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Nothing sucks worse than seeing perfectly effective political organizations step on a rake. 25+ years ago I was introduced to this as an officer in CRA. I watched many times as CRA endorsed terrible candidates for various reasons. Two that come to mind are Gary Bauer for President and Al “Richard” Ramirez for US Senate.

I still love you guys in Placer even though you blew it bad.

I am going to put this out here. North State County Parties have an irrational hatred of Brian and Megan Dahle. Unlike Tom McClintock and others that sell out conservative ideals (see also latest vote against censuring Rashida Hamas Tlaib) the Dahle’s get zero exemption or slack from any of them.

On 11-8-2023, the Placer and Nevada County GOP held meetings for the purposes of endorsing in CA SD-01 and CA AD-01, amongst others. As I am earning money from both of these races, they are the focus of this blog.

While friends on the Placer GOP told me Megan Dahle would have received fair treatment had she arrived, in my professional role working for both Dahle and Heather Hadwick, I discovered anything but. Unfortunately, based on patterns and chatter emanating for months even though Heather Hadwick is a completely different person the enmity for Dahle would transfer to her regardless of merit and people were organizing against Megan Dahle regardless of the absurdity of the candidate running against her. Time and time again, I was getting flags all over the north state about it.

How could anyone have expected Megan Dahle to show up to meet with two groups of people openly and outwardly hostile in that manner? Reconciliation is a two-way street and it is absurd to expect someone to show up to get s–t on.

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So what did Placer County Do? They endorsed David Fennell – a multi-time perennial candidate loser with a 747 Load of Baggage. This is going to hurt the credibility of the Placer GOP severely and this hurts even deeper as the Placer GOP has been an effective force for good in clearing school boards of Teacher’s Union goons that want to brainwash our children. The Placer GOP should have done what Nevada and Shasta Did, deadlock and not endorse.

Just who is David Fennell?

In 2010, David Fennell sued over 100 Republican Candidates and the California Republican Party.

This page is just an example of the filings Fennell made. He sued everyone who sought State or federal-level office.

David Fennell claimed the republican party and its candidates were technology-illiterate and rebuffed his offers to help.  He claimed financial fraud was discovered, including that funds earmarked for party activities and young republicans were “channeled back to individual Republican leaders,” that funds were being moved out of state, and there were no records.

David Fennell claimed those he sued attempted to ruin his reputation by labeling him a molester, rapist, and thief. Many of the people he sued never met him.

The original case was dismissed as to some defendants as a result of a successful SLAPP motion (motion to strike).  Fennell appealed, and his appeals were denied – both at the state Supreme Court and the US Supreme Court.  Other defendants instead filed a demurrer, which was also successful.  Fennell amended his complaint, but the court granted the defendant’s motion to strike.  Fennell attempted to serve additional defendants, and those attempts were rejected, and as to those defendants, his case was dismissed for failure to prosecute.

12 years later, David Fennell continued filing amendments, motions, and appeals through 2022 – in November 2022, the appellate court dismissed a petition for writ of mandate.

For 12 years, David Fennell has been attacking Republicans abusing the court system to do so.

Because David Fennell lost a SLAPP motion, it means he owes attorney’s fees and interest to the people who beat him in court. This total is estimated to be over $150,000.

If that is not enough – DAVID FENNELL FILED A BAR COMPLAINT AGAINST HARMEET DHILLON and the CAGOP’s attorney Chuck Bell.

Thomas N Hudson should have remembered this well. Anyone around CAGOP politics should have remembered this. Now – the Placer GOP has taken ownership of this because of their disdain for Megan Dahle. There are local officeholders on that committee, local business-owners, influencers and the like. This is not a good look at all.

In addition, it appears that Fennell has moved several times and has actively attempted to evade collections attempts. (See also the fact that he has continued filing motions even after losing the SLAPP motion, until finally getting shut down hopefully for good in 2022)

In Shasta County, Fennell only received three votes because he had alienated so many people with his overall approach. In fact, one of his talking points against Megan Dahle when he spoke to both county parties last night is that she lacks a college degree.

As someone who has no diplomas to my name, my life proves that I sure in the hell didn’t need to waste 6-8 years of my life in a commie-infested institution to learn how to win political campaigns, kick the asses of rinos or be a better candidate. Had Fennell been stupid enough to make a comment like that in my presence, he would have been treated to my communication skills that were honed in life not academia. (I wasn’t there, so he has to settle for reading this blog)

The serendipitous arrogance shown by Fennell and the fact that the good people on the Placer GOP completely dismissed it, ignored it, or just plain missed it is troubling at best.

I can also guarantee you that Megan’s colleagues in Sacramento know how capable and smart she is. I certainly learned that the first time I met her. She was the polar opposite of Beth Gaines.

I never once criticized the Placer GOP for endorsing Michael Murray over David Butler, nor will I. I bring that endorsement up, because the Fennell endorsement is absurd personally and politically idiotic. Mike Murray is a member of the Placer GOP and a friend to all on that body. As Such, it is an easy one to explain. David Fennell as proven by his actions is an arrogant, out of control attorney with no connection to Placer County at all. He has never had a pot to piss in for any of his campaigns and there is zero rationale to endorsing him absent the hatred of Megan Dahle.

Endorsing David Fennell will injure the credibility and effectiveness of the Placer GOP. Let me repeat: Fennell filed a Bar Complaint against Harmeet Dhillon because he was butthurt (my opinion of his motive) over losing his LT Gov Campaign in 2010. (Not sure if it was related to his losses in later years as well)

The events of the past few weeks have proven several things however:

The Central Committees in the North State are independent as Shasta, Nevada and Placer have all come up with different results.

Several County Parties in Northern California are moribund or dead completely, this needs to change.

Nevada failed to reach 2/3 on either endorsement and announced they would try again on 12-7.

Placer did reach 2/3 on AD-01 (and SD-01 as previously discussed) after at least 3 ballots, choosing Tenessa Audette.

Shasta failed to reach 2/3 on both and voted to accept the results ending their role in the process.

With regard to AD-01, Heather Hadwick is starting to hit her stride and all of you will be hearing a lot more from her soon. You should pay attention as she could very well be an assembly-member.

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