May 302024

If you have lived in Placer County any length of time, you know Aldo Pineschi.

To call him a giant in Placer County is an understatement. If you were involved in any local Chamber of Commerce, Local Government Board, Local Commission or Local Charity you knew this man.

I first encountered Aldo in 1997 when I joined the Roseville Chamber of Commerce. I knew him then as another one of those establishment democrats from old Roseville that ran everything.

What was fascinating is that well-known conservatives like Tim Leslie (and Staff – Robert Dugan, John Allard and others), Bonnie (then Mertus) Gore, John Doolittle (and staff), Kirk Uhler, and others all loved the guy and worked well with him. How could this be I thought? Aldo is a Democrat.

A few years later there was an ill-fated tax measure on the Placer County ballot. Bonnie, Kirk and a couple others convinced me of the merits of at least meeting with Aldo to hear him out on why he was working for the developers to pass the item. At the time, I was the President of the Placer County Republican Assembly.

What I found is that Aldo is a thoughtful man. While he is a political animal, in the years I dealt with him he was as forthright and transparent with me as anyone I know in the political arena is. I chose to look at Mr. Pineschi through the lens of others that respected him and worked with him as I was trying to reconcile why this democrat had so much infulence and goodwill in Dark-Red Placer County.

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Over the years, I developed a friendship with Aldo and others to the left of me in the local political scene. Aldo was one of those that helped me realize democrats are human beings, just wrong. Amazingly, Aldo was a democrat who had been left behind by the LGBT, open borders, anti-America fever base of the current dem party.

It’s not fair that Aldo died young. It hurts a bit to write this because I had actually grown fond of him as a human and viewed him as a political ally in many cases. Moreover, we had the ability to speak candidly and exchange information that benefitted both of us.

There are many others in the Local Placer Political Scene that have deeper connections to the man and I have marvelled at what I have been reading as the news of his passing has spread.

Someday, we are all going to die. People loved him, becuase of who he was and what he did. Seeing what is being said about Aldo should be a goal for all of us to make sure our legacy is anywhere near as impactful as his was.

RIP Aldo.

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  8 Responses to “Placer County Loses a Giant: In Memory of Aldo Pineschi”

  1. Prayers for the family of Mr Pineschi, and GOD’s blessings to keep them strong through this time of grief and sorrow.
    Prayers for his friends, may GOD comfort them as well.

  2. What a loss to the city of Roseville and Placer County! Aldo was such a wonderful person who gave his all to his community. Prayers to Aldo’s family and close friends. He will be missed by many.

  3. Thank you for writing this piece. Very well said. We will miss him dearly, already do…

    Deb Goto

  4. I believe the best way to honor the man, is to honor what he did in life.
    Therefore, please read the below article:

    To those who matter and don’t, this was taken from my Linkedin commentary:

    commentator: ” Leopoldo Naranjo IV
    Better try to get another party in government if not you will continually have the. same woke problems”

    My reply: “Charlton Rozands Thank you sir, for your comment. You are probably right? No, more to the point, you ARE right.
    However, we have, what we have, and so, we have to work with what we have.
    It’s not GREAT? But it’s here.
    A coworker gave me some inspiration I’d like to share with you:
    (By Henry Ford)

    “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind.”

    “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always have.”

    as for me? Recent articles showing the DEM’s powerhouse LT GOV, trying to convince you, her wealth shouldn’t matter as she attempts to run for office. (yea, okay)
    Remember David vs Goliath?
    My palms are open and empty. I’ve no big political influence, cash or office and I own no business that makes me rich.

    Yet, here I stand, in the face of adversity, hostility, jeers, people who say I CAN’T WIN, people who say YOU ARE WASTING TIME, to do the impossible in the face of the improbable with only my Faith GOD to guide me.”

    (If what the blogger says about you is true, I would have loved the opportunity to talk with you about the future of California. To have worked together TOWARD something, would have been a special moment. God speed, and RIP. )

  5. Leo, this is not the place for political ramblings (this post is about the loss of a leader)…and no you cant win. You going to the Governor’s office is like the Marines making a 2ndLt a Regimental Commander (it doesn’t happen, a senior SNCO gets a battlefield commission if the senior officers are lost). Like ya, but you need experience, name recognition and millions of dollars. And underline experience.

  6. Blogger wrote:
    “Moreover, we had the ability to speak candidly and exchange information that benefitted both of us.”

    smh…Charlie? wow. I like you too. I hope you had a great Sea Voyage. I hope you get well really soon, because you’re illness is showing. Yes, I said illness. That “virus” that has infected Californian’s, our Party and our people. It’s called: Fear, apathy, lethargy, ennui, and the biggest virus of them all, Losing.

    You stated: “no you cant win”. “you need experience, name recognition and millions of dollars. And underline experience.” Really? Yes, let’s UNDERLINE, experience.

    How much control do Republicans exert in the Legislature? Barely 21%. How many people are there? 120. HOW MANY, can figure out our Budget problems? Only 8.
    What is the word on our Tax Initiative? Per the Gov’s lawyers, YOU don’t understand the Budget enough to have a say in it’s processes.
    YOU DON’T, Charlie.

    I can’t win? Are you a patriot? Do you, believe in this Nation? THEY couldn’t win either, but they did. No experience in combat, little to no money, no Generalship to speak of, ZERO Navy, yet they won, didn’t they?

    You have been challenged by our Blogger to come up with 5 G’s for a candidate. Ok. You have called that person, a friend. Ok. Yet, I don’t hear you telling that person “YOU can’t win”, because that person has been trounced twice before. Is that the Experience you believe I should have?

    FEAR. If you have it, I get it. LOSING. Happened so often, Republicans now accept it as the norm. Expertise? What happened to the party since Ahnold? Where is all this expertise you mention, and yet we ONLY have 21% of our Legislature in (R) hands?
    Insignificance. THAT”S what the party has become. YOU are saying this, not me.

    You’re person, is being out paced in monies, 10 to one. Are you being honest Charlie, and letting THEM know, they can’t win? To give up and call it a day? I doubt it, but you should, given what you are telling me with the same logic.
    5G’s……I’d only ask you for 1/2 of that, and maybe I DO, end up the same way. You again ask, ” HOW WILL YOU RAISE CASH?” Here’s how. I am not going to ask you for 5G’s nor 1/2 of that, I’m asking for 10 DOLLARS per voter from the 4.4 million who voted R last time. Unless you’re strapped, then 5 DOLLARS. Or, if you feel I’m not worthy, ONE DOLLAR. (You can do the math for the results. hint. it’s higher than Dahle raised).

    Be THE FIRST Charlie, take that FIRST step. Just like a child as they learn to walk, and the feeling they feel and show, upon taking that FIRST STEP towards adult hood. After that, what can YOU do for me? Encourage the other 4,399, 999 voters to do the same.
    There’s my war-chest.

    Honest Question for you sir:
    1) WHAT, are the Republicans waiting on to actually say, I AM RUNNING FOR….?
    2) What will whomever runs DO, IF, Trump loses? Not run? Hide? Pull back? What?
    3) WHO will find ‘themselves” if Trump DOES WIN? And WHY would we trust that person?
    Failure since 2011. (Arnold had political experience? Hmmm…back to that later)
    Roger Rabbit could have beaten Gray Davis. Yet, nothing since Schwartzie.
    Brown, Dumb-dumb.

    HEY!! Let me again, ask you Charlie, and ALL THOSE REPUBLICANS WHO KNOW MORE THAN ME?
    How many terms, can a person in California serve, as GOV for this State?

    I read, TWO four year terms…..right? (DUH, Leo. See? Naive, you need more time)
    Then tell me this:

    HOW, Did Jerry Brown (MOONBEAM for the unlearned) serve 2 x8 year terms?
    (per Wikipedia: Upon completing his fourth term in office, Brown became the fourth longest-serving governor in U.S. history, serving 16 years and 5 days in office.)
    Was that allowed and even legal then? Oh wait…PROP 140 allowed this to happen. Ol Moonbeam got it past the Republicans so his first 8 years, didn’t count. (wink) Gotcha.
    Smart of them, huh?


  7. Leo. I am not the one with the ‘illness’…but I will say no more.

  8. 18 JUNE 2024, 2pm, Purple Heart Memorial
    Hope to see you there.

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