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In my first post, I had to correct some mistakes because I got Nimarata’s delegate list confused with Trump’s. I was also talking to so many people that got snubbed as well.

I gotta tell ya, when looking at this list, I have drawn several conclusions. A lot of people had input on who made this list.

I am linking the list here again.

First off, I have spoken to more people about my Trump delegate list posts than any post I have written in the last 4 years. Everyone has theories on what happened.

I was surprised to see my colleague on the DeSantis SuperPac effort, George Andrews on the Nimarata delegate list. I had thought he was a conservative who is not a Trump fan like your intrepid blogger. But there he is next to Duf Sundheim, Lanhee Chen and a whose who of squishes. Deborah Wilder, is also on Nimarata’s list… I had to edit my last post to delete that error.

Please note I endorsed Trump when Ron DeSantis did.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

But – just because I had to correct my first post does not make the Trump list that much better.

First off Kathy Kneer is on the Trump list from CA-01. This is a clear FU to all the loyal Trump supporters in the North State and the Shasta GOP who Jessica Patterson helped screw out of their representation on the State Party. The Rules Committee told the rightful members of Shasta to go to hell and the offense was so bad that there was a concerted effort to change the CAGOP By-Laws so that what happened to the Shasta GOP at the hands of Kathy Kneer would never happen again. (Kneer appointed 5 Jessica Patterson squishes then resigned. The Patterson-appointed Rules Committee sided with Kneer giving the rightful Shasta GOP members the finger)

In CA-02 – Conservative (libertarian pony-tail dude) Stalwart Matthew Heath, who helped change the CAGOP’s rules for delegate apportionment in favor of Trump was left off in favor of Kevin Krick who never met a live birth he liked. (If you are pro-life, Mr. Krick won’t like you very much) The Michel Columbo guy is a hero to Trumpers everywhere, he is one of Harmeet Dhillon’s partners in her law firm. He, Mark Meuser, and Sarv (Harmeet’s Husband) are all on the delegate list. They should be.

In CA-03 no activists I know made the list. This would be a snub of people like Johanna Lassaga, Laurie Wallace and others. But Dave Titus made the cut, I have written about this guy on my blog many times. This is a clear slap in the face of the activists.

In CA-07 Betsy Mahan was appointed. She is the bane of the existence of conservatives in Sacramento County. Again, I can only conclude, that similar to Dave Titus whose wife is the attorney for the CAGOP, that Betsy’s insider connections to Her Majesty and Count Gimmecandy was at work here.

It has been put to me that many of the names I do not recognize are donors. That is great, but as I wrote in my first piece, down in CA-26 a big time conservative bundler who was not a part of any Party Votes or action was excluded in favor of her majesty’s husband, Richard Sherman who allegedly left politics and noted long time moderate activist (and donor) Frank Visco. (FYI – Visco is a polite and professional man and my interactions with him have been good)

There’s no consistency, someone who was integral in changing the delegate rules in Trump’s favor, well-known day one activists, bundlers and others left off the list. But, there is more:

Shane Connelly, Charles Moran, Lindsey Stetson, Jason Clark, all leaders in the Log Cabin Club are on the list. Yes, Charles and Shane were huge day one Trump supporters and have worked their tails off for him, but why include them and why exclude dozens of CRA members?

Also dotted in the Coastal Districts are two well-known moderate activists John Peschong (also a donor) and Vanilla Singh.

Then I found Liz Kolstad on the list but not Gina Wallace (both are conservative county chairs from the Central Valley). Speaking of County Chairs, Phil Cothran Sr. from SB County made the cut along with his son Jr. SF Chair John Dennis made the list while democrats that re-registered Republican and are masquerading as Trump supporters are trying to unseat him in the Cent Com election in that county. Dwight Williams is on the list. Betsy Mahan is on the list as I mentioned previously. Tim O’Reilly is on the list.  Paula Whitsell is on the list. O’Reilly, Cothran, Williams and Mahan are reliable establishment votes – along with Vern Costa from Kings County. Costa appears alongside Kevin McCarthy from that area.

That’s five moderate/establishment county chairs. John Dennis is not aligned with either side, so I only see Liz Kolstad as a 100% conservative chair on the list. What happened?

While I was not surprised to see Howard Hakes on the list (speaking of giving activists the finger), I also found one Larry Elder on the list. There is no way in hell Jessica and crew wanted him. It is clear that the Trump Campaign made that happen (along with the aforementioned donors).

So when I see noted CRA members that actually made the cut like Rachael Gunter and Cynthia Gabaldon, I also have to assume that the Campaign itself intervened to get those two slotted. But they are the only two CRA members I see on the list. Update: Neither are CRA members, further adding to the absurdity

In CA-39 I see Mark Troast (a professional fundraiser and known conservative) and Emanuel Patrascu (A Romanian immigrant who is a hard-core conservative)… which continues the whiplash.

In the Orange County districts, I see familiar names: Kathy Tavoularis, Mari Barke and Van Tran. Van Tran is running for OC Supervisor against the Trump-Hating, Open Borders Janet Nguyen who was inexplicably endorsed by the OCGOP.

I see Tony Strickland in CA-47, surprised to see he is still around, and speaking of former electeds Jim Brulte is on the list from Southern OC as well!

Further adding to the confusion is this: There is a rather eclectic list of state / federal level electeds on the delegate list. Jay Obernolte (CA-23 and his wife), Billy Essayli, Shannon Grove, Michelle Steel (CA-45) and Tri Ta.

I listened to a lot of people tell me what they thought. I have some conclusions based on really looking through this list.

There are not a lot of conservative activist types, they are outnumbered at least 8-1 by known moderate/squishes. This suggests the clear intervention of Her Majesty and Count Gimmecandy.

There are not a lot of electeds. This suggests that preference was given to donors. This is not uncommon at all.

The existence of a few specific known antagonists of her majesty’s realm suggest direct intervention of the Trump Campaign to override.

While there could be backstories to specific snubs from the delegate list there is absolutely no way anyone could draw different conclusions. What a mess.

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  13 Responses to “More on the Trump RNC Delegation Saga… What a List it is.”

  1. If I counted right and my CAGOP delegate list is up to date, Haley’s delegates included 22 CAGOP Delegates and Trump’s delegates included 84.

    If Trump gets a majority of the statewide votes, he gets all 166 delegates, otherwise a proportional spit.

  2. Bottom line is Jessica and her minions choose that list… Not Team Trump. It’s a ‘Who’s who’ of political hanger straps in the CRP. During the screening process I was actually in contact, via email, with Bryan Watkins, COO and Executive director of the CRP (hired by Jessica) as to why he is gathering the applications for delegates and not the Trump Camp (Trump also had a delegate drill /application process going on that was not affiliated with the CRP). Watkins’s response was ‘We always do the delegate section process’ (which is not true)…Then he said, “You never give us any money anyways”. Which stuck me a bit odd…However, it is true I only pay delegate frees to the CRP. But I do donate directly to candidates and responded back telling him exactly that. Anyway…that is what happened. The CRP choose or recommended its delegate list to the Trump Camp and they must have accepted it. Horrible list of Squishes which in floor fight I doubt will remain loyal to Trump. Yes, there are some solid conservatives….but every one of the delegates should be an activist and a Trump supporter…Most are not but want to be ‘important’ (egos galor)!!! Anyway…it really is time to ‘Clean House’ in the CRP at the reorganizing convention in the spring of 2025. We need to elect leaders that can actually win elections across the state and not play these stupid political games!

  3. Correct…Watkins actually called me, in response to my email questions. He actually said that crap on the phone. Which made me realize that there was no way his man should have been hired to be the Chief Operations Officer and Executive Director of the CRP. Interesting phone call…he was brash as hell. But I am thick skinned, and that type of stuff just bounces off anyways.

  4. Correction…Watkins actually called me, in response to my email questions. He actually said that crap on the phone. Which made me realize that there was no way his man should have been hired to be the Chief Operations Officer and Executive Director of the CRP. Interesting phone call…he was brash as hell. But I am thick skinned, and that type of stuff just bounces off anyways.

  5. I find it awful hard, to understand what it is, nikki haley is actually trying to do here.
    Embarrass Trump? Try to be his VP pick? Cause beating him, isn’t in the cards for her.

    She was recently on the morning TV show, and basically stated how bad trumpster is/was as President. If ANY of what she said was true? Why on earth, would you be trying to be his Vice President now?? Kind of makes you look like the azz, if you ask me. But that’s just me, it’s something I saw/heard on the air, and I’m sure those who live politics, saw/heard something different.
    You LOST, in Nevada, and you basically ran against yourself. You LOST, by double digits.
    You SAY, you beat the other candidates, which is why it’s only you and Trump. Really?
    For you nikki fans? She didn’t beat jack squat. THEY left due to Trump beating them soundly in the polls and after the first primary. Nikki Haley didn’t have jack diddly to do with any of that. However, I understand, politics. You have to spin your version, no matter how doofus you look while doing it.
    So, IF the polls are correct, you’re about to get blasted in your own home State.
    IF, the political winds are correct, you’re about to be embarrassed, again, before Super Tuesday.
    Let’s put this in perspective, and be honest about it. Kamala Harris, was about to be embarrassed in the 2020 DEMO polls in her first primary. She bowed out. I imagine, not even getting %5 of the vote, helped her decision.
    Nikii? You can either: A) drop out with dignity now, or B) wait till South Carolina Primary, and be embarrassed by voters of YOUR former State, going to Trump in a big way.
    C) You getting a VP slot, or even a shot at one, is slowly slipping away, even IF it was ever in the cards. (Which I personally don’t believe you’ll ever get even that position)

    Good luck with that.
    As to the CALIFORNIA people, and these ‘lists’?? smh
    Wow…………let’s you know who’s who, and where their loyalties lie. Will they stick by their guns AFTER trumpster gets the nomination? Or will they stick to their guns, and actively go AGAINST, the presumptive Repub nominee for President?
    I can hardly wait to see how these people act then. What will they do, for 2026? On what side will they fall: Pro people, Pro State, Pro Change of current affairs? or, Pro Establishment, Pro status-quo of losing often?

    Time will tell…………………………

  6. Thank you Charlie, for letting us know. If the CRP gets ‘fixed’ in 2025, how will they act for 2026? You stated: “We need to elect leaders that can actually win elections across the state and not play these stupid political games!”
    I can say this:
    I’m not rich, connected nor indebted, to Political hacks or party members (that I am aware of anyways);
    I am not well known, (something I hope to change);
    I am not seeking office, just to be seeking an office;
    I am not looking to jump from one political position to another, just because I can;
    I am, seeking to make changes TO California, FOR California, FOR Californian’s.
    I am, hoping those in the know, join along and actually SUPPORT the effort to win in this State, in an atmosphere which I believe, is ripe for the picking, given today’s world.
    A political “office jumper” isn’t it;
    A political ‘termed out looking for a job’, candidate, isn’t it;
    A perfect, looks too good to be real candidate, isn’t it either.

    I feel this way:
    The candidate: Will carry the load, endure the hardships and BS to achieve victory in this State for this office (CA GOV 2026). That person will do, their best to walk upright thru the doorway, that others prepare that person to walk through.
    The backers: Volunteers, paid people, etc, will DO everything in their power and purveyance, to prep the way, set the stage, move the money to get the candidate too the race! I don’t nor wouldn’t, expect them to run it…that’s the Candidates job. But I WOULD expect them to get the candidate to the starting line.
    The message is there, the issues are there, the ability to win, is there.
    What seems to be lacking from this party in this state, is the WILL to WIN or even TRY to win no matter the circumstances. I strongly and truly believe, 2026 will be the year and a very good chance, for winning in this State. Look around, listen to what’s said and what isn’t said……..4 DEMO’s all vying for newsomes legacy. No differences, no changes for good, just a name change for an office tag. They’re GIVING us the chance to make a play, and a good one, for the office of Gov in this State.
    Anyways, sorry for the rant, I forgot where I was. Carry on !!
    “Lead, follow or get out of my way!”

  7. Leo, Politics is a strange game of egos and quid pro quo… I have never been able to master it…I am too blunt with people. When they are screw up or butt kissers I dont deal with them…they don’t like that. The people that on this list, for the most part, are ‘popular’ with the current powers. That really is all it is …. The ‘Bakersfield Bunch’ is still in control of the state and now they are making a play for the leadership of the NRC since they lost the speakership. Good government or winning elections is not what this list is about.

  8. lol, ah…i see…..more like the ‘glee club’??
    We had this in High School…..you know, WHO was the most popular; who was the prettiest, most liked, etc….lol

    Blunt with people?? lol…………congrats!!

    I always admired General George S. Patton Jr…………and you know how HE was…lol
    I believe I’m there as well: Can’t stand azz kissers and don’t like screw ups or do-nothings.
    Dealt with them in the past, never much appreciated them. DO, however, understand that I can deal with consistency. Had a First Sergeant like that. He was ‘consistently an A-hole.’ At least he was consistent, better than the incoming one, who was day-by-day a-hole.

    Ah, strange times we’re in…..Bakersfield bunch……..hmmmmmmmmmmmm
    I’ll be needing to visit them too I see……..should be interesting. I’ll definitely let you know how that goes, if others don’t beat me to it….lol

  9. Leo, Patton was a bit too blunt. There were times when he needed to ‘zip the lip’. I try to remember that myself.

  10. Cathy Kneer is a fine Republican. She has been at the game longer than most of the folks who show up and now knock her as RINO. Quit with this friendly fire, man. What does it accomplish?

  11. WOW…This blog looks like medication time at the institute for the criminally insane.

  12. Blogger writes: ” (Kneer appointed 5 Jessica Patterson squishes then resigned. The Patterson-appointed Rules Committee sided with Kneer giving the rightful Shasta GOP members the finger)”

    Shasta Rock writes: “Cathy Kneer is a fine Republican.”

    Is that what a FINE Republican does? Sabotages from within THEN vacates because of it or in spite of it? The contrast of the two postings is telling. One or the other, isn’t telling the full story.

    I’m asking for a “friend”.

  13. OMG!! This is HELLA Funny…..hahahahaha
    Yesterday< i managed to get on the Tom Sullivan show, prepped and primed to make comments on the "classified document" story Tom was talking about with Biden.
    Tom did a monologue, and reported what the so called, special council, concluded.
    Blew my WHOLE moment…….till he selected my call.
    One thing I stated: This is a BOON for the Repubs, and this moment has the DEMO's FROTHING at the mouth, doing MAJOR damage control!!!
    " An elderly old man with memory issues. "
    HA!!! Check the news lately?? Hell, did you SEE the Pres speaking last night? This man is going off; his handlers can't control the narrative anymore; the LEFTIES are doing major 'blame Trump, the Special Council is an idiot" moments, and on and on.
    Who cares about the 25th Amendment….who cares, about impeaching this man.
    Biden just got F*****ed by his own party. As I said on the air, "NOW, the DEMO"s have a valid reason to NOT select this man for their candidate during their convention."
    How many months away is that? Savage……he'll have to endure this until then!!
    This is more damaging that being charged….lol

    which, by the way, he should have been, but I digress.

    This one act, by their OWN GUY, just tanked biden. he just tanked the DEM's….he's thrown them into a feeding frenzy of HOW DO WE FIX THIS, and they can't. Because ol joe, added insult to injury by demanding his moment in the limelight to TELL people, what we already knew: You ain't it.

    Of all the boneheaded things OUR side has done, THIS takes the cake.
    I hope the Repubs pounce on this like a starving hyena and don't let it go.
    6 months of this berating Uncle HO's mind, until the DEMO Primary…..gota luv this!
    Mcconnel should watch his p's and q's, or he'll soon be on the losing end of this as well. Even HE, can't cover for the DEM's or joe……of which, it's been reported ol MITCH tanked the border plan? Hmmmmmm…….fun to watch!!!!

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