Jul 052024

Keith Cascio is so clueless that he went to an LA Community Event, then bragged about it on social media. The problem is he tagged a bunch of local leftist activists in his post, now Cascio does not have an instagram account anymore.

From the same brilliance comes this tweet:

The act of desperation was a career criminal and two accomplices robbing and murdering a tourist from New Zealand. The tourist got run down by one of the scumbags.

Keith Cascio is an idiot and may as well have re-traumatized the family of the victim a second time.

It appears that the LAGOP did not do enough by removing this dumpster fire as their Treasurer. He should be removed all together and sent to a state hospital. He already lives in rent-controlled housing so the mental ward is a next logical step in his residency in government facilities.

For those of you wondering, there is such as thing as a Republican going too far left. It is easy to spot the wing-nuts and their conspiracies, but the Ron Bassilian-Keith Cascio version of the left fringe elements of the GOP is alive too.

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  2 Responses to “Keith Cascio Update: Quite Possibly The Worst GOP Nominee Ever”

  1. Brutal

  2. ” I wouldn’t have picked Vice President Trump to be Vice President, duh if I think she wasn’t qualified to be President, number one.”

    There you have it. Biden has made it official. Trump is qualified to BE HIS Vice President.!!!


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