Apr 162023

Blogger’s note – correction: received a call indicating that Dan Brown is still a member of the RCC. Why this guy is still a member of the RCC after how he did them dirty is beyond me.

Dan Brown and Michelle Guerra have succeeded in making themselves pariahs in the CAGOP. No one trusts them, and no one wants them on their team. It is easy to understand why, they both have a political locker full of bloody knives. Dan Brown is Chairman of the Yolo GOP.

I really feel for the Republican Conservative Caucus aka RCC leadership. They trusted Brown and Guerra to be key parts of their team and then they pulled the stunt that blew up the County Chairman’s Association. It was this act that halted any of the forward progress plans the Conservative Coalition had for the just concluded CAGOP Convention. Essentially, Dan Brown’s attempted coup denied the RCC any surprise and moral high ground going into the convention.

Concurrent with their antics, your intrepid blogger had been hearing that things were not going well within the Yolo GOP after a few years of relative calm and harmony.

Did you know that Dan Brown allows the use of proxies in the Yolo GOP? I was shocked but not surprised to find that out. People seeking to keep control of an organization usually use Proxies as a means to do so. However, the hypocrisy of decrying the CAGOP Proxy system whilst using it in your own fiefdom is pretty bad.

It gets better, Dan Brown recruited the crazed former Marine Lance Corporal to run for Northwest Vice Chair against current NW Vice Chair Bryan Pritchard. Pritchard was endorsed by the RCC – so in addition to going off the rails on a selfish rampage to try and take over the CCA for himself, he went and attempted to install a proxy in a regional vice chair position on the CAGOP Board. Both times Dan Brown betrayed the RCC with whom he had collaborated and been close.

Brown sought to rig an endorsement of the Crazed Former Marine Lance Corporal by the Yolo GOP as Pritchard was close to running the table on county party endorsements. What did Brown do? He gave everyone in the room a ballot regardless of their standing as a voting member (or not) of the Yolo GOP.

When people complained about the process (see also proxies, ineligible people voting), Dan went to do a re-vote via email.

What the hell does running for election to the Yolo GOP even mean when Dan Brown gives ballots to non members, rigs proxy drills and the like?

It gets better, one of the Yolo GOP executive committee members is multiple time failed Congressional Candidate Chris Bish. Chris Bish likes to run R+20 style campaigns in a D+20 district. Dan Brown refers to her as one of the smartest women he knows. Bish may be pretty intelligent but by virtue of her actions, appears to be a blithering idiot politically. Is Dan Brown following her advice? (Bish lives in Sacramento County and is ineligible by state law from being a member of the Yolo GOP, details details)

I’d stop here as the above is plenty of reason for people to be resigning from the Yolo GOP. Membership means nothing and serving with a ham-fisted dictator that has minions is difficult at best. In fact, Dan Brown is famous for telling people, “If you don’t like it, there’s the door”.

I have been told by several people that Brown’s minions are famous for threatening people with stupid stuff like you will be ruined in this county and other IQ of +/- 5 type of stuff. Why not? What would a ham-fisted dictator be without minions and threats against dissenters?

Who wants to serve with this kind of moronic idiocy being the rule of the day?

Well apparently there are several that don’t, as there are three vacancies on the Yolo GOP’s executive board, 4 if you count Chris Bish who lives in Sacramento County as ineligible. It is a glaring failure of Dan Brown’s leadership that half of his executive board is vacant and one of the existing members is ineligible to vote per state law. (See also residency)

I wish I could make this stuff up, but I can’t. This does, however give you an idea of what a disaster has unfolded in Yolo County. The RCC deserved better than Dan Brown and should have  excommunicated him. I hope the good Republicans in Yolo County can organize and remove this cancer from body politic in the CAGOP.

There is a bonus. Ever the meddler looking to expand his reach, Dan Brown is promoting Brent Vann to run for platform committee. The Vann family are reputed to be moderate Republicans (at least the ones I know are) so this is another classic example of negotiable principles being exchanged for control of something. Brent is a member of the Yolo GOP.

Apr 152023

The Republican Conservative Coalition can do better than George Yang.

Why is George Yang trying to depose Steve Frank? Your intrepid blogger wants to know…

The Republican Conservative Coalition is a group of people who got together to oppose the current leadership of the CAGOP and who are attempting to get the CAGOP to go a more conservative direction. Works for me. I think the CAGOP has been way too squishy for a long time.


This group was started by Steve Frank who now finds himself in the crosshairs of George Yang.

Who is George Yang, he has been a CAGOP delegate from the Bay Area for a long time. I first met him because he was a long time friend and acolyte of Peter Kuo. Some believe that Yang has similar ties to Red China like Kuo does. I have no evidence at this time to validate that claim.

What I find interesting is Yang’s sudden interest in being a part of several groups that I had never seen him a part of previously. I had been around CRA since 1999 for example and had never seen George Yang as a part of CRA until very recently. Is Yang’s interest solely so he could advance himself as some sort of leader in California Politics? I have been told that he has helped CRA Grow and has been one of the few active Senate District Directors. Again, all recent.

I also note the timing of Yang’s interest in stuff CAGOP with the retirement of Peter Kuo from CAGOP politics.

Yang’s name has started popping up on the Judeo-Christian Caucus’ emails as well. The very sudden nature of seeing Yang everywhere is setting off alarm bells.

I was very friendly to Yang when he ran for superintendent of public instruction. I am not friendly to him now that it appears he is attempting to feather his own nest. It would have made a lot more sense to attempt to resolve a change in leadership of the Conservative Coalition internally versus engaging in open warfare.

Apr 152023

Since we broke the news that Gene James is selling his house, Information has Poured in. Gene James is apparently Cryin like a B—-.

I had been wondering if there was actually truth to Gene James’ claim he was too broke to pay a $504 traffic ticket. Official court records show that James said he needed a financial hardship payment plan to pay the ticket in $50 installments. Perhaps this is why the living reality show needed a break from the court – a $12,000 mortgage payment is a lot. Wait, that is his wife’s money… how quickly I forget.

Here on the Right on Daily Blog, we have been tracking Gene James’ life since defeating an 18 year old communist for San Clemente City Council. James, for his part was a key supporter of Chris Duncan who is a flaming leftist. (The Irony is thick)

You have to ask, Did Democrats Oust Gene James?

San Clemente was a solid Republican city until Gene James blew into San Clemente.  Now it appears that his adversary, then drinking buddy and now enemy Mayor Chris Duncan made good on his threat to force James to resign over his engaging in Stolen Valor.  During Duncan’s last campaign for council, he saw an opportunity to advance himself at Gene James’ expense, cutting a video calling on James to resign over his stolen valor.
James was Democrat Duncan’s chief booster and confidant, who regularly drank and held court at a local saloon, the Red Fox, after Chamber meetings. Like a good flaming liberal, everyone is expendible in the course of attempting to acquire power. In this regard, James and Duncan were made for each other and their relationship would never survive their mutual lack of character and ambition.

James nominated Duncan to be  Mayor Pro Tem, which is an automatic elevation to Mayor.  During the last vote for the position, James did a switcheroo and nominated himself to serve an unprecedented second term, rather than nominate and vote for fellow Republican, Steve Knoblock to keep a Democrat from holding the Mayor’s position.
Recently things soured between Duncan and James. Duncan supported spending over $47,000 of taxpayer money in a failed attempt to get the city’s insurance carrier the JPOA to cover Gene James’ legal fees.
Gene wasn’t keen to return the favor of helping himself to public funds, and last month he finally joined a contingent of citizens, who were asking Duncan to return the taxpayer money he spend for a campaign trip to DC.
What we know here at Right on Daily is that Attorney Chris Duncan once worked for Homeland Security. You wonder if he finally got a hold of Gene James’ military discharge papers (DD-214), which shows a different story of James supposedly having received three  Meritorious Service Medals, a Legion of Merit, being an Army Airborne fighter, and receiving an honorable discharge. It is the belief of Right on Daily that James got a General Discharge, was in a more ordinary MOS and neither medal was ever awarded to him.
It is the cavalcade of lies that has finally caught up to Gene James.
So like the Malignant Narcissist I believe him to be, he is now Gaslighting the City of San Clemente saying he no longer feels safe there. He has no one to blame but himself, including inflaming a kid in to assaulting him with a skateboard. In addition, he is using his current wife (he has been married 3-4 times based on what I know) as a strawman claiming she lays awake at night, blah blah blah.  (Please note that this paragraph is based on hearsay from people in San Clemente that have reached out to me claiming to have heard this from James himself) So it is San Clemente, the Skateboarder and his Wife’s Fault he is cutting and running… see how that works?
I thought Gene James was a security consultant? This would suggest that he can take care of himself, right? Well, it turns out that was another lie that was exposed in the same deposition that exposed the stolen valor. It got worse, Gene James was also forced to admit that he never started or opened the company Genesis Security.
Here is the conclusion I can draw. (Conclusions I believe to be true based on what I know)
Gene James has lived a lie since getting kicked out of the Military. He has used exagerated claims about his military service and personal skills to get through the last 30+ years of his life. A summary put out by a local rag is linked here.
James lives like a gigolo. He Love-Bombs women, gets them in to a committed relationship then bleeds them dry. He uses them to pay his debts that he racks up from the results of the cons / scams that he has run his entire life.
James is driven by fear and shame, which as you age begins to manifest more and more as rage. (See also bullying episodes, lashing out at police, the skateboard incident, assaulting the homeless, etc…)
As the walls are closing in on James’ life which has been dotted with lawsuits, legal issues, violence, divorce, cons and scams, James is facing the horrifying prospect of dealing with his real self that he his ashamed of versus the false self that is falling apart in a public and spectacular way.
The next and only move to save face and reinstall the false self is to gaslight your faults on to current circumstances, hide behind strawmen and retreat to somewhere else where no one knows you.
Hopefully, wherever Gene James lands next, those people know how to use Google as this stuff will be here on Right on Daily forever.
James is reputed to be resigning his council seat this week (Week starting 4-16-2023) and moving out of the area shortly thereafter. 
More background on James follows:
Apr 142023

I have wondered when the toxicity of Gene James’ lies and insane behavior was finally going to aggregate so bad that he’d have to do something drastic. While I am not a licensed therapist, I have dealt with the archetypes of people in politics for years.

One of the hallmarks of a bully/narcissist type personality is that when they get challenged and have no wiggle room, they run.

So, This is Gene James’ House. Actually, it is his current wife’s house… not sure if Mr. James is on title or not. All that said, this thing is on the market and in escrow. 

We have written about the myriad of issues James is having. He seems to be unable to stay out of any drama or trouble for more than a few weeks at a time. Most recently, some kid got arrested for assaulting him with a skateboard, but as facts came out we now know that Mr and Mrs James inflamed the situation.

James is famous for abusing homeless people

James is famous for being a bully

James got in to an altercation over a simple traffic stop

James got caught lying under oath in a deposition

James is still under investigation for Stolen Valor – the subject of the deposition – and something that is still a felony even in California.

Is Gene James running away from San Clemente like a little coward?

I have been told by locals that James has been on a recent losing streak on City Policy and that the new City Manager is not buying his BS. It is another hallmark of the archetype to cut and run when not getting their own way.

It all seems to make sense…

James is losing

People don’t like him anymore (the dress is off the fat pig so to speak)

Perhaps he is facing indictment over some of his stunts

The next question is where is Gene James cutting and running to?

Apr 132023

Your intrepid blogger is sitting here shaking his head.

I have been told about a purge going on in Yolo County at the behest of Dan Brown. As you recall, Dan Brown was the architect along with Michelle Guerra of the County Chair’s Association debacle. Mr. Brown was cited as the biggest betrayal by people I spoke to inside the opposition.

(FYI – I refer to the coalition of groups and people opposed to the current leadership of the CAGOP as the opposition)

Apparently, the schism that Dan Brown, Michelle Guerra and others created has gotten wider.

The Conservative Coalition is having a meeting concurrent with the CRA Convention in Bakersfield the weekend of 4-21 thru 4-23. There was supposed to be a lot of commonality, yet it appears that the two groups are running on separate tracks. It makes perfect sense. If I was the CRA, I’d take pause at the backstabbing dishonesty that beset the opposition.

It appears that now, Steve Frank is in the crosshairs. Frank is the current chair of the conservative coalition (aka the opposition). Some of Frank’s past allies Vic Marani and George Yang have apparently set out on a path to attempt to depose Mr. Frank.

As you recall, Vic and George Yang are quite close. Yang worked with Vic on his ill-fated super of public instruction campaign. Yang finished third behind Lance Christiansen. (Do note that Lance used to work for John Moorlach and apparently he has the same opinion of your intrepid blogger as Moorlach does, despite the fact that Right on Daily saw him as a legitimate candidate)

The opposition’s opposition apparently includes Tom Weismiller – something that stuns me as Tom has been very close to Steve Frank for years. I am sure I don’t have all the facts and more will come in…

What your intrepid blogger knows is that the fracturing and infighting has continued post CAGOP Convention. Dan Brown who knows he screwed up and shrunk his already small list of friends even more is engaging in Labor Union tactics to take total control of the Yolo GOP.

What your intrepid blogger also knows is that George Yang has made it clear he is challenging Steve Frank for the leadership of the Conservative Coalition. What should have been a strategy session to regroup and try to consolidate their focus is punctuated by the continued rampage of Dan Brown and now a leadership fight.

Meantime, the CRA is going to have a great weekend where I expect to see Carl Brickey elected President of the CRA. There has been little drama outside of a few contested officer elections, which is very normal for that group.

Your intrepid blogger has a lot of institutional knowledge of the CAGOP and the players. I am not expecting the Conservative Coalition meeting to go well at all. I just wish those people could flush their egos and get over the deep inner need to be right and focus on the greater goal. That said, expect that your intrepid blogger will have plenty more to say about the attempted coup and the players involved.

I did want to take a second to mention that Joseph Grcar sent me well wishes for Easter. He referred to himself as “Your favorite mathematician” while at the same time posting a clinically insane comment on a past post. Need I say more as to the obstacles the sane elements of the Conservative Coalition face as they attempt to organize?