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Time and Time again I see it. In the Right Corner, Activists and in the Left Corner the Consultant/Country Clubber team. I have friends on both sides of this so I am going to tear in to this subject equally.

Do note, that if it is not obvious, I do not identify with either the Activist/Opposition crowd or the Consultant/Country Clubber Crowd. I take each election and situation one at a time and have for years.

Don’t be offended, everyone calls themselves a conservative in a Republican Primary

In San Bernardino County and San Joaquin County there appear to be a couple of world war three Central Committee Races. I know many of the players.

The preceding two screenshots are from the establishment (aka Consultant / Country Clubber) teams in the aforementioned counties. What strikes me about both of them is that they both feature father/son teams on the same slate. You’d think that political consultants would know better than to do that, or perhaps all in infighting has emptied the talent pool so bad that consultants and family is all that is left.

So – when consultants control county parties, they turn in to endorsement mills for their paid clients and delegate mills for the squish establishment. They also become conduits for state money and generally tend to eliminate any influence from whatever activist members they have left.

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The Consultants also gleefully point out every time activists get control of a county party how they burn it down. The number of times I have seen activists burn the party structure down to the ground and then wonder why they can’t do anything (with or without consultants trying to sabotage them), is staggering.

Several years ago, when the CAGOP rammed down a by-law amendment at the behest of consultants to force counties to be elected or lose their CAGOP delegates, it was a compelling argument. We support open elections, right, not insider politics? (Like a trump-rigged caucus process that depresses turnout to only the super involved) Well, the part the consultants omitted is that they are typically the only people with money to spend on the elections and thusly with county party elections on the ballot they have the advantage. See below in SB County:

See what the establishment did here? Since Luis Cetina is a recently converted Republican everyone associated with him must be a commie! It is a clever attack, and is effective because the activist opposition is rarely organized and rarer still has any money to mount a campaign with. This attack is also “Mostly False” as in it is a lie.

Having been an activist myself for 27 years, overlaid with my work as a paid political operative, my complaints have not changed.

Consultants make endorsements based on a paycheck. Activists prefer personal picadilloes. In 2023, activists did exactly what they hate about consultants doing, they rigged primary rules in several states to advantage Donald Trump. It effectively means the state and local parties are all a joke and the metric is who controls them, not a thing to do with principles.

Speaking of Cetina and Trump, I am not sure what the affinity of Conservative activists is for recently converted Republicans either. I generally want to see someone be a Republican for about 10 years or have a damn good explanation why they were a recent convert. (In the case of my former client John Lee, the Nevada Dem Party tore in to him for being Pro-Life and Pro-Gun as a democrat before he left the dem party) Neither Cetina nor Trump had such credentials. (check trump’s rhetoric and record, not exactly pro-life in 2023-24 and banning bump stocks when President, etc.)

I have a hard time taking umbrage to these establishment efforts because the activists have proven to be as inconsistent as the consultant class. Worse, activists make emotional decisions on who to support. A great example is the Placer GOP endorsing Suzanne Jones who appointed 3 Dems, 1 Green Party and two left-leaning NPP to local government boards. In addition, Jones has a pretty interesting support group:

Great Job Placer GOP! The Placer GOP is one of the most successful County Parties that is run by activists. They endorsed Suzanne Jones, who is on this list with a who’s who of ElDorado Democrats. The Placer GOP endorsed Suzanne Jones because of the personal rage and hatred of Tom Hudson and Ken Campbell for Jones’ Predecessor Kirk Uhler. Uhler is more conservative than most all of the current members of the Placer GOP and when most of the current members were not in the political scene I was working with Kirk to unseat democrats, not endorsing Democrat collaborators like Jones.

It is because of glaring ethical and ideological gaps like this one that it is impossible for me to criticize either side in a central committee war. For me, I get to pick between those that rule by emotion or those that rule by paycheck. It really sucks.

For those of you new to this blog – remember this, I got my start in the pro-life movement protesting in front of the abortion clinic on Sunrise Ave in Roseville. I am a full portfolio social conservative.

In the 27 years I have done politics:

I’ve been smeared by a dozen newspapers, including several times by the Bee

I’ve been physically assaulted 7 times

The FBI came to my house in 2021 when I was helping Steve Frank (who within months of that effort disavowed me)

I’ve been sued

I’ve had 31 legal demand letters sent to me

I’ve lost a ton of insurance clients because of my activism over the years as well.

My college roommate disowned me because I was the Northern California Volunteer coordinator for Prop 8.

If any of you reading this blog think I could ever make enough money to compensate for the personal price, you are out of your mind. I listed the above as a challenge, there won’t be a single one of you reading who has paid the personal price I have to participate in this game and make an impact. When I write tough hard-hitting pieces like this one, it is coming from the perspective of someone who has been through more than most anyone in this game.

If the consultants would be honest and the activists would stop being stupid, Right on Daily would not exist. I’d love nothing more than to shut this blog down should either of those happen.

As I was typing this blog, I am shaking my head because I know most of the people involved… sometimes I despair about the state of the Republican Party.

P.S. just because I disagree with some of you does not mean I don’t still love you. Do better, the country depends on it.

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  23 Responses to “It’s Time for a Rant About California GOP Central Committee Elections San Bernardino, San Joaquin and Placer Edition”

  1. My name is Holly Moore and I am a member of the RCC in San Joaquin County in District 2.
    I am running for RCC District 2 against Scott Winn.
    Charles Hank is running for District 3 Republican central committee. He is ALSO related to Scott Winn. Charles Hank is Scott Winn’s father in law. Scott Winn’s wife died a few months ago, so I don’t know if that makes Charles his former father-in-law. Nevertheless they are related. Charles Hank never attended RCC meetings unless Scott Winn told him to come to vote. Charles failed the attendance requirement but was never ousted as required by our by laws, even though we brought it before the committee.

    More nepotism: Phylis Williams is running for District 2. She is the wife of Dwight Williams who is running for the same district.

    Dwight Williams, our county chairmen , was never elected to office. He is an ex oficio appointment.
    I was appointed to office in 2022, so lots of things happened before I took office. Feel free to contact me.
    Holly Moore

  2. First off, please define clearly the term “activist”. Many readers will be lost by the use of that term. It’s used so much in the blog, I even started second guessing what blogger means by it. Many of us have paid a heavy price for our actions supporting freedom in America. I salute you blogger.

    Trump banning bump stocks and not being pro-life enough? You can do better than that. The U.S. President has no business weighing in on abortion and Trump (and likely the Constitution) has stated such. But how can you say he is not pro-life? Trump haters need to stop with false information. But again nice try at smearing Trump!

    Trump has no such credentials? Come on!!!! If you spent at least 10 minutes reading pre-2015 tweets and loads of interviews over 30 years, you would see he has always been on the conservative side fighting for freedom and liberty. Maybe he was registered Democrat to avoid persecution? Scott Adams said that is why he was registered Democrat for so long. We all have seen what happens when Trump fights for conservative values-he is persecuted and prosecuted. Changing primary rules? What? Trump endorses/does what he thinks is good for the country, and if you think he supported those changes to benefit himself only, you are blind to who he really is. I’m sorry the media has done that to you. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    As far as Placer GOP endorsing Jones…can we get their side? I am sure they will give you a statement regarding how they came to the conclusion. Blog readers would probably like to know as well. I strongly support questioning any list of endorsed candidates from any organization. Those lists should be supplementary to what a voter should be researching themselves. Endorsement committees can be duped…

    Last point:

    Blogger has bared much of his self and soul in this article and all readers should be thankful for his honesty. I truly do empathize with loss of friends/revenue potential/reputation stemming from speaking out. But Blogger, know this: you are not alone and we (and California) are better off with your blog in our lives. Please don’t stop.

  3. Aaron – they jammed down a voice vote with no candidate speeches or debate. There is literally no “Other Side” with regard to Suzanne. We will respectfully disagree on Trump, call it good there sir. Thanks for your support of this blog.

  4. Holly – you’d have done well to NOT mention Scott’s wife and simply referred to the other guy as Scott’s Father In Law. The fact that you made a ham-fisted mention of it and asked the question you did actually illustrates one of my main points about the activist class and their heartless reactionary brutality. Consultants always leave family out of things and Scott Winn’s wife should have been left out of the discussion. I’ve literally yet to see a professional political consultant even attack the family of an elected on the R side. Dems don’t play by the same rules, don’t be like a democrat. It never ceases to amaze me how the activists on the right think it is ok to stoop to the tactics of the left.

    I did not know Scott lost his wife, my condolences to him and hope you wished him well when you saw him at a Cent Com Meeting. I could not imagine the pain he is in and regardless of my issues with him that is an awful occurrence I’d not wish on anyone..

    That said, thanks for mentioning all the relatives of each other on Scott’s team list, that is fair game as they are all candidates for office, see how that is different? This sort of list is consistent with years of a pattern within the SJCRA with Shoemaker, Goehring, Winn and others. Was always a short list of a few people and relatives every time I saw them submit delegates for anything.

  5. Aaron, I know of two County Committees that decided to not call for an election and just appoint members because they were targeted by consultants and RINOs to get squishes elected. They decided to forfeit their state delegates except for the Chair and Treasurer delegate positions (which are still allowed for appointed committees) ….BTW Yolo is not one of those. We are up for re-election/election (of those that filed).

  6. Who is he chair of Placer County Republican Central Committee?
    Also for El Dorado county?
    Thank you.

  7. wwwwoooooooooooooooooowwwwwww

    We have Central committee elections coming up in Sacto, but I don’t have the flyer with me at present. Um ummmmm ummmmm…………..smh. Funny.

    Even the MOB, doesn’t much go after family. Others might. That ‘was’, kind of a cheap shot, if you ask me. Hmmmm…..the others…….hmmmmm, I’ve heard the same complaint about the Dahle’s: keeping politics in the family regime. Dynasty? Kingdom? Fiefdom?

    I believe politics isn’t a JOB…’s a privilege. Except, somewhere down the line, it’s become as if it’s a RIGHT of passage, for some people. Doolittle thought that one time. (smile)
    Millennials?? hahahaha, speaking of “entitled”……that is a career politician.
    Heck, even the Military stops coddling you after about 3 enlistments. They LOVE you first round, like you second round, smile at you third round, but after that? YOU must be trying to retire, and then the rules greatly change for you. But, I digress.

    Wow Aaron, assaulted 7 times? I hope you hit back. Hard. Numerous times. Did you say you LOST some friends over this blog sight? lolol. I feel ya buddy! Seems, so have I.
    And I haven’t even got REALLY started yet.

    The TRUMP factor is almost a forgone conclusion. Haily won DC. I myself, wouldn’t ‘brag’ about that fact, but she will. Hmmm. You got endorsed by Washington DC….ok. YOU, pulled back from your OWN PLEDGE to support the R candidate. yeeeeaaa, like THAT was a smart move. In short, you lied. If you lied then, if you changed up your word THEN, what would you do in the future? You are, in short, untrustworthy. I wouldn’t put you on a board for Dog Catcher. You honestly believe, you are going to make a difference in the convention? pppppfffftttt. B***** Please.
    You say: Trump got bounced by 40% of the vote Nicki got!!
    yea? Well, I see that as: Nicki got REJECTED by 60% of voters!
    Even those so called, Republicans in DC, nearly admit to being PROUD Rino’s!!

    What I want to know, is WHERE will the party be, for 2026? What is the mindset? Who’s the flag bearer? WHO, is going to run?
    Rumor has it, another Repub is retiring from his Congressional seat this year. So, what’s the percentage down to now?
    Garvey? Will he pull it off? Has shitty provided too much coverage for him?

    hmm, interesting.
    For AAron?? I feel for you. To have to decide: Staffers who just want a check, their Nitch, and feel like Game of Throne Kingmakers vs Activists, who run amok.
    You said: “sometimes I despair about the state of the Republican Party.”
    I believe it’s about time, someone put a boot up their collective asses, get them focused and start kicking butt and taking names! If you’re purpose is to LOSE, STAGNATE or ENRICH yourselves only? Maaaaaaaaaybe, you need to find another place to be.
    Just a thought………………..

  8. One key issue on the Cetina claim is that IT WAS A DIFFERENT PERSON!!! They are claiming Luis ran in the late 80s. We were at Cal Poly Pomona together at that time studying civil engineering. He would have been 22 yrs old or so. The Luis Cetina they keep bringing up was a completely different person.
    Luis is married with a bunch of kids…he is and has always been pro-life. Those posts are a complete lie.

    Good blog….I am tired of anyone who isn’t doing the one-on-one, precinct work.

  9. Leo…you are writing novels again. BTW the view of the Sac Committee from this side of the river is that it is mostly political appointed squish types… Not really Republican. But I don’t live in that county.

  10. “If the consultants would be honest and the activists would stop being stupid, Right on Daily would not exist.”

    I salute you for this line, Sir.

  11. CHARLIE!! That can’t be true…..squishes???
    In Sacto?? wth?!?!?

    We’ll see come April 9th. I hope you can be there: Epic Bible College, Sacto CA

    Squishes……….humph. We have a congressional hopeful here in Sacto for District 6!!!!

    Why…..we’ve gor rosario Rodriguez for County Council! (even tho she failed to show up to a meeting we sponsored for her to speak at)
    Why, why….we endorsed Pat Hume!! (cough, snicker) Sorry, phlegm caught in my throat.
    Why, why…..why, we merged from the Consumnes chapter that Mr brickey led, into the Sacto Chapter!!!!

    I can’t believe, you used the word: Squishes. It’s a wonderful group of folks here!!
    We’ve even got members running for Central Committee!!!!


  12. Leo, Carl Brickey is a good man. I would trust him with my life. (He was my vice chair when I was the Yolo Chair)…but Squishes have controlled the Sac committee for a long time. Just look at the chair and her resume. And/also, I have strong feelings about that 6CD race…So strong that I actually cuts ‘checks’ for a grand for one of the candidates — and I am a super cheap tight wad (and its not the candidate the squishes want).

  13. Oh BTW? I’ve recently read/found these tidbits from something called, the CPOC.
    Are they squishes? Hmmmmmmmm….since we’re making definitions, let’s see:

    Messages from CPOC President Deborah Pauly, Esq.​
    Deb Pauly’s Blog​

    (1) PAULY’S PERSPECTIVE: California has a top two jungle primary system. In
    other words, the top two vote-getters, regardless of party affiliation, will advance to the
    November General Election. I don’t want ANY of our Republican nominees to advance
    because none of them has even a slim chance of winning in November. A better
    strategy would be for us to advance two Democrats in November and allow them to
    duke it out, spend buckets of money campaigning against each other, and tarnishing
    each other’s reputation with mudslinging. A little Dem-on-Dem bloodletting would be
    entertaining. You may read more PAULY’S PERSPECTIVES at: https://

    (2) 40th District: NO RECOMMENDATION
    CPOC voted to recommend NO ONE for this office. Even Voter Guides who feel
    compelled to recommend someone admit that incumbent Young Kim is not a
    conservative, but think because she has am “R” after her name that she is a better
    alternative. No, she’s not. A false friend is more dangerous than an open enemy.
    The establishment swamp loves her because they despise Trump and so does she. Her
    Freedom Index Score is a 57. She failed to secure the endorsement of the California
    Republican Assembly.

    (3) Board of Supervisors
    1st District: JANET NGUYEN
    She’s truly hard-working, responsive and approachable. Janet has managed to
    span the bridge between establishment Republicans and grassroots conservatives
    without selling her soul. That is not an easy feat.

    Okay…….so I believe you get the point. Besides this bloggers take on Janet, I’m troubled by #2………is this what the California Republican Party has dropped to? That we are now ADVANCING Demo’s in races, just to watch them bludgeon each other, politically? And that serves us, how, exactly? (That was a question for the so called, political experts)

    Just asking………….cause I’ve been told the area is KEY to many Republican races. If THIS is an example of where THEY stand, vs the one person’s opinion…then WE as a Party are in trouble. Oh wait…she’s the CPOC President!! My bad, it’s not just one PERSON”S opinion…….

  14. correction to above:

    I”m troubled by #1.

    Sorry, no edit button.

  15. Charlie?
    Our Chair is being held by Mr Justin Hardcastle. (wait….He’s Pres of the SRA)
    (I can’t stand acronyms used in masse)
    No female in charge. Unless you refer to the Sacto GOP boss. That woman, seems to be needing to be gone. Yes, on that I agree.
    I don’t believe you cut a check for Omni, so we’ll leave it at that. There are only 3 notable Republicans running for CD6. I couldn’t find the numbers, so I could only surmise by the “Cash on Hand” reports I found. Troubling. Tonight, we’ll see if I was correct or not. As was pointed out to me: It’s about the Money, not the Message. Well, if that’s the case, all 3 candidates will be blown out, given the CASH report so far. 1.5 MILLION vs (combined) 7-8 GRAND.
    I like Carl as well, he was my chair, before the chapter of Consumnes had to go belly up and combine into Sacto.
    Haley’s toast. Garvey will beat porter, hopefully Prop 1 dies and we’ll see from there.
    Upcoming, is a Recall attempt. How far it gets, is anyone’s guess, BUT, if it does make the count, who’s up??
    WHO is the Republican that is going to make the try????
    THAT, will be the interesting question.

  16. Candidate
    Delegates added
    Percent of votes
    Donald TrumpDonald Trump
    Nikki HaleyNikki Haley


    Virginia delegate count – 48 delegatesRACE CALLED
    AP estimates 17.72% of votes counted
    Delegates added
    Percent of votes
    Donald TrumpDonald Trump
    Nikki HaleyNikki Haley

  17. Leo I am supporting ‘Bish the Dish’ or ‘Bish the Bisch’ depending on point of view in the 6th. And yes…Sac GOP Chair …I get it through the scuttlebutt circles that she complains about Yolo GOP a lot…because we are actually doing what a Central Committee is suppose to do….lol

  18. Leo, Oh gosh I guess I should not say I support Chris Bish on Aaron’s blog…it kind puts a hole in Aaron’s claim that I am a male chauvinist…Oh gosh….hahahahah

  19. That’s OK, Charlie. It’ll be fine. Christine seems to have gotten a place at the table, for the General Election. It’s a huge gap however, so …………it’ll be a tough road.
    Funny, at one time, Garvey had a 45% lead in a race for the Senate seat. Alas, they’re around 35% for both seats. So, let there be a run-off. Low turnout, high Repub response, hmmmmmm, could happen. Might happen. Doubt it’ll happen. Garvey has to RUN a campaign, not rely on shifty to rally Repub support for him. Still, if what they say is true, shifty spent 44 MILLION stumping for Steve. (Or, That Steve spent 44 Million of Shifty’s money for HIS campaign).
    Prop 1?? OMG…………why didn’t this fail??!!??!! smh………
    Kiley?? Won by 4 points……….hmmmmm, could be a close battle.
    The target of the Blogger, ms Jones? Last I saw, she got it like at 56% or 65%. Interesting.

    Haley dropped this morning…….was this ONLY about her mom casting a ballot for her daughter? I hope not. Politically, as they are speaking about right now, I believe she’s toast. The DEM’s seemingly gave you VT and DC. Call it a day Nicki, and let it go. No one, facing off against Trump in THIS cycle, had a chance. Like it or not, believe it or not. It was THE WORST time, to try, to get past ‘the man’ for 2024.
    Now, let the Ganes begin!!!!

  20. Leo, Bish worked hard to get her shot at Bera….maybe we will have an upset. She is a female version of Trump! BTW, the endorsed Sac Central Committe Candidate which became the CRP endorsed candidate came in a distant 4th. Maybe that needs to be a wakeup call to the CRP to stop listening to ‘Squishes’ that are controlling our Party. (my humble donations paid off this time…lol)

  21. Another big win last night was Thom Bogue in the 3 State Senate District….the results have him at #1– so far leading the long time Democrat operative and former Mayor of West Sacramento Chris Cabaldon. That was unexpected. Made me very happy…half dozen years ago Thom was a NPP voter in Dixon. I told him we needed him and his type in the GOP and encouraged him to register Republican….so, in fact, he did registered Republican. Now he has a shot at the State Senate. Just goes to show how a little positive influence and encouragement can go a longways. Proud of that guy today!

  22. Charlie:
    Hmmmmmmm……I see the results. Hmmmm. Yup, less than 9%.
    If, by ‘squishes’ you mean, centrists? Moderates? Folks who like to ‘get along so they just go along’, types? Those squishes?? Going soly by reported numbers: Riehle and Deluz drop out, and barajas does as well. 30k vs 20k in voting numbers left over. The tables I am looking at, are dated today, 325AM ET, 33% of the vote counted. I don’t know what Mr Deluz did or didn’t do. Nor do I know what Riehle did. Riehle took 3rd, yup. It’ll be interesting to watch come NOV, what happens.
    Mr Bogue, shows 29% vs Cabaldon at 26.7%. Yup, definitely doable! Those numbers are as of today, 1252AM PT, 50.86% vote counted.
    I hope he wins. I hope we can talk down the road. Personally?
    I DO NOT agree with, making any type of a city, regardless of WHO fronts it, around an ACTIVE Military Base, in California, much less anywhere else.
    Yup, I wrote that.
    ^5 for you and Mr Bogue! Let’s see what happens in Nov24 now.

  23. Leo…a squish is a person that is squishy…without the fabric or fiber to stand up for Republican Values. There are lots of Squishes in Sacramento and left leaning central committees. They tend to be those that think we beat the Democrats by becoming like the Democrats…’Squish’..

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