Feb 122024

Yes, it is.

Margaret Fortune has spent some $30,000 on digital ads attempting to introduce herself as some Conservative to El Dorado County voters. She is outright lying.

It is not hard to prove the theory that she is attempting to deceive the conservative voters, as simple methods of tracking down information have released a treasure trove of information.

Well, now, isn’t that special! That is some pretty special company, Jessica Morse is a flaming leftist who has run for Congress a few times, and Sean Frame is another.

Here is more if you need further evidence of her allegiances and connections.

We are going to dive into Margaret Fortune in depth as the voters of El Dorado County District One need to know more about who Margaret Fortune is.

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Let’s start with a column she wrote:

As I write this column, there are two stay-at-home orders in effect in major cities across California due to sickness — one for the coronavirus and the other for racism. The country is convulsing with civil un-rest because we all watched George Floyd murdered by the police on camera with a casual brutality that has become emblematic of the troubled relationship between Black Americans and police authority. Every generation has their story.

I was a student at UC Berkeley during the 1992 Rodney King protests. Having just been elected student body president, I led a protest that resulted in the shutdown of the San Francisco Bay Bridge. I remember being hauled off the freeway by two burly California Highway Patrol officers. Breaking down in tears, I felt far less emboldened than my chanting portrayed. The police let me go so I went to the offices of the Daily Cal to write a column, but I couldn’t put the words on the page to express how I felt. I sat there dumbstruck and frustrated, stinking from protesting in the streets.

There is ample evidence that while Fortune is correct in her stance about charter schools, her whole existence has been about pushing the race narrative and implying that everyone is out to get her and other people like her.

Even while writing a piece about opposing the teacher’s union-led effort to gut charter schools, the piece was laced with anti-police and overly broad statements:

Taken together, Weber’s bills offer a provocative challenge to a blue state where black youth struggle with the reality that they are targeted by the police, but not for school funding.

If you attack law enforcement, make broad statements about how they operate, and then support get-out-of-jail-free policies… it sure makes educating people impossible! But more fundamental is the $30,000 worth of deceptive ads where this extreme left-wing race-baiting, cop-hating progressive liberal democrat is trying to trick a conservative area into electing her.

So we have a candidate spending a ton of money trying to trick people who:

  1. Led a protest that shut down the Bay Bridge
  2. Screams racism at every opportunity
  3. Is Easily connected to far-left progressive groups
  4. Is a member of the El Dorado County Democrat Party Executive Board.

Do not be deceived; Margaret Fortune, while right about one issue, is so far left that she will wreck the community she is attempting to infiltrate.

To be continued…

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