May 242023

Today, my emailbox looks like an episode of The Shining. It looked like the blood of several feckless Gerbils had covered my screen.

There is a lot of education but not a lot of common sense in the opposition these days.

It looks like the doctor just took the square root of Steve Frank. Ouch. (Grcar is a PHD of Mathematics)

While Grcar’s assertion about the Leadership of the party giving up on Conservatives is dubious (that split was before my time in the CAGOP), the photos and the message is three mile island disaster worthy.

What I can tell you is that Grcar will not get elected to the platform committee while the very people he is writing paranoid fantasies about are laughing hysterically enjoying the crapshow that started with the 1970’s era theatrics at the CAGOP Convention.

With regard to Steve Frank? Someone better haul his ass to the ER, because the doctor’s tangent just flattened his sine wave.

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  2 Responses to “Grcar Vs. Frank: The Shining Hits Your Intrepid Blogger’s Inbox”

  1. Grcar has become politically toxic. I have told him this, but will he heed advice?..remains to be seen. I don’t always agree with Steve Frank…but I trust and admire him. However, Grcar is a loose cannon that needs a reality check.

  2. Aaron…you need to correct your posting. Grcar is on the Platform Committee, the larger committee because he ran for state office and was in the November election. He is not running for the committee, rather he is running for the Platform Drafting Sub Committee…Which I would have to agree, based on recent conduct and email postings, he has zero chance of being or getting elected to the drafting sub committee.

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