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Suzanne Jones got the endorsement of the Placer GOP in the Placer County Supervisorial District 4 with the entry of Jeff Moss into the race. If you are wondering what those guys signed on to – read on.

Her candidate questionnaire is linked here for reference.

In her questionnaire, Suzanne attempts to lerch far right on a variety of issues. There deserves to be real scrutiny of what she is claiming, especially in light of her appointments of Democrats and Green Party members to key positions in Placer County.

On Page 2 of her questionnaire, Suzanne Jones talks about “Transparent Governance.”

Jones worked with Placer County Counsel ostensibly in secret to eviscerate portions of the Placer County anti-nepotism policy. (Remember how bad it was that Kirk Uhler’s wife Tammy works for Placer County?)

One or Two meetings after getting the Placer County Nepotism policy changed, Jones got her brother, who has a different last name, appointed to be her district staffer! I guess transparency and ethics was a thing until it was an impediment.

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The job pays six figures as well. Must be nice to get elected and then get the rules changed to hire your brother. Transparency.

People on the Placer GOP should be concerned and ask questions about the propriety of getting close relatives government jobs. They should also ask about the timing of events and the seemingly backroom clandestine nature of the proceedings.

In her biography – she touts helping Congressman Tom McClintock. Years later, as a supervisor, she appointed Kristine Johnson to the Granite Bay MAC. In 2014, Johnson ran against Tom McClintock.

She openly touts supporting Pam Tobin, whose husband was a life-long far left labor union organizer and Pam herself was always a reliable supporter of the left of Placer County. Pam ran against BOTH Ted Gaines and Kirk Uhler for supervisor.

She talks about working with the California Pro-Life Council yet appointed a far left Green Party Member to the Placer County Commission that deals with Health Care Issues.

On Page 4 of her application, she talks about her stand on taxes. She failed to mention that she hosted a Townhall for an upcoming effort to run a Transportation Tax in Placer County. Perhaps the members of the committee should have an open discussion about where Jones really stands on these sorts of measures. The opposition to the Transportation Tax is largely amongst the members of the Placer GOP and they are considering endorsing someone hosting meetings to promote it.

On Page 5 – Jones claims to have led the effort against Mask Mandates, Vaccine Mandates and COVID policy in general. This is an outright lie.

All five members of the Placer County Board of supervisors on August 2020 board meeting voted to lift the state of emergency in Placer County. Suzanne Jones was not on the board then and her assertion that she was the only one is impossible as there were never mask or vaccine mandates in Placer County ever. Then, by the time she took office, the State of Emergency was gone making COVID policy a non-issue. It is this sort of nuance that she appears to be trying to manipulate in order to advance herself absent facts.

Her predecessor Kirk Uhler led the effort to remove the state of emergency and was attacked publicly by several people for doing so.

The questionnaire goes on to ask if Suzanne Jones has endorsed, supported or contributed to non-Republican Candidates in the last 4 years. It also asks if she pledges to only support Republican Candidates going forward.

Planning Commissioner Daniel Woodward is a Democrat. Unlike someone running for office, Woodward was appointed by Suzanne Jones directly in to a position of power where there is no accountability to voters. That is the political equivalent of asking Jack the Ripper to babysit.

Supporting Non-Republicans? Here are the rest of Suzanne Jones’ non-Republican appointments:

Lisa Cataldo – Green Party
Tameka Usher – American Independent
Dojna Marie Garvey – Democrat
Amber Beckler – NPP
Kristine Johnson – D (Tom McClintock’s 2014 Opponent)
Christopher Hill – NPP

At what point do people looking to advance the Republican Party start to ask questions about appointing a Green Party member to a board that deals with a range of public health issues (Abortion, Homelessness, Drug Abuse), and wonder if Suzanne Jones is serious at all about any of her answers to questions about the issues of the day?

I will close by saying that Sandy Harris, who is actually a registered Republican (in the same vane as Pam Tobin), was part of the crew in 2002 that attempted to unseat then Placer GOP Chair Ken Campbell. She was also part of the group that attempted to stop Bayside Church from being built back in the 1990’s, actually suing Placer County to overturn the decision of the board of supervisors ultimately losing badly in court.

Suzanne Jones has parachuted a host of people that oppose the Republican Party and Placer County’s way of life in to positions of power that are not accountable to the voters. The members of the Placer GOP ignored the truth, choosing the personal rage of a couple members, endorsing her should take pause and then move on to another candidate.

P.S. You can make bank Jeff Moss will remedy all of these bad appointments.

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  One Response to “Suzanne Jones Update: Questions We Should All Be Asking!”

  1. Good coverage again. Thanks! County Counsel (unelected) and Risk Management (unelected) exist to protect County employees-not serve the public Call and ask if they can assist tax-paying citizens with questions. I dare you-heck, tell them I said to call.
    Then look at how many people work in those offices and what they get paid! They won’t give any answers to Joe Public, behave defensively, and will assume you are an enemy of the County. Projection? Wonder what they are hiding; besides coordinating behind closed doors with County “Supervisors”?

    Saw only TWO “Jones” political signs as I drove from Auburn to Loomis today. Why did Placer GOP endorse her? Maybe blogger could reach out and get an official statement from them? Seems only fair, and would make the blog more complete. Heck, I’d love to see blogger analyze ALL of the Placer GOP endorsements.
    That would get comments popping off! Why no Megan Dahle?

    Placer citizens need to unite on exposing corruption at the county level-there’s plenty of it.

    Just think, we could get rid of Holmes, Gustafson, and Jones in one election. But whoever replaces them should be aware that we are watching/listening every move now. Thank you plandemic.

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