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This post is people’s exhibit A why the opposition to the CAGOP establishment can’t have nice things

The opposition to the CAGOP leadership should be ecstatic after this weekend. The conservative platform was re-adopted. Trump came and served kool-aid to his people. There was a major upset in a board election. This is the second convention in a row where the opposition took out a sitting establishment CAGOP Board Member.

But, then digest this facebook post. Not only does the author of this call Governor DeSantis (who canned two Soros Prosecutors) DeSoros based on debunked lies from the Trump Campaign, she vents rage over perceived offenses. There are a group of people in the opposition, including Steve Frank, who always move the goalposts to stay in a state of outrage.

The person that is raging in this post is referencing a 36% – 63% opposed vote to a floor motion to add an endorsement of Trump discussion to the agenda. You’d think despite getting torched 2-1 on a surprise attempt to jack up the agenda, that the author of this screed would understand both that her Imam came to speak on Friday and that the same “Rinos, DeSoros, etc etc etc” changed the rules for RNC delegates in the exact manner Trump demanded? It is always all or nothing, with rules to be determined at any time at the whim of the malcontents. Perhaps people need to read this section of the post as many times as necessary to understand why no one trusts many of them or takes many of them seriously?

Did this person or those piling on her post understand a damn thing? Nope. She is from the same group of people that accused me of working for George Soros when I helped John Cox (and they also called us Cox Suckers too) in 2018. The insanity is alive and well.

Please note that the usual suspects, Steve Frank and Thomas N Hudson (still the pol-pot bellied one), tried to pick floor fights and made motions etc. that went down in flames. Neither have enough self awareness of their own toxicity or how they hurt their own cause.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

With this psychological manual fodder as the backdrop – let’s take a look at the two major victories for Conservatives this weekend at the convention that happened despite the aforementioned…

The Platform Fight was not a fight at all. By a vote of 69-31 with people like Brian Dahle present and accounted for, the full Platform Committee dispatched the garbage that came out of the drafting disaster committee and opted to re-adopt the existing platform.

Steve Frank had spread a lie at convention that CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Patterson (who refused to engage on the platform drama) had tasked CAGOP Vice-Chair Corrin Rankin with passing the garbage from the drafting committee. That is an outright lie and goes in the 25-year-old Steve Frank Bulls–t file I’ve been accumulating since I met him.

The major development in the days leading up to the convention was the intervention of legislators like Joe Patterson, Megan Dahle, Brian Dahle and the two legislative leaders. James Gallagher and Brian Jones stepped in where the CAGOP Chairwoman refused to engage. Absent the leadership of legislative leaders, the platform destroyers would have succeeded.

Those of you that read this blog know I have been critical of Congressman Tom McClintock for years. McClintock who recently got a new carpetbag to switch safe R seats in Congress was worse than useless when conservatives needed him. This is no surprise because when the establishment came after the CRA-Controlled Placer GOP in 2010-2012, Tom McClintock sided with them and against the Placer GOP that had taken the unprecedented step at the time of endorsing McClintock over Doug Ose in a contested primary in 2008. One thing I can count on McClintock to do is mess on his friends worse than any liberals.

According to multiple accounts, McClintock was hampering efforts to rally support for the platform telling colleagues “It’s not worth it”, and “Don’t get involved”. This led to a confrontation with Doug LaMalfa, one of the few members of Congress who stood up for Conservative Values. This is the same congressman McClintock that tells his constituents in local government to go to hell when they ask for help, sometimes LaMalfa or other members from California have to run bills/appropriations to help people in McClintock’s district. But, man does McClintock give a good speech…

Thank you, Doug LaMalfa.

The real heroes of the platform drill in addition to those that stood up publicly, are people like CAGOP Vice Chair North Laurie Wallace who hounded James Gallagher and others to engage.  I just wish Laurie would realize that Megan and Brian Dahle are friends of Conservatives!

Many people will claim credit for what happened with the platform, but few can honestly prove their participation.

The far-left of the party humiliated themselves on the floor of the convention arguing in vain against the existing platform of the CAGOP. The theatrics included a woman from LA County who drew groans from the convention when she attacked everyone for their beliefs and then started crying. The Leadership of the Log Cabin Republicans (who promised not to pick a fight over the CAGOP platform when they were chartered several years ago), were also in the middle of the fight. Assemblyman Devon Mathis stepped on a rake and made a fool of himself… not exactly a good way to set up a consulting firm for your life once termed-out. I had been warned by members I talked to about his role in things and it appears that Mathis allowed his ego to get the best of him.

This leads me to the shocker of the weekend. It appears that Andy Gimmecandy and Tim O’Reilly were badly distracted by the Platform Drama created unnecessarily by that group of far-left Republicans doing what people accuse the Conservative opposition of doing.

Was David suffering jetlag?

Tim O’Reilly (who is a good dude, by the way) was running for LA Region Vice-Chair to replace liberal-Republican major donor Howard Hakes. O’Reilly was also the chair of the full platform committee. It was his committee where ground zero for the fight over the CAGOP Platform would be waged. Whatever the committee recommended would take 2/3 on the convention floor to override.

Earlier the same morning of the fateful committee meeting (that produced the 69-31 vote), O’Reilly’s LA Regional meeting occurred. Former CRA President Johnnie Morgan was the third man in. The vote went down O’Reilly 49, David Hernandez 48, and Johnnie Morgan 7.

For reasons I do not understand, O’Reilly continued the second ballot to 1PM, instead of getting it over with then. By the time the LA Regional Caucus re-convened, several of O-Reilly’s supporters had gone home and David Hernandez smoked him.

Multiple accounts I have received indicated that O’Reilly lost, not David Winning. The result was not because of some brilliant moves. The only logical conclusion is that Andy, David and crew were occupied with other things and similar to when Randal Jordan shocked one of the establishment’s darlings last convention, the stars aligned again.

The same problems exist. The Rules Committee is controlled by the iron fist of the establishment. Proxies still exist and are in the hands of the establishment enabling them to control conventions (with the exception of when legislative leaders rise up).

The opposition got some wins this weekend. The question is do these people know how to win some more? Do they realize what really happened? You can make bank David, Andy and the others already have it all figured out and have it gamed for the next convention…

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  23 Responses to “CAGOP Convention Summary: Read Carefully to Fully Digest What Happened”

  1. Who voted against changing the platform back? Who, were the 31 dissenters?

    Why does a 50 year party vet, need to resort to lies to make a point?

    McClintock is a good party “soldier”.

    Who wrote up that demo-disguised party platform?

    I can’t wait to meet some you folks down the road.

  2. What this report missed is the loud Trump supporters were all the rural counties at the back of the Convention floor…and the big city-county parties (LA, Bay Area, Orange County) were in the front for the floor-quite demure and voting mostly as told. I was very visible that the rural counties love Trump but the big city power brokers do not.

  3. The real heroes of the victory to keep our platform are Harmeet Dhillon and Ted Gaines. It often goes overlook or not understood that Ted Gaines is then ONLY elected statewide Republican in the state and is a true conservative. McClintock was NO help at all and did advise legislators to “stay out of the fight!”

    Much like the cult of Trump, the same exists with the unexplainable cult of McClintock. He was never a “leader” in state politics and he is certainly no leader in Congress. At best he’s a placeholder for some future conservative to primary him if on the We the People crowd in the state of Jefferson and beyond would open their eyes to see the true Tom M versus what the koolaide helps them see when it doesn’t exist: A “conservative” where this is actually a paycheck getting squish who wouldn’t cause a wave if he farted in an empty pool.

  4. @Leo…You’re awfully tough talking on the pages of Right On Daily, yet no one sees you in the trenches? Maybe you need to stop hiding in the latrine?

    I was absolutely mortified at the number of delegates who have no problem professing George Yang’s innocence. Hell, many have made Yang out to be a political prisoner.

    It would be laughable, if it wasn’t so true.

  5. I thought long and hard, about even giving you any considerations of the crap you spew constantly on here Pat.
    I don’t think we’ve ever met. I don’t think, it would be a good thing if we ever do, either.
    Tough talk? lol, if you say so. Perhaps you should have listened to the radio a tad bit more often back then. Perhaps you should have read MORE blogs than just this one. Perhaps, you should have read MORE postings I’ve made in the past, besides on this blog site.
    Perhaps, you should have been standing with me when we were counter-protesting in land park over the effigy-soldier hanging. Perhaps you should have been with me while we were at the downtown Sacto office of the DA, protesting there as well. Perhaps, but then again, you’re just a pixel.
    Tough talk. Hmmm. What ‘trenches’ do you speak of? You mean, conventions? Do you mean, organizations? Do you mean, showing up to Congressman offices, and personally handing in a note about how they feel ‘ entitled to hold office instead of seeking elections to the same?’, trenches? Hmmm. Curious. I keep my fingers in as deep as I need and needed to. I do not believe, I ever, sought after your opinion on the topic nor your permission.
    Tough talk? Hmmmm. Are you referring to truthful insights? Truthful opinion? Truthful personal feelings about current situations? Obviously, I must be irritating you to no end, because you stay on my jock like an itch. You obviously read whatever it is I post, because you show up like acne shortly afterwards.
    Maybe you’re hot stuff wherever you creep around, or in whatever you creep with or into. I don’t know, nor do I care. I do know that your arrogant, condescending dribble has turned me off with basically anything you have to say, since it’s very little anyways, and usually useless. So, keep on doing what you do, as I’m sure you will. Same as with myself, I’m going to keep doing me and what I do.
    Unlike YOU, I want answers to the BS. Unlike YOU, I’m fed up with people like YOU, expounding on how we ‘should support our party!’, when it’s very same members are persistent in reminding me: You have zero chance to win; Repubs have written off Cali; there isn’t an interest in spending money on campaigns in the state; unless you make cash, no one cares.
    I dare say, not one delegate, Political Leader, representative, has EVER come out with that in the open.
    So Pat, I could give a rats Eff, if you like me, agree/disagree with me, back me, oppose me or anything else I’ll keep in the civil wording department on here.
    I’m about MY State; I’m about changing the direction of this State; I’m about trying to WIN in this State vs monumental odds of losing. I’m not about making you ‘feel schnuggly’ cause I’m not in a trench with you. Sorry buttercup, been there did that, didn’t notice you around. I’m not hard to find either Pat. Unlike you, I’m not hiding. I’m in plain sight.
    Maybe you should be careful with what you think you’re playing with. Age may have slowed me down into TRYING to behave, but the intensity to tell you to F-off, is still strongly within me. Privately or publicly. Your choice.
    Have a nice day.

  6. WEEEELLLLLLLLL this will be interesting now:

    Kevin Mccarthy is GONE as House Speaker in historic second vote to oust him!

    Now what?

    Gotta love this stuff. Heckuva way to stall the 45 clock on the budget resolution, while trying to get a new house speaker.

  7. If you are not endorsing Trump, I can’t help you. He told the crowd that the reason the recall failed is mostly because the candidates didn’t speak out against voter fraud. And the people want voter rolls cleaned and paper ballots outlawed. Did anyone catch it when he mentioned he was gonna clean up California elections? Most did not. He also stated some VERY big points about WATER. Trump is the litmus test to see if you are on board with real change or just hoping the Republican party leaders do it for us. Like it or not, he IS the Republican party now and without him the party would already be dead.

    Blogger’s Note: Trump is toxic and will lose the general election if nominated. He had a chance to do a ton of things he is campaigning on when he was president and he did not, further making the case. With regard to the water issue, having spoken to a ton of people in Rural Nevada, Trump did zip to help them.

  8. Does anyone remember La Malfa stepping OUT OF Air Force One with Trump when Trump visited the wildfire ravaged areas of Doug’s district? I would wager most readers of this blog don’t.

    That tells you without a doubt that Trump and Doug are on the same page. So why rip Trump and pump up Doug in the same article? Seems a bit inconsistent.

    Trump’s vision, and insanely successful policies are the future of our country and most Californians don’t see that he is trying his best to rid California of the awful corruption in both parties while taking all the heat for us. I see no reason why Trump can’t win California again in 2024.

    So who will continue the WATER conversation? Trump called out Harmeet by name when asking that question and she isn’t even an elected official. Like it or not, WATER was the real big takeaway from the convention with fossil fuels a close second. We’ve all been lied to for decades about the water in California. It’s OK if you fell for it, but after that speech, nobody should be buying into any kind of water shortage in California.

    Blogger’s Note: Has LaMalfa endorsed Trump? And it is noteworthy that Trump who demands 100% loyalty has attacked a ton of people that once helped him, including Harmeet who ran several cases on his behalf in her law firm.

  9. Suasage…I doubt you even know McClintock. I have chatted with him many times. What you don’t know is a number of legislators cornered ‘GiveMeCandy’ and told him to back off on Friday or find a new job. I only know this third person, but I suspect the info will be out there in the blog spere soon.

  10. OMG! What a bunch of cockamani BS!
    Aaron Melody? Do you HONESTLY believe, the ‘failed recall’ as you refer to it, was soley due to voter fraud?? For real?
    Please see the movie, MISSISSIPPI BURNING for my next comment:
    “Are you Stupid.”
    That is hardly, THE main reason it failed. I don’t’ know what circles you run in or with, but you sure as hell don’t run with ‘joe/jane average’ in this state.
    It failed, because not many people liked Larry. It failed, because no one REALLY put up the fight against scresome’s nonesense. It failed, because no one dared to argue points that hit with the populace in this state to that degree. It also failed, because the PARTY wasn’t never really behind the candidate, regardless of WHO they were. Please, if you can’t fathom nor understand THAT, I can’t help you either.
    Sounding off about ‘voter fraud” being THE main topic for us, is akin to Abortion being the tell-all for the DEMO’s. These play into the comments I’ve mentioned before about the electorate: we’re run by 10% of the fruit loop left and fruit loop right; the middle grounders have given up unless it hits them personally.
    When you speak of cleaning up voting in CALI, to which degree are you speaking of? State wide? Local? Will he force, the other 60% of our available voting population TOO vote instead of just checking out FROM voting?
    Water? What about it. It’s wasted in CALI and is a big political football right now. Listen to the news this morning? By 2030-2035, SOME cities will have to cut water usage by up to 50%+ percent, per moonbeams Bills he signed way back in 2018. No mention of the massive rate HIKES that would follow in that wake. (Another thing I’d have to have rolled back)
    I hope you’re bringing more than just, ‘voter fraud, water, clean elections’ to the table, cause if you have nothing else, shame on you. Get out more; hang with the BROKE people for a while. Stop jumping from national impacts to state impacts to county/city impacts. We get it, you’re for Trump.
    MY question for you is: what are you FOR, for Californians? 12 seats out of 53 in the State house? Yea, those numbers speak for themselves.

  11. @Sausage – 100% on all accounts. Will be following up on this post shortly.

  12. Adding blogger notes to posts doesn’t look good. Nice deflection. RINO exposed.

    Trump saved our country.

  13. Is this whole blog an op to tank Trump support in California?

  14. Melody? are you trying to cause an internal strife? Is that your purpose?
    Who is the Rhino? I could say, ” I see a Liberal Repub or a DEM in Drag” on here, but I don’t think it’s AARON the blogger, as it seems more like AARON MELODY, the detractor.

    He posts notes as he sees fit. It’s HIS BLOG! Don’t like it, don’t blog on it. That simple.

    The blogger posts what he see’s fit to post. Period. Pro Trump, Anti-Trump, Middle Ground Trump…whatever it is, it’s his to post. WE, responders, post in response to the topics. I would hope, you’re smart enough to comprehend that easy to figure out concept, but you seem taken aback by the Bloggers notes, blog and the comments.

    I hope you’re just as ‘enflamed’ when a REPUB GOV candidate finally makes their appearance.

  15. Aaron Melody…Aron Park is somewhat fair (but only somewhat). He attacks everyone on this blog including me and I am a bit of a ‘nobody’… He and his blog has for over a decade now. Trump will win the California Primary easily, but no Republican will win this state in the fall…California has fall’n too far into the leftie ocean.

  16. Sorry Charlie, on this i have to disagree with you on this one.
    I DO believe a Repub can win a seat in California, in 2024. The Problem is, WHO is willing to run? WHO is willing to go outside of the box? I agree that CALI has indeed, fallen far left, and the tilt continues. However, things are changing, even in the LIB city strongholds.
    BUDGETS are due; Crime is rampant; GAS is out of control; Utilities, are out of control; INSURANCE companies are either leaving in droves or canceling policies in droves BEFORE they leave; TAXes are never ending; COMPANIES don’t want to stay because (insert reason here). Can’t win? If you can’t win in todays atmosphere, then perhaps you should vote as over 700K others have, and just leave or endure in silence. Writing off the State, just doesn’t fit well with me, and I hope to make that difference in 2026. The question will be: WILL it be with party support, or with party disdain/indifference? It’s going to take a brazen, different kind of person to move folks in CALI. Not just Repubs, but DEM’s also. I agree tho; political hacks, political-only- employed-throughout-their-lives-individuals, overly wealthy (R)’s, termed out (R)s probably won’t stand a chance. Because they’ll be seen as ‘same ol same ol’; they’ll hear “I PROMISE…”, and discount everything after the word PROMISE; They’ll hear speeches, but they won’t hear conviction of the words in them.
    REPUBS are doomed to failure, if what you wrote stands alone: “no Republican will win this state in the fall…California has fall’n too far into the leftie ocean.”
    Probably true. My wife, however, god bless her, uses a different logic:

    “Nothing beats a failure but a try.”

    If you NEVER try, you’ll ALWAYS lose. And where does that leave the party after 2024?

    ps….he’s blasted me too, and I blasted right back. Somewhat?? Oh, I see, you said, ONLY somewhat. Yup, I agree on that as well!

  17. “No Republican will win this state in the fall”


  18. Leo, don’t be foolish…We have decades of work to turn this state around. It has to start local at the counties and move up. We have not won a State Constitutional Office in around 20 years. No Republican is going to win in this state ‘statewide’…not President, not Senate or the major State House positions. The CRP and the stupid moderate open primary top two have taken us from the minority party to a minor party….We have our work cut out and it will not happen overnight. We need new CRP leadership that will empower the local county committees…they are our war fighters. All we have is a big Staff of muckies control by the Bakersfield Bunch.

  19. I am now a RINO RINO RINO!

  20. hmmm, I had a very good friend of mine, use that same excuse when we played wargames together: “I have to get ONE MORE SHIP before I can jump in! I have to wait ONE MORE YEAR before we can assist!!”
    That’s called, fear; hesitation; apathy; or foolishness way more than myself.

    If we have to wait, for new CRP leadership to be able to WIN any high office in CALI, then let’s just call it what it is:
    Charlie? We’ll be waiting forever, under that circumstance.

    Therein lies our problem. Age vs Youth. Experience vs Initiative. Willingness to take chances vs unwillingness to change due to circumstances.

    Our party is aging up, while our constituents are younger than most of the party membership. Our demographic is changing as well. I don’t righteously see or hear much of anything REPUBLICAN in where I live. Nothing. Why is that? Because the majority of where I live is Blue? Asian? Indian? What are the local county committees supposed to do, if the top tier won’t do anything? Wait to be disbanded? To be irrelevant? You’re right, this won’t happen over night. Again however, it won’t happen AT ALL if no one is attempting to do something, anything, at some point. 2026, I believe, will be the chance to make major changes in this State. Watch the news, listen to reporters and their reports, talk with folks, listen to those who are leaving and ask them WHY they are fleeing this State. Talk with those who are staying, and ask THEM why they stay? Or why they are soon to be leaving as well. I may be, brash, politically naive and I daresay, foolish. Quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of BS coming from this party about what they CAN”T do in a given year, because: No CRP support; No electable candidate; no cash; no chance, no nothing. STOP with the excuses, and START with moving forward!
    The pile on for offices in this state has begun. DEMO’s are jumping at every chance they get. Our side is waiting on ……………..what now?
    Cash? A Platform to run on? A speaker? A Good-looking pimp? Endorsements? NO DEMO challengers? Change of political boundaries to ensure a victory? ONE (R) candidate and NO challengers? A population who votes? What??
    If you’re looking for THE PERFECT time, and the PERFECT person with the PERFECT condition to run for office? Charlie……….we’ll be long dead and gone before that ever, ever happens.
    You guys are the experts, start trying to find out of the box methods to remove, the Bakersfield bandits from the equation. Because if CALI is left to sink by itself over the next 10 years, there won’t BE a state left worth fighting for.
    You just made me think of something in your Bakersfield explanation:

    Living off of a host which is dying, is called a Parasite.

  21. @Melody

    The base is with Trump 100%.
    Agree he saved this country.

    Saw someone putting up DeSantis signs the first night of GOP convention….went over to talk to her about DeSantis vs Trump. She said “I voted for Biden and Trump broke the law”! Why was she working at a GOP convention and why does his PAC hire democrats?

    California could be much more successful if the GOP leadership truly wanted good candidates and wanted to win instead of just getting their consultants paid. Always navigating the obstacle course they throw in front of the base as the base is wanting to work on elections. Example is this liberal platform designed by the Log Cabin and bay area republicans. Lots of hours spent by the base having to defend the current values platform, when we could be working on 2024 election and voter registration instead.

  22. Wow Cali Conservative.
    What a fiasco. About that woman I mean. And you just, causally walked up to her and ASKED questions? lol and she answered them?? lol
    What made you believe Desantis’s PAC hired her/them? Why couldn’t it have been a DEMO pac that did that? Or another Rhino pac that did that? Hell, maybe the log cabiners did that. No one asked it appears, from your post. (Or, I presume, you would have posted about it) Or, she/they simply lied to you and it was that simple.

    The LARGER question is:
    WHY the hell didn’t Security get involved. Did anyone alert them? Did they have credentialing? So basically, IF, I were to be of a mindset to ‘terrorize a GOP convention’, all I’d have to do is pretend to hang up posters of some candidate, and I’m in like Flint? That’s friggen scary.

    Wow. Totally agree with your last paragraph.

    Shades of “Invasion USA”, with Chuck Norris.

  23. Not sure if we should be describing MAGA or Trump supporters as a cult. Puts us in strange company.

    “You know, because at some point, you know, maybe there needs to be a formal deprogramming of the cult members. But something needs to happen.” ~Hillary Clinton

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