Feb 112024

This was lifted from the Facebook Page of Jeff Moss but the Photo and the Video had been sent to your intrepid blogger a couple of days ago. It appears the thing made the rounds. FYI – if charged and convicted this could be a crime. The FPPC (the CA Campaign Watchdog) could also fine her for this as well. Even Thomas N Hudson knows better than to do this, but he and the Placer GOP endorsed this disaster because of their personal rage against someone who isn’t even running for office!

Contact: Ryan Gardiner
Placer County, CA — Placer County Supervisor Suzanne Jones has improperly used government resources, her county office, to film and publish a campaign video encouraging voters to support her campaign for reelection.
The video, which was posted to her campaign Facebook page, clearly shows Jones in her county office holding a sample ballot and stating, “I humbly ask for your vote to keep me working for you. Learn more about me and who else is supporting me for reelection on my website, Suzanne for supervisor .com.”
Jones deleted the video from her Facebook page in response to several comments on social media raising concerns. , .
California law prohibits government officials from utilizing taxpayer-funded facilities, staff, or resources to campaign. Jones previously came under fire for allegations of nepotism in her county hiring decisions and apparent violations of state conflict of interest law.
In response to this latest apparent violation of state law, Jones’ leading competitor in the race for the 4th District Supervisor seat, Jeff Moss, stated, “Suzanne Jones once again has demonstrated her inability to follow the law and act in an ethical, responsible way. Voters in our community deserve more from their Supervisor.”
For more information about Moss and his campaign for Supervisor, please visit www.JeffMossForSupervisor.com
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