us to change it. The OC GOP should rescind its endorsement of John Moorlach; it is the morally responsible thing to do,” she continued.

Moorlach’s “professional retribution” against Todd makes him “unfit to represent any Orange County resident in public office,” she added.

Allow me to express my shock that I am in agreement with the OC Dem Party on all counts of the previous snippet. Shame on the OCGOP for being asleep at the switch.

Then there is this:

“I believe her, and I’m grieved by the pain she carries to this day,” Moorlach said in the opinion piece, regarding Todd’s rape claim against Brough.

“You can only look with respect at the bravery of any woman who files charges alleging rape and willingly suffers that deep loss of privacy to stop a criminal.”

Three days later, Moorlach described Todd to the Register as a “disgruntled” employee who was “assertive,” “strong willed” and not his “best hire.”

Whoops. Click here to see Trish Todd’s open letter to John Moorlach that Moorlach is hiding from replying to.

Now the behavior of these people is pulling down the entire OCGOP, all because they were so fully invested in a political has-been they refuse to see the flaws in.

There’s more coming on the Trish Todd story as I have her entire personnel file now.

Dec 302020

Blogger’s Note: It has been eye-opening to look at several counties and see that 10 have no elected members and thus, due to a by-law change Jessica Patterson and her team got passed in 2016, those couties are stripped of their representation to the state party. In addition Yuba County has one elected member, the Father of a paid staffer of Jessica’s Campaign manager. As of ths posting of this blog, I have identified an additional 6 county parties with 6 or less elected members. I believe there are as many as 10 more in that category. I just need to confirm with the county elections offices as most do not post Central Committee Elections results. The 17 counties with 6 or less members is a disaster that CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Patterson must be held accountable for.

(805) 795-1271
Counties Will Be Partners With The State, Not Subjects Of The State
The letter below is just one of numerous examples of how the State Party would not allow the Counties to help their candidates or grow.  Instead of the California Republican party giving “permission” for a County to send letters to registered voters, they should be providing the information and training so the counties can do it themselves.

The counties can move quicker than the State Party and its staff.  The counties priority is their county.  The State GOP has targeted races and other priorities.  We strengthen counties by giving the tools to win elections.  We weaken counties by taking the tools away and having just one entity in charge of all 58 counties and how they communicate with voters and campaign for candidates.

From the letter, “Eventually, our Chair, found that the State did now allow us autonomy with the PDI program but they’d be happy to do the mail merge along with other tasks for us.  I’m not sure if there was a cost involved.  However, they would not allow any letters and/or mailings to be sent out by our individual Members without their State GOP approval for each item.

As Chair, I will change this—counties will be partners with the State, not subjects of the State.

Steve Frank

Coordination between County parties and the California Republican Party.

I’ve been a member of the XXXXX County Republican Central Committee for about a year and a half now and one of the tasks I was assigned when I was appointed was how to best utilize the PDI List.  The CC had access to the List for several years but nothing had been done with it so I accepted the assignment.  I immediately saw the value with its huge amount of voter data and a Google search turned up info on, of all things, Obama’s community organizing program. I know …I know ….. but it gave me an idea:))

I looked up data on each of our  Central Committee Members and most belonged to separate Precincts.  There are about xxx Precincts in XXXXX County and they average about xxx voters each so  I printed out a Voters List for each Member’s Precinct.  At the next monthly meeting, each Voting Central Committee Member immediately “and surprisingly” became a “Precinct Captain” I presented each Committee Member with a packet that contained a list of all the Voters that lived in the same Precinct that the Member resided in, along with a sample Letter they could mail to each Voter, or give directly to them if they chose to walk their Precinct.  At that time we were in the process of planning the Annual BBQ, so this was the focus of the letter.  The Members were excited about the program, even a bit of an applause after I presented it. I was thrilled:))

I’ve attached the sample letter I included with my initial presentation to the Members.  I told them they could use it as is, or make it their own verbiage; that it should be a letter from them personally to their GOP neighbors and wanted them to be comfortable with it.  The entire program was to let the Voters know there was someone on Central Committee they could come to with questions and/or concerns and to invite them to our meetings, the BBQ and other functions.  Also, the BBQ was a huge success which we can trace to the efforts of the Precinct Captains roll-out.

Things went along smoothly, except there were several Members who wanted to be able to mail merge the Voters List and I wasn’t able to do this.  I also wanted to be able to do a “walking list” and an email list from the PDI program but found it very difficult if not impossible.  So I paid my $20 and signed up for a class specifically related to the PDI program that the State GOP was sponsoring.  Problem was the class was postponed several times as I recall and eventually cancelled.  They offered a refund, but all I was interested in was the training which was never received.   Eventually, our Chair, found that the State did now allow us autonomy with the PDI program but they’d be happy to do the mail merge along with other tasks for us.  I’m not sure if there was a cost involved.  However, they would not allow any letters and/or mailings to be sent out by our individual Members without their State GOP approval for each item.

My question to you was whether this is something you could help us with if you were elected to the State GOP position or if this was a golden rule not to be messed with.  I believe it’s important that the Central Committee Members, who are elected by their “neighbors” should be allowed to communicate with them without having to get approval to do so.

At the present time our little program has grown to over xxx Precinct Captains involving xxx Voters.  The goal of course is to have xxx Precinct Captains but that’s pie in the sky for sure right now as we’re just trying to find our way through the maze and negativity we’re facing here in XXX County.

Thanks for reaching out and I’d appreciate your thoughts on this.  I hope this information has been helpful.

Steve Frank
Candidate, Chair of the California Republican Party

To support me, go to www.frank4leadership.com.

Dec 232020

Blogger’s Note: I Believe after deliberately delaying the delegate appointment forms release and stonewalling the announcement of the convention – Patterson’s campaign sent an email and miraculously the delegate appointment notices went out a few hours later at about 10PM today. (This is called abusing incumbency and CAGOP resources) As we predicted, the delegate appointment forms will hit between Chirstmas and New Years in a move we believe was done in an attempt to have some people miss their forms and not make their appointments. NOTE: We re-wrote the boring boiler-plate “all the leaders are supporting the establishment email” that we’ve seen for years with important information everyone should know. What is posted here is what should have been sent out by the “leaders” of our state party…

It is now 17 lost in the legislature. But Hey – we gained back 4 of 7 lost seats in Congress! Yay Team!

Dear Republican Leader:

In two short years, Jessica Millan Patterson helped drive the CAGOP to depths never before dreamed possible. After the 2018 elections, the pundits declared the Republican Party dead. They claimed we were in a death spiral, incapable of winning again. Gavin Newsom’s inauguration was covered more like a coronation by the press, and California Democrats touted the opportunity to remake the state in their progressive vision.

They were right. Jessica Patterson has helped them acehieve total dominance of California Politics!

On their watch,  Governor Newsom and California Democrats have demonstrated ineptitude of the highest magnitude. State government cannot provide unemployment benefits and drivers licenses. Their arbitrary COVID-19 policies are killing businesses and the jobs that Californians so desperately need. Iconic California corporations have backed up the moving trucks and are heading out of state. Governor Newsom told you that you couldn’t dine at a restaurant, but then partied with lobbyists and political consultants, running up a bill costing more than $10,000 for a swanky dinner at the French Laundry.

Is this the California we want to leave to our children and grandchildren? No, neither do we, and that’s why firing Jessica Millan Patterson is so important.

Jessica Millan Patterson and the California Republican Party have been getting their asses kicked by the Democrats for two years, and if the 2020 elections are any indication, we are on the right track to achieve total anhiliation in just a few years. Here’s how we score it:

  • Added 4 Congressional seats after losing 7 the previous cycle for a net loss of 3: Grade F
  • Added an Assembly seat by a fluke of the top two after two GOP Assemblymembers bolted the party: F
  • Lost two State Senate Seats in 2020: Grade F
  • Registered 624,000 new Republicans, overtaking NPP and restoring our two-party system, While the Democrats Rolled Up 1,833,000 Registrations for a net loss of 1.2 Million! Grade: F
  • Outside interests raised $37.5 million passed through the CAGOP to support GOP candidates, communicate with voters and get them to the polls. GOP Team Grade A+, Jessica Patterson Grade: N/A
  • 17 County Parties have 5 Elected Members or Less with 10 having no elected members! Grade F
  • Refused to take a stand to defend women related to the Bill Brough scandal! Grade F
  • Allowed 4 CAGOP delegates (including Lincoln Project Leader Mike Madrid) who openly supported Joe Biden to Remain in the Party! Grade F

As the GOP leaders in Congress and the California Legislature, we ask you to join us in enthusiastically endorsing Steve Frank for California Republican Party Chairman. The 2022 election is already underway, and under the leadership of Steve Frank, the California Republican Party would be poised to reverse the fauilres of 2020 and to start winning again!

Thank you for everything that you have done to try to create California Republican Comeback. We need Steve Frank if we are going to take the fight to the Democrats, start winning elections and to help make our state a place where people can live, work and raise a family.

Kevin McCarthy
House Republican Leader

Shannon Grove
Senate Republican Leader

Marie Waldron
Assembly Republican Leader

Donate to Steve Frank                                                                                   Endorse Steve Frank

Dec 192020

A hollow endorsement and some deceptive fundraising emails is the extent of the support for the Recall from the State Party.

However, here is Travis Allen. This is what should be done: (Note the key difference between this fundraiser email and the CAGOP’s fundraising emails – leave a comment if you figure it out)


Take Back California

Gavin Newsom is at the end of his rope. Time after time, he scoffs at Californians and subjects us to strict executive orders from his office.

Shortly after photos surfaced of Gavin Newsom’s hypocritical French Laundry dinner party and exposed him as having lied about the details, he imposed another strict lockdown on the state that comes with unwarranted regulations on businesses and an illogical districting of counties.

How long will Californians continue to sit back and be content with being lied to? The answer: not much longer.

The combination of his lies and ignorantly constructed COVID regulations has given rise to the most successful recall initiative against a California Governor in 17 years.

Organizers of this recall effort report they have more than half the petition signatures needed to put the recall on the ballot, but there is a still a long way to go until the March 17th deadline.

Take Back California PAC is fully supportive of this recall, and we urge you to download, sign and mail back the petition.


Our economic and personal freedoms, and our very livelihoods are at stake; we must recall our heretic Governor Gavin Newsom in order to save them.

This may be our only shot at this… so please download, sign and return your petition to help the recall qualify for the ballot before the deadline.

Thank you,

Take Back California PAC





FPPC ID# 1406793



Dec 172020

It was all about being a jerk. That is my summary. The Lincoln Project, formed 100% by allies of the current leadership of the California Republican Party proved beyond anything President Trump did that being a jerk is not a winner at the ballot box. In their psychotic rage against President Trump, they attempted to unseat 7 Republican Senators. Their efforts failed miserably. Priorities USA took the Lincoln Project apart piece by piece detailing the total failure of their mission.

Watching election night and realizing that President Trump’s campaign had miscalculated on a number of fronts brought me all the way back to 2015 when I was looking at working for Jeb Bush. Bush imploded because he tried to play Trump’s game. I ended up working for Dr. Ben Carson, the nicest guy in the race. When working for Carson, I could see all the people whose anger President Trump played to. I called them the “rage-based-coalition”. It was not until Dr. Carson lost, that I endorsed the President and came on board.

I am a long time GOP activist. I adhere to the axiom, fight the primary and unify in the general. I learned that those I learned it from were all the establishment squishes that usually won the primaries because they almost always had all the money with which to campaign. A whole bunch of these people went insane over the victory of President Trump in the primary. Their relevance was damaged forever. This is one thing I will always be grateful to President Trump for. His ego and presence was so gigantic that a generation of power brokers got broken. Yet despite these people not following their own axiom of support your nominees, I did.

I have no regrets for defending and towing the line for President Trump, his policies were awesome yet his personality was a constant issue.

I also take major issue with so-called Republicans that resisted the president and people that campaigned for Joe Biden while holding leadership positions within the GOP. At times of my choosing, I am going to light them up on this blog and this includes the never-trumper “Chairwoman” of the CAGOP.

President Trump also broke the national media – even as they are congratulating themselves for their part in defeating him. Trump’s own mouth and ego did far more to his re-election than their biased or flat out false reporting did. I’ve seen internal polls about the cover-up of the hunter biden stuff, there was no discernable impact. People in America know the media is biased, they did not care, they were tired of the drama. The media’s ability to impact elections has been forever decimated.

I watched President Trump make a deep, emotional connection with a group of voters that the GOP has been able to reach but for fleeting moments in history. I often wondered if it was narcissistic leadership as I would question weather the President had true empathy. The President also exhibited other classic narcissist tedencies, he is alleged to have cheated on his wives, he would incite chaos during periods of relative calm, he would pick fights with and engage with all kinds of people he should have ignored and he’d famously overhaul people leaving his administration.

Then, at the same time, he delivered a plethora of conservative policies we wished Bush and Reagan would have done. Narcissists deliver out of their own personal pride because they have to look good – you can’t honestly look at everything President Trump did and fit it in to that paradigm. (But that wall was indeed about Trump)

Then you have the anti-narcissist things, No new wars? Millions of new Republican registrations, recruiting and endorsing candidates for lower office (some of whom returned the help by betraying him), a series of policies that pulled people off of Welfare, record employment numbers, small business explosions, crime reductions, pardons, criminal justice reform are some that come to mind. A Narcissist would start wars. A Narcissist would only do things that had a direct benefit to himself.

However, the New York Asshole routine ran its’ course with many people. The election was not a repudiation of President Trump’s policies, it was a repudiation of the asshole himself. Only the nearly psychotic Lincoln Project people got lower than the president on the asshole scale on the R side. You had Antifa and BLM on the left to carry that mantle.

I heard it many times from people in various parts of the country – I like what he is doing, but I don’t like him. Just like in my insurance business, people buy insurance from people they like. An asshole with the perfect insurance policy will starve. Why would an election be different? Still others admitted they knew the media was lying but saw it is a commensurate response to trump’s behavior.

I have taken a lot of time to review the election fraud allegations. I believe some of them are true. However, this national review piece about a rejected lawsuit in Wisconsin sums up a lot of the failed legal wrangling. My hope is that the election aftermath forces election security reform in many swing states. I think Wisconsin and Georgia could have been impacted by election fraud, but the margins elsewhere were too large. Yes, Michigan and Pennsylvania violated their own election laws and I am sure they will be forced by lawsuits to clean up their act. A potential benefit of this election is to elevate the scrutiny of election fraud.

However, President Trump is not handling himself well in the aftermath of the election – taking me right back to why it was so hard to warm up to him. The same people that repulsed me in 2015 are back out in force screaming “We Wuz Robbed”. Did any of those people walk precincts or make phone calls? Nope. They were driving around with Trump flags on their cars. That is the easy feel good stuff – like posting on facebook. The democrats know this dynamic and count on it to beat us at the ballot box.

The democrats were out harvesting ballots. I also hope the election aftermath causes accountability in the post office, I’ve long believed that mail ballot elections give the postal service too much power.

Let me give some examples that have caused me to believe that President Trump really did lose:

Nevada: the amount of fraud reported is not enough to cover the deficit. They say about 4k dead people and 4k non citizens voted along with about 4k out of state voters. Find them. Find where the ballots went and prosecute the perpetrators. We know that Californians were registering in other states to vote – it should not be hard to nail them. Trump lost Nevada by 34,000 in 2020 vs 24,000 in 2016. I know firsthand that in Washoe County, people were fixated on the New York Asshole and it had nothing to do with anything else. Trump did not play well in the west. I spoke to insiders in Nevada that told me Trump was going to lose Nevada about 2 weeks out. At the same time – the GOP picked up 4 seats in the Nevada legislature…

Arizona: President Trump’s war with John McCain in addition to being a New York Asshole. John McCain is an icon out there, and President Trump never shored up his support with Mormons who are 9% of the electorate in both Arizona and Nevada. Trump barely lost Arizona, and his campaign was asleep – they should have known the President was in trouble in AZ and transferred assets there. Trump could not leave McCain alone.

Minnesota – Trump lost by 1.4% in 2016 but got hammered in 2020 by 7.5%

Colorado – Trump lost by 4.8% in 2016 but got slaughtered by 14% in 2020.

Virginia – Trump lost by 4.8% in 2016 but got decimated by 10% in 2020. The GOP gained seats in the VA legislature at the same time.

New Hampshire: Trump lost by 3,000 votes in 2016 but got obliterated by 59,000 in 2020. Yet – the GOP wiped out the dems at the state level. It was not an issue with Republicans, it was an issue with Trump.

Maine: Susan Collins won by 9 and Trump lost by 9 – an incredible spread of 18 points. Typically, the Top of the Ticket and the Senator are within 3 points of each other.

Wisconsin. 20K win turns in to a 20K loss. Ouch.

How do you lose Georgia while winning North Carolina and Florida? You Take Georgia for granted, not allocate enough resources or have some sort of issue with the voters. Trump did all three. I looked at GA-06 where the infamous (T)Ossoff vs Handel race ocurred. Handel got hammered by 10 points in 2020. This means that Trump had some major issue with suburban voters in Georgia. Trump lost Georgia by 13000 votes after winning by nearly 5 points in 2016. Yes, there are major issues with elections in Georgia but Trump should have never cut GA that close for the fraud to be a determining factor.

Yet – while the Trump campaign let Georgia go right out from under them, President Trump won North Carolina with a much smaller margin than in 2016. Where was the fraud in North Carolina?

Michigan and Pennsylvania are both complete disasters. Those two states are going to require in-depth analysis to determine what happened for sure. The margins there were larger than other areas.

Trump’s campaign was not the only campaign that miscalculated. Kevin McCarthy wrote off NV-03 yet the candidate only lost by 2.98%. CA-45 and CA-49 were also written off, yet those candidates finished within 7% despite having no money at all. With Congress at a thin margin, how big would it have been to have those three seats!

Fraud? If there was enough to matter, we certainly would have gone backwards elsewhere.

The Republicans were supposed to lose 5 seats in the Senate. It looks like one of the two in Georgia will win the runoff. If we split the Georgia senate – it will be a loss of just 2.

The Republicans were supposed to lose 10-15 seats in Congress. While the democrats are trying to steal NY-22 and IA-02 (I doubt they succeed) by appealing to congress to usurp the voters in those districts, the gain is at least 10. probably 12. This is an incredible 20-22 seat swing from predictions.

Republicans control re-districting in most of the country and gained seats in legislatures everywhere.

An honest analysis will show that millions of ballots had votes for Biden with Republicans down the rest of the ticket, or no vote for President and Republicans down the ticket. People had literally been worn out by the sideshow.

The moral of this story, if you want to be a successful politician, don’t be a jerk.