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I found an old Liberal OC article about this tilt.

Paul Lucas is now a libertarian who fights for legal pot and opposes law enforcement. He has been celebrated for it.

The Liberal OC also has another gem. There is a letter written in 2008 by Paul Lucas – Paul Lucas Letter on Janet Nguyen Helping Him Against Van Tran clearly implicating Janet Nguyen for supporting him over Assemblyman Van Tran.

I want to credit the Liberal OC again for posting this letter as I downloaded it from a link on their website.

For those of you who refuse to click on the link, here is the text:

To Whom It May Concern

During my run for Assembly against Van Tran in 2006, Janet Nguyen provided me with a summary of votes that would be damaging to the incumbent of the 68th Assembly District. The information was useful to any democrat opponent running against Van Tran.

The passage of time blurs all nature of circumstances relating to nature of the transaction, but to this day, I find it abnormal that a Republican Garden Grove Councilwoman would work behind the scene to undermine a sitting Republican Assemblyman.


Paul Lucas, Member Orange County Democratic Party

It’s signed and dated April 21, 2008. Captured in time and space.

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Currently, the Orange County Republican Party is preparing to amend their By-Laws specifically to benefit Janet Nguyen so she will never be held accountable for aiding and abetting democrats running for election.

Quoting Fred Whitaker the Chairman of the OCGOP: “Second, I have had enough of these nasty, negative hit pieces coming out against our friend Senator Janet Nguyen and now attacking the OCGOP and our bylaws process. Janet is a strong conservative who has not only been a strong voice for us in Sacramento, but she has been a strong and active part of, and supporter of, our Republican candidates and causes all around Orange County. Just ask Diane Dixon, Scott Baugh and the Fab 4 in Huntington Beach. In many respects she has been the ideal legislative partner for the OCGOP.”

Fred Whitaker is presiding over the destruction of the credibility of the Orange County Republican Party – he is going to the wall for a woman who is neither a conservative nor a “strong” let alone weak supporter of Republicans. Janet is a party destroyer and her actions bear that out.

She literally sent opposition research to a democrat candidate running against an incumbent Republican Assemblyman! Somebody has to stand up for the Orange County Republican Party because it appears its’ leadership has Stockholm syndrome!!!

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  2 Responses to “2006 Incumbent Republican Assemblyman Van Tran Against Democrat Paul Lucas. Guess Who Janet Nguyen Supported? PROOF ATTACHED”

  1. Wow.
    I just got off the phone with Mr Ryan May, Field Director of OCGOP, 20 OCT 2023, 1255pm.

    In short, when asked about the “by law change vote which was to have taken place on Monday, 16 OCT 2023, I was informed that, ” Yes, the by-law vote did in fact take place and the changes were approved. ”

    Pathetic. Simply, pathetic.

    If HALF of what has been written here, is any indication of protecting someone who’s OTHER than a Republican party member? I don’t know what to tell you. People who read this blog are supposedly, in the know. I imagine those people, are in the know as well.

    Who lied? Who convinced who to make these changes? Why exactly were they made? Who is supposed to benefit from this? Their President, seems intent on protecting “Damion”. You know who that is, the Devil’s child in the movie, Omen. Insert Janet into the name, and there you go.

    I can hardly wait, until May 2024.

    I look forward to putting forth MY name onto their agenda/calendar, to vote/decide on whether I will be ‘worthy’ enough to acquire their backing/support/endorsement for office. I wonder if they will even give me the opportunity. Hmmm, perhaps, but why would they?

    As some will ask, ” who are you”? Exactly. Who am I. I am a nobody (in political circles of know-it-alls); I am a ‘persona non grata’. I am, exactly who the voters are, when WE go out amongst them, and ask them to vote REPUBLICAN. People who are nobodies, until they’re needed. That’s who I am. To you.

    Six more long months ahead. Biting my tongue isn’t a trait I embrace. Oh, I’m sure I’ll fall down numerous times, and I’ll get right back up and step forward again. I look forward to meeting THOSE people. Hopefully, I’ll meet the RIGHT ones. I don’t mix well with charlottens.

    Janet has her day. I feel for this state. When you pretend to be a Republican, and instead ACT more like a Democrat, hiding behind your language, it’s an issue.
    Getting an endorsement is what I would seek . Getting it, hmmmmmmmm.
    I don’t know how I would handle being endorsed by the OCGOP (If I were to get it) which seemingly supports Demo’s in disguise. I’ll reread these articles, but I’m pretty sure, they show a Republican supporting other than, Republicans.

    Question for you folks:

    If Ms Nguyen ran for office again, and the OCGOP endorsed her, would it be wrong to NOT support her cause, and even support an independent candidate? Given, that she is obviously not supporting Republicans? How do you support a DEMO candidate in Republican clothing? Just asking, for my term paper.

  2. FYI update, just so you know.
    According to the OC-GOP website:

    1) The bogus email address, office@ocgop.org, is no longer posted. It was NOT a valid email address if you attempted to contact them using this method.
    2) On their elected leaders tab, Ms Kate Sanchez and Janet Nguyen are listed. Most likely, because they have to.
    3) On their endorsement tab, Janet Nguyen is not listed. Granted, the President had to withdraw Janet’s endorsement under duress, but perhaps this will last until the next endorsement round.

    Will be nice to know, IF Janet will ever gain the OC-GOP endorsement process again, especially since they’ve changed the rules on the topic.
    Remember, from their own chairman’s words:
    “Every day we are seeing the destruction that Democrat leadership is bringing to local communities. We cannot let Orange County fall to the far-left who seeks to fundamentally transform our home. With your help, we will fight back and restore commonsense representation of Orange County in Washington D.C. and Sacramento.”

    We’ll have to wait and see, and watch this blogsite for any updates to the individuals listed previously.

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