Apr 252023

Grammarly is a fantastic service to subscribe to. Recently, I got an update from Grammarly:

Apparently, Grammarly is a fan of Right on Daily

There is one thing your intrepid blogger has learned, talk trash when you can back it up.

That’s 35,000 words a week.

And just to further confirm that your intrepid blogger gets the job done…

Think of all the Ph.D.s that use Grammarly… your intrepid blogger is right there with them. Maybe if I stopped using squish, psycho, loser, and nimrod so much… I might get the unique words into the 90’s too!

Conservative Mugs 970×250

We try to warn people here at Right on Daily, but they can’t seem to help themselves…

Don’t do it.

And let’s finish with the official theme song of so many featured on Right on Daily

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  2 Responses to “Right on Daily Public Service Announcement – Getting In To a War of Words With Your Intrepid Blogger is “Not Smart””

  1. Well, at least Grammarly proves that our Intrepid Blogger is moderately more intelligent than your average Lance Corporal…

  2. Pat, Lance Corporals don’t need to spell…they just need to shoot straight, think on their feet and stand up for what is moral and right. So as we say in the Marines “Go Pound Sand”…. (had you picked on 2nd Lieutenants, well that would have been different!)

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