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I fixed Patterson’s Tweet to reflect the truth. (Still omitted are the nearly 3 Million new dems in the same time period, but I digress…)

Jessica Patterson has repeatedly and falsely claimed that the California Republican Party has registered XX voters during her reign as CAGOP Chairwoman. In California, when you get a driver’s license, you are automatically registered to vote. This includes illegal aliens despite claims there are controls on the process. Every audit finds a ton.

That Lie is to cover up that the CAGOP has had no organized or consistent voter registration program for years. In fact, the CAGOP has not been much more than a conduit for large donors to fund candidates. This is my opinion based on evidence and observation over the years. The State Party does not even attempt to register voters – one of its’ alleged primary functions.

The fact that Patterson would attempt to peddle this registration lie to the national party shows that the carefully crafted plan by Kevin McCarthy and her other handlers has come apart at the seams.

Donald Trump knows that Jessica Patterson is a never-trumper. At least your intrepid blogger is honest, I don’t like Donald Trump but I will do my part to elect him now that he is the nominee. Patterson can’t even claim that. While no one will come on the record on this blog to confirm, the number of people I have talked about Patterson being a Never-Trumper to is substantial and it would be easily proven in a court proceeding.

Even though I think it is absurd that Trump’s choice for Co-Chair of the RNC is his daughter and all that comes with it, Jessica Patterson would be worse. That is my opinion having been on the receiving end of her bile for years. She has never taken me on publicly, it has been series of cowardly moves under the cover of the smoke-filled room. Were Patterson to get elected RNC Chair, everyone beyond your intrepid blogger would end up on a political hit list.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

In case you forgot, the FBI showed up at my house when I was working for Steve Frank against her. Frank would later tell people that me working for him was a temporary thing and that he still hates me. This means that the 2021 Chair race featured two of the same kind of people running for chair. One was more conservative than the other. Joy.

Now compare Jessica and Steve’s approach to your intrepid blogger. I don’t like Trump. My guy drops out. I endorse Trump. I help Trump. Patterson? Permanent resentments and half hearted support at best for nominees she does not like. I am really sick of moderates demanding party loyalty and when their guy loses, they leave the scene with the old worn out “that guy can’t win” routine. Omitted from the canard is all the money wasted destroying the conservative in the primary.

As for me, I can work with anyone on a campaign for a common cause. My personal issues are subordinated to the health and welfare of the Republican Party. The better the Republican Party does, the better off our country is.

However, Jessica’s behavior is not the pattern you want as an RNC Chair, let alone a state chair. This behavior guarantees failure. Rage and Revenge is not profitable.

One of the stories I have known that I have not typed on this blog until now, is being revealed now because I think it matters. Political insiders are skilled at one thing, keeping control. One of the manifestations is always lining up the next office.

I had known for years Jessica Patterson was being groomed for RNC Chair by people that may or may not include Kevin McCarthy. I never had much more than insider chatter to prove it.

I was at the 2023 CAGOP Convention because I had some interests in the outcomes of several CAGOP officer races. During the Sunday Session before the voting there was some floor drama, so I excused myself from the floor drama, going in to the lobby to return some calls.

I was within earshot of a vendor table where two attractive 30-40 something women were talking to one of the vendors still in his booth. One revealed that she was Jessica Patterson’s Hair Stylist and the other indicated she was an Esthetician. Both indicated they were from Southern California. I overheard these things as I was only 10 feet away.

Was donor money paying for their services, Hotel Rooms, Travel?

Why would someone who is a state party chair have a professional entourage?

There is only one logical explanation for this – Patterson needed to look good for the cameras in order to set an image. You’d only do this if you had an end game for said image.

Your intrepid blogger does have a suggestion for Ms. Patterson, She should get herself a signed pair and start sporting them around in public. That would sure help with an image.

I mean hell, Patterson and crew changed the CAGOP Delegate Rules to help Donald Trump, at the very least Patterson should get a pair signed for a nice parting gift…

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  15 Responses to “Jessica Patterson for RNC Chair Update: Trying Last-Ditch Deception Campaign To Defeat Lara Trump + A New Story Told for the First Time In This Post”

  1. Interesting. Well one thought. Laura Trump is a natural photogenic beauty… The RNC will not have to waste money on a ‘hair and makeup entourage’….lol I like saving money….That’s the fiscal Republican in me….lol

  2. Sadly the same so called conservative Republicans who allegedly dislike Patterson also dislike our Intrepid Blogger and anyone else who is even remotely capable of correcting the course of the CAGOP.

    Way too many of those who consider themselves “Reagan Conservatives” are too busy making the perfect the enemy of the good.

  3. ah Mr Blogger, lolol……..this post is tooo funny. You ‘kindly’ state, what I’ve been saying about our Party in California, for some time now. If I may be so bold, because YOU have street creds, where I supposedly don’t, let me be a tad bit more honest (which, I have already):
    The CALI PARTY has a problem, it’s called winning;
    It has grown to become the ‘party of irrelevance’;
    It’s performance is lackluster to say the least;
    It permeates losing over winning, to maintain mediocrity.
    Volunteers? They appear to be awesome, lively and engaged! Beyond that however, something is wrong.
    We helped Dahle strike a chord, and from what I’ve been told, ‘ he exceeded expectations by getting 40% of the Vote Leo!’ Did he really? I imagine running a campaign where you don’t sound convincing has convinced some people that he did, great? 41% of the ELGIBILE voters voted, what happened to the other 50% percent who clocked out? Did the Party go after them? Hell, I’ve heard more about Steve Garvy from the Adam Shit commercials than I have from Republican commercials! Let’s not talk about Mr. Early. THEY say, He’s getting endorsed by: Katie Porter!!! Wow, such an important race, one would think you’d put some SKIN in the game. But, alas, I too, digress.

    Since getting into the CRA, I’ve heard nothing BUT, nasty things about Ms patterson. Even before I joined. I’ve heard some things about our blogger as well, “stay clear of him’ being the foremost opinion. Still, let’s take a look at the numbers he’s cited: 620K Registered Republicans since 2019. Hmmm, Pathetic. That’s 124000 a year, registered as Republican. The DEMO’s popped 3 MILLION. That would be, 600000 a year for them. Since 2019, our state has LOST 1.5 MILLION voters, period. So, who’s lying. Over 700000 voters registered for EITHER party? Out of a state of 35 MILLION people? lol, okay. If you say so. That would mean, in 5 years, ALL the voting people in this state, have chosen a side. BullS***.

    Another note of significance: There are FOUR, count them, (4) people on the DEMO side running OFFICIALLY for California State Governor, 2026. No one on the Repub side. Not one. Sure, it’s presidential time, yada yada yada. And? CALI is going to hell and a handbasket, and R folks are worried about who’s getting to the Presidency? Oh my, Rome is burning, but we’re worried about dinner?? The bad part about this mess, is that for the Senate race, we’ve heard more from DEM”s over our own candidate than we have from REPUBs about the REPUB candidate!

    Lacking. Where is it? Who is in the position?
    Mediocrity? Apathy? Disdain? Loser status quo is OK? I’ve got mine, screw everyone else?
    THAT, is what this party has become? Wow. Rereading this post, so doesn’t do much to dissuade me from that thought process. Sure doesn’t help PERsuade people to our cause either.

    If the numbers pan out, garvey will get the Primary election, and stands to lose in the General. If he loses, our side will shrug their shoulders, make up some lame excuse, and move on. If he wins, our side will tout the GREAT thing our party did, while it does nothing to alter the outcome. Hmmmmmmmm.

    My chances? lolol…. where to start. Let’s start with the Blogger. Have we met? I can’t say we have. Have we broke bread, shared a bruskie, talked shop/crap at each other over a dinner table? Nope. Have we sparred online? Definitely. Does he really KNOW me? No more than I know him. Will he spare me his ‘blogger touches’ when my announcement becomes reality/official? Hell no! I suspect he’s going to crucify me. Anticipated and expected. I hope it’s honest at least. If I can hold my own against and with, Mark Williams, I should be able to hold my own with anyone else worth a dam. If Aaron knows nothing else about me, I can attest to this: I hold my own. I believe what I believe, and I’m in this for real. Something in this State has to change. That, or my family will have to determine if it’s worth staying in this State as it is currently. If nothing changes, nothing will change. If no one steps up, no one is going to. Termed out Senators/assembly members won’t get you there. Crisp looking, sharp dressing Actors, won’t cut it. (Look what ahnold did to the State, and I originally WAS for him) Moving, seems to be the option. I surely hope not.

    The flashback from here? ummmmmm, ok. Pixels on a post. I stand by what I’ve said before, during and since: If you LIKE what is happening to this State? You won’t be voting for me. It’s that simple. I’m not promising, changes, I’m not guaranteeing changes, I plan on making them. Who are the opponents? So far, 4 Demo’s and 4 DEMO”s on standby. Maybe 8 DEMO’s. Hmmmmmm, good. Gives me a fair shot at the top two contender openings, IF I am the only Republican running. So far, I will be.
    The others? Have good dam reasons why you sat on your political asses, debating whether CALIFORNIA was worth it, was worth your time before you FINALLY decided to jump in for your next political position. Short of that, you’ll be counted as one of the opponents to overcome.
    Deeds not Words. Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

    Those phrases will be used often.
    Short of that, happy Tuesday!! Hope you all enjoy our rain !!!
    I’m excited, are you?!?!

  4. Jessica Patterson did not grow the party when she was VP for the Central Coast. While in that VP tole, Ventura County lost ground to Democrats. As Party Chair, she was paid twice as much as the Chair of California Democrat Party. She gave almost no help to the county I used to live, Ventura. I have heard her speak in person several times. She is mediocre at best, and often less than mediocre. Surely there is someone with more talent, and record of success, to lead the RNC

  5. I Do believe Leo likes to write Novels… lol And Hey, McGroin, Conservatives, the real ones-with thicker skin, don’t hate Aaron. It’s a love-hate relationship. We love to hate him and hate to love him…and even when he is a ‘thorn in my ass’ I still listen to him (even when he is wrong…lol)

  6. Yes Mr. Park, this is why I read and appreciate your blog. You are one of the only Republicans in this state who understands that our party problems begin at the top. They begin with Princess Patterson and her entire operation of the CAGOP being nothing more than an exercise of vanity. If the Republicans of the country are mad at Ronna, I can only imagine the vitriol she would receive if there was a national spotlight on her. Ironically, I wouldn’t mind her being promoted to vice chair. The CAGOP would then have a chance to change direction and the whole country would be introduced to the disaster known as Jessica “Millan” Patterson (who the hell uses all three of their names?) She wouldn’t last a year at the top of the RNC, believe me.

  7. Why Thank you Charlie…………(smile)

    Garvey is holding 22% points for second place…….Porter holding third at about 18?
    Tonight is the Senate debate, round three……..at about 6pm, pst.
    Hope you all can watch it!!
    Hope garvey does better than the last two outtings……

  8. Good coverage again blogger (now known as the guy we love to hate and hate to love, or GWLTHHTL). Thank you.

    ABG is spot on. Is that who I think it is?

    And Caleb’s post is right to the point. Thanks for sharing.

    Previous comment that seemed to hot to touch:

    “County Counsel (unelected) and Risk Management (unelected) exist to protect County employees-not serve the public Call and ask if they can assist tax-paying citizens with questions. I dare you-heck, tell them I said to call.
    Then look at how many people work in those offices and what they get paid! They won’t give any answers to Joe Public, behave defensively, and will assume you are an enemy of the County. Projection? Wonder what they are hiding; besides coordinating behind closed doors with County “Supervisors”?

    Saw only TWO “Jones” political signs as I drove from Auburn to Loomis today. Why did Placer GOP endorse her? Maybe blogger could reach out and get an official statement from them? Seems only fair, and would make the blog more complete. Heck, I’d love to see blogger analyze ALL of the Placer GOP endorsements.
    That would get comments popping off! Why no Megan Dahle?

    Placer citizens need to unite on exposing corruption at the county level-there’s plenty of it.

    Just think, we could get rid of Holmes, Gustafson, and Jones in one election. But whoever replaces them should be aware that we are watching/listening every move now. Thank you plandemic.”

  9. Wow, that was …um, interesting to say the least.
    Here is what I took away from the debate:

    Barbara Lee-> Done. She is barely polling in at 11% reported yesterday. Coupled with the fact she lacks credibility to EXPLAIN anything of merit, she seems intent on insuring nothing gets done at any level of Government. A ‘nice older lady’, but she’s done.

    Katie Porter—- she came out swinging, but struck like a weak noodle. Attacked shitty for a bit, but not in a way that was magnificent. Too progressive, but seems to get notice/attention due to the ‘soccer mom’ image she displays. Currently, placed at 3rd place with about 17% of the vote.

    Shitty—-the odds on favorite. Still whining about ‘ you voted for Trump….Twice!” rhetoric. Lame, but ok. Pumps up garvey in HIS ads, so he can deflate Porters chances. She counters with ads for EARLY, to counter shitty. funny. Shitty leads with 28% of the vote, seems to be a shoe in for a spot in the General election.

    Ah, Mr Garvey…….smh. What can you say. Still no substance. Nothing noteworthy. Evasive answers. Seems robotic when he DOES respond to questions, but barely seems to believe the non-answers he provides. Smh. What on earth, are the Party pundits thinking on this?? He is polled at 22-23%, holding a second place for primary. Unlikely to do jack, in the general.

    17% of so called NON DECIDEDs still linger around. They could sway the election one way or the other, depending on WHO they are and WHO they vote for.
    Still, no word on Ms Bisch’s report of Shifty being an out-of-State congressman. Nothing.
    Maybe, it’s because they’re waiting to spring that until the general election? Ok, that makes sense, but still…….not a peep?? Garvey doesn’t even mention it?
    Two weeks to go, for the primary election.
    meanwhile, haley is committed to ‘staying the course’ until Super Tuesday. Personally? I’d ignore what she says, where she is, the whole nine yards. Why bother countering what she’s doing, besides being a pain in the a**? Reports say, she’s gonna lose South Carolina, by 25 points. wow.
    le sigh.
    So Aaron!!! What, who or WHOM, is next??

  10. Leo the only reason Nikki Babe is staying in …IS…because she is hoping Trump gets convicted on one of the many Democrat bogus charges. She thinks we will rush to her….NOT A CHANCE. (Nikki’s political future is OVER)

  11. hahaha, Charlie, funny. 30 points down, one day to go.
    Future for a cabinet position? Going.
    Future for a VP pick? Going.
    Future politically other than sitting on boards racking up cash? Maybe ok.
    Future? who knows.

    too funny………

  12. So far, so good:

    South Carolina—–> Trump 60% Haley———–>40%
    Iowa——————-> Trump 51% Haley———–19%
    Virgin Islands——–> Trump 74% Haley———> 26%
    New Hampshire—–> Trump 54% Haley——–> 43%

    Nevada……….(snicker)—->None of the Above—> 63% Haley——-> 30%

    Battling till the end!! wooooooohooooooooooo……………….(that could very well be me too)
    In this case, it ain’t. So, what IS the point? Are these primary LOSSES, due to straight Republican votes? Or are they mixed with Demo’s and Independant’s? If they’re open primaries, then her numbers are much smaller.

    Trump, should now concentrate on biden. Nicki doesn’t matter, no matter what noise she makes. Be aware of her antics, but that’s about it.

    Oh, and they want to take another stab at newsome, in a recall event. Hella funny.

  13. Why shouldn’t “they” take another stab at a Newsom recall? It’s constitutionally sound-and encouraged by law. Californians have just forgotten how to fight. Keep Newsom in the public LIGHT.

  14. this was reported just today:
    New Poll Shows Steve Garvey Topping Adam Schiff In California’s Open Senate Primary


    Garvey polls: 27%
    Shitty polls: 25%
    Katie polls: 19%

    These are polling numbers for the Primary.
    For the General, the numbers say this:

    Shitty polls: 53%
    Garvey Polls: 38%

    Shitty’s ad campaign is working or no? Katie’s ad campaign, working or no? I’m not sure the reasoning behind trying to pump up Early under a porter campaign, but ok. His movement one way or the other, doesn’t matter.

    We’ll see……………..oh,

    And Omni Berra’s opponent, Christine Bish….6th Congressional District California………no numbers that I can find.
    Bera COH: 1.7m
    Bish COH: 2G’s
    DeLuz COH: 1.5G’s
    Riehle COH: 6.4G’s

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, ok. Unless there is something NOT being said, Riehle and Bish are competing for second place for primary? Using the COH numbers, Riehle is winning. That opinion, however, is greatly flawed given the limited info available.

    Have a great day!!!

  15. Leo, Porter is attacking Early to make Republican voters think Garvey is Pro Dem…Thus, causing GOP voters to vote for Early instead of Garvey (cuz he is Mega and pro Trump) so that she can whittle Garvey’s numbers down and thus she weasels into the top two against Schiff. It’s called dirty politics, and she is a dirty politician. Meanwhile ‘Schiff for Brains’ is trying to make sure the voters think Garvey is pro Trump to keep the GOP voting for Garvey to keep Porter out of the top two. Garvey doesn’t seem to be spending a nickel and getting $ millions of free name id and air time. (Both Schiff and Porter are total scumbags)

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