Apr 172023
The email thread started with this:
On Sun, Apr 16, 2023, 1:23 PM Steve Frank <stephenfrank@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
Aaron:  I just got a call in regard to your blog about Dan Brown and Michelle Guerra.
Your statement is 100% inaccurate–neither have been thrown out of the Republican Conservative Coalition.  No questions have been raised about their membership or support of the RCC.
You need to correct this.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me/  I look forward to your correction.

Steve Frank

The blog was corrected. But, suffice to say, given what I had heard about Dan Brown’s behavior from leaders within the RCC and how they felt betrayed, I was pretty surprised to get the call I got from Mr. Frank.
Then Dan Brown Responded:
Steve thank you very much for your honesty, but unfortunately Aaron only likes to slander people without ever checking any of his facts every time he is written about me and Michelle he never checks his facts, and I have been told he gets paid for posting his negative blogs about good people, no proof of that but that’s what I’ve been told by the old timers that’s why 3 years ago I blocked his blog
Note sure how Mr. Brown “Blocked” my Blog as he sure knows what’s on it. FYI – I have plenty of people on and off the record, plus a lot of stuff related to my recent writings about Mr. Brown.
I did however take the time to respond to Brown, Guerra and Mr. Frank himself: (Note that I left a typo in from my original email to prove its’ authenticity)

Dan – I corrected the blog nly to reflect that you are still a part of the RCC. I believe for the record you should be thrown out of the RCC for what you have done. And, I stand 100% behind every word I have written about you and your behavior and can back it all up.

Your actions are beneath the ethical and moral standard anyone that calls themself a conservative should adhere to.
I just wanted to make sure we were and are all clear where I stand.
If Steve is still associating with you both, he does so at his own peril.
If you forward this email, please forward it in its’ entirety.
IF Steve Frank thinks Dan Brown and Michelle Guerra are going to vote for him on the secret ballot next weekend at the RCC meeting, he has another thing coming. I am old enough to remember when Guerra endorsed Jessica Patterson against Steve Frank for CRP Chair. I also have the CCA Chair debacle fresh in my mind. I wonder what Steve Frank is seeing that I am not – I learned a ton about his relationships within the CAGOP when I worked for him professionally in 2021… and I knew 70-80 of the votes he was counting on were fool’s gold.
I do want to make mention that Dan Brown also liked to attack some members of his committee for getting paid small sums of money for helping Republican Candidates (the horror). I suppose he’d have to be hospitalized if he knew how much Mr. Frank and I have made over the years doing campaign work.
Then – I got this comment on another post about the RCC… yikes…
The RCC is a dying organization. Cordie Williams, one of the founders, left; Woody Woodrum, vice President, left; Randall Jordan, representing the Tea Party on the Board of the RCC, left. The RCC is already unable to make payments they had promised to multiple people, people like Lee De Meo, The RCC doesn’t have 2 pennies to rub together.
This is not a take over. There is nothing to be taken over. This is a rescue operation. George Yang had no plan to run for the RCC. In fact at the CRP convention he told me he needed a break from politics will vacation in Egypt in May. He only agreed after multiple people on the Board of the CRA and College Republicans asked him to lead this rescue mission to make the RCC work like it was designed to work.
It takes a lot of a courage to step in to save a dying organization.
As to the laughable and groundless insinuation of link to China, a simple Google search will show that George Yang has been working for years with the good people in Epoch Times, Sounds of Hope, and NDTV to bring down the Chinese Communist Government.
I just don’t think the establishment that control the CAGOP have a whole lot to worry about.
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  7 Responses to “RCC Update: Your Intrepid Blogger Heard from Steve Frank and Dan Brown!”

  1. Sadly, the Right Wing of the CAGOP has spent most of its efforts empowering idiots and not working for tangible results.

    If the CRA, Tea Party, RCC were truly political action organizations and not just “Open Mic Night” at the Insane Asylum, California wouldn’t be a one party state. Jessica Patterson wouldn’t be State Chair.

    Becoming a vassal operative of the PRC isn’t going to change the fortunes of real Patriots in California.

  2. Ya know I attend the Steering Committee of the Tea Party Caucasus weekly. I am not allowed to say what members say there because of a confidentiality agreement. But I have not gotten on ‘whiff’ of non support of Steve Frank and the RCC by Randal or Woody. Again Aaron, you have BS sources. And I also am a member of the Yolo GOP committee and again you statements on Dan Brown are not supported by the facts. In fact, Dan has taken a mostly dysfunctional committee and turned it around into an organization where the meetings are packed, money is coming in and Yolo has one of the nicest full time headquarters in the state. Yes, Dan is a strong leader and people with thin skins and big egos don’t like that, but he is getting the job done like no one I have seen in over a quarter century of involvement with the Yolo Committee. Yet above you seem to want to continue to defend the two little ‘weasels’ that when they could not get there way, they simply, without warning, quit the committee (Like two children that could get their way have temper tantrums). And Dan is right; you should get both or many sides of a story before you print something….if you want to be a creditable blogger.

  3. Lance Corporal – I gots me some info and sources. I do…

  4. Obviously, the Lance Corporal’s wifi connection into his tent next to that Burn Pit is spotty.

  5. Aaron ‘the Lance Corporal’ has his feet on the ground in the battle on these matters and you been fed BS. And your ‘statements’ about the Tea Party Caucus seem about as far from reality as there are little green men on Mars. I remind you I attend the Sterring Committee meetings for the Tea Party Caucus every week. Why don’t you ask Randel and Woody directly about your rambling???

  6. Does anyone know how I can get a current copy of the CAGOP Bylaws?

  7. @Ronni Redmond, the latest and current version of the CAGOP Bylaws can be found on the CAGOP.ORG website. They are there for anyone to see and download. here is the direct link:



    Lee J. De Meo

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