Jun 082024

I had counseled a few people privately that Megan was doing well and would return in full. Be careful when repeating and spreading rumors; unless you talk to the person yourself, there is always a chance third-party information is wrong.


If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may have seen that yesterday marked my return to the Assembly Floor after recovering from recent health issues. Throughout my recovery, my staff and I have tirelessly continued our work on the issues affecting the constituents of the 1st Assembly District and all of California. Our commitment to serving you has remained steadfast, and getting back to the Assembly Floor to resume this important work with my colleagues was a significant moment for me.

I am deeply grateful for the warm welcome from my colleagues and for all the prayers and well wishes from each of you during my recovery. Rest assured, the work has never ceased, and we continue to represent and advocate for you effectively.

As always, if you need assistance from my office, please feel free to respond to this email. It is an honor to serve you in the Assembly.

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle

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  12 Responses to “#AD01 / #SD01 Update: Megan Dahle Returns to Assembly Floor”

  1. The rumors about her were ill considered and inappropriate. If you heard them remember next that source has lost all credibility.

  2. There were many who spread those rumors and sadly others other knowing the truth allowed those rumors to flourish.

  3. What rumors? Who is spreading them? Why the secrecy? Are we protecting those that spread disinformation now? Dark to Light.

  4. Let’s be real: SOME people up north, don’t like the DAHLE’s. Period. They don’t like how they act; they don’t like the ‘fiefdom’ being set up in their name; they just DON”T LIKE THEM.

    Oh well………so much for our Side.

    In other news…..Still no endorsements of Garvey and Bisch, from our supreme leader Jessica Patterson. MORE businesses are leaving California. “Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act”, is being squeezed from the Ballot, because YOU don’t understand how GOVT budgeting works; Gavin is ‘negotiating’ with Republicans over Prop 47 corrections…lol. That part is funny.
    WHY? Because the (R)’s don’t matter in the equation. DEMO’s are negotiating with themselves more like it. IF, Prop 47 passes, they’ll ‘poison pill’ other crime bills, and blame Republicans for it, while trying to look TOUGH ON CRIME.
    Speaking of, what is happening with the Recall effort to embarrass Newsome from the Presidency? Anything?

    RUMORS SAAAAAAAAAAAAAYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy………………………..
    Newsome will be appointed as the NEW VP………replacing Harris….once JOE (fabricates) a win, THEN JOE will be forced to abdicate, Newsome steps in (without fanfare) and Harris will be VP again (after duly being asked to do so) Anything is possible.
    Listen to the Newsome camp on campaigning……..strangely quiet suddenly. Something is amiss.

  5. Are Lynyrd’s rumors of Biden winning in 2024 and Gavin being his VP more salacious than the accusations of a rumor about Ms. Dahle?

    Seriously, a blog entry about rumors (unspecified) and certain people(unspecified), but your readers are left wondering who is spreading these rumors. Would benefit the voters to know.

    Dark,to Light.

  6. Good afternoon one and all,

    I am writing you all today, to make the following announcement/press release:

    My Name is Leo Naranjo IV, and I will be announcing my “Exploratory Campaign” for CA State Governor 2026.

    This will take place on 18th June 2024 at 2pm, by the Purple Heart Memorial near downtown Sacramento.
    This announcement will be short (not more than 30 minutes) but informative.

    I would be honored if you, your members and representatives from your organizations are able to attend.

    Thank you all for your time and considerations on this matter.


    Leo Naranjo IV (R)
    US Army, Ret.

  7. Meanwhile…someone that actually might win! WOW!!! ….”He’s been the Sheriff of Riverside County since 2018, and now Chad Bianco says he might like to be California’s next governor. Bianco, who has been critical of the current governor, Gavin Newsom, told the Times that many people are telling him he should run and is now talking it over with his family.”

  8. poster wrote:
    “Meanwhile…someone that actually might win! WOW!!!”
    “now Chad Bianco says he might like to be California’s next governor.”
    –> MIGHT LIKE TO BE CA’s NEXT GOV.<—– wow indeed.

    Glad he's stuck in only "thinking" about it…….
    MIGHT win? lol………yea, and if he doesn't? waaaaay to early to tell, huh?
    You should attend Charlie……you sound like a person I need to get to understand better.
    Winning isn't a BAD thing.
    As a teen, I needed to save my Mothers home from foreclosure. I did.
    I wanted to visit Auschwitz as a teen. I did as an adult, three times.
    I wanted my political "friend" to win his race in Roseville for City Council….he lost, but the sign campaign was changed in that area.
    I wanted to visit Israel, and it happened. I wanted to visit Masada, that happened to.
    Taurus and Tiger are my signs.
    Patton, Rommel and John Paul Jones, were my childhood hero's, if you will.
    Stick to your, um…..old ways of doing things.
    "What is it called again, when you try to do something over and over the same way, but results never change, even tho you expect them to?"
    Yea………….you get the drift.
    If I could tap into that vast pool of knowledge, experience and financial support you claim to have, and use it to be POSTIVE instead of NEGATIVE, we could go a long way together! Instead, I have to deal with the Democrats AND you as well…..smh. Two front war…………oh well……been there did that too.
    GOD is with me and in my heart….what can MAN do against me?
    You know the Military drill…………they take ANYONE and EVERYONE, train them, teach them, school them, to be LEADERS and SOLDIERS.
    Again, since you ignored the questions of my last posting Charlie…….
    Tell me again, how THIS nation was created?
    By no name people, with ZERO experience, ZERO Navy, ZERO army skills, ZERO cash….and yet they overcame THE premier Military power at that time (ENGLAND), to establish the United States of America.
    They did tho, didn't they?

  9. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/aoc-and-raskin-to-introduce-legislation-that-would-reign-in-a-rogue-supreme-court/ar-BB1o6Lj1?ocid=entnewsntp&pc=U531&cvid=6a7ec2a876234853b69c1acad8c6d934&ei=33#comments
    “AOC and Raskin to introduce legislation that would reign in a ‘rogue’ Supreme Court”

    So much for “knowledge and expertise, in the political world.
    Yea, some people just make me look GOOD.

  10. Leo, Somehow I knew you would pop your cork if I posted…I was right…lol

  11. lolol, you are so astute Charlie………..you wrote, I responded.
    I asked a question, you dodged it…….lol


  12. https://www.youtube.com/shorts/_Pd1hMjlLkM

    experience at it’s finest!!

    (My task made easier)

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