Apr 162023

Blogger’s note – correction: received a call indicating that Dan Brown is still a member of the RCC. Why this guy is still a member of the RCC after how he did them dirty is beyond me.

Dan Brown and Michelle Guerra have succeeded in making themselves pariahs in the CAGOP. No one trusts them, and no one wants them on their team. It is easy to understand why, they both have a political locker full of bloody knives. Dan Brown is Chairman of the Yolo GOP.

I really feel for the Republican Conservative Caucus aka RCC leadership. They trusted Brown and Guerra to be key parts of their team and then they pulled the stunt that blew up the County Chairman’s Association. It was this act that halted any of the forward progress plans the Conservative Coalition had for the just concluded CAGOP Convention. Essentially, Dan Brown’s attempted coup denied the RCC any surprise and moral high ground going into the convention.

Concurrent with their antics, your intrepid blogger had been hearing that things were not going well within the Yolo GOP after a few years of relative calm and harmony.

Did you know that Dan Brown allows the use of proxies in the Yolo GOP? I was shocked but not surprised to find that out. People seeking to keep control of an organization usually use Proxies as a means to do so. However, the hypocrisy of decrying the CAGOP Proxy system whilst using it in your own fiefdom is pretty bad.

It gets better, Dan Brown recruited the crazed former Marine Lance Corporal to run for Northwest Vice Chair against current NW Vice Chair Bryan Pritchard. Pritchard was endorsed by the RCC – so in addition to going off the rails on a selfish rampage to try and take over the CCA for himself, he went and attempted to install a proxy in a regional vice chair position on the CAGOP Board. Both times Dan Brown betrayed the RCC with whom he had collaborated and been close.

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Brown sought to rig an endorsement of the Crazed Former Marine Lance Corporal by the Yolo GOP as Pritchard was close to running the table on county party endorsements. What did Brown do? He gave everyone in the room a ballot regardless of their standing as a voting member (or not) of the Yolo GOP.

When people complained about the process (see also proxies, ineligible people voting), Dan went to do a re-vote via email.

What the hell does running for election to the Yolo GOP even mean when Dan Brown gives ballots to non members, rigs proxy drills and the like?

It gets better, one of the Yolo GOP executive committee members is multiple time failed Congressional Candidate Chris Bish. Chris Bish likes to run R+20 style campaigns in a D+20 district. Dan Brown refers to her as one of the smartest women he knows. Bish may be pretty intelligent but by virtue of her actions, appears to be a blithering idiot politically. Is Dan Brown following her advice? (Bish lives in Sacramento County and is ineligible by state law from being a member of the Yolo GOP, details details)

I’d stop here as the above is plenty of reason for people to be resigning from the Yolo GOP. Membership means nothing and serving with a ham-fisted dictator that has minions is difficult at best. In fact, Dan Brown is famous for telling people, “If you don’t like it, there’s the door”.

I have been told by several people that Brown’s minions are famous for threatening people with stupid stuff like you will be ruined in this county and other IQ of +/- 5 type of stuff. Why not? What would a ham-fisted dictator be without minions and threats against dissenters?

Who wants to serve with this kind of moronic idiocy being the rule of the day?

Well apparently there are several that don’t, as there are three vacancies on the Yolo GOP’s executive board, 4 if you count Chris Bish who lives in Sacramento County as ineligible. It is a glaring failure of Dan Brown’s leadership that half of his executive board is vacant and one of the existing members is ineligible to vote per state law. (See also residency)

I wish I could make this stuff up, but I can’t. This does, however give you an idea of what a disaster has unfolded in Yolo County. The RCC deserved better than Dan Brown and should have  excommunicated him. I hope the good Republicans in Yolo County can organize and remove this cancer from body politic in the CAGOP.

There is a bonus. Ever the meddler looking to expand his reach, Dan Brown is promoting Brent Vann to run for platform committee. The Vann family are reputed to be moderate Republicans (at least the ones I know are) so this is another classic example of negotiable principles being exchanged for control of something. Brent is a member of the Yolo GOP.

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  13 Responses to “Dan Brown Update: The Ham-Fisted Dictator of the Yolo GOP. SHOULD BE Ousted by Conservative Caucus, Ignored by Establishment”

  1. Again Aaron you are wrong and receive biased one-sided information…Maybe you should ask nest time. I ‘the Lance Corporal’ you refer to was not recruited by Dan to run for Vice Chair, in fact he was opposed to it at first and the idea of different candidates were bounced back and forth. The why the late entryin into that race by me ‘your Lance Corporal’ was after the RCC and CRA had made its endorsements. In fact, it was a job I never really wanted, but was willing to do, and Brulte asked me to run for that position back in 2017, but I said no and recommend he ask Jim Mculley instead. True, there is a growing divide between Solana and Yolo and what would be called the rest of the Northwest Area. But this was caused most by the actions of the former Vice, Matt Heath, who recruited Prichard to run. Matt Heath is a Liberian or leans Libertarian and is known at the ‘King Marker’ in the circles other Libertarian party. The two individuals that quit the Yolo GOP committee were both pain campaign workers in Prichard’s attempt to run for the Assembly (note I said paid workers). I also watch Dan Brown like a hawk to make sure he follows both CRP and Yolo Bylaws. Now if you really want to know what is going on in Yolo, you should call me, I have no problem telling what is really going on and who is really stirring the pot!

  2. This blog is revealing. I don’t know why exactly the San Mateo GOP doesn’t have this drama but I am guessing it is the Executive Team’s lack of ego and they have a shared vision. Members enjoy volunteering and we have fun while working and spending time outside of meeting hours. Anna is a gifted leader in her ability to unite but so are the Vice Chairs.

  3. Aaron, check you email if you want to know more and I will not print it here. And Dan Brown has no minions telling others the crap you stated. Yes, two childish individuals quite but Dan, and Dan did not ask them to. Dan is someone that will simply tell you to your face what he thinks….and he did not ask those to idiots to leave. Get your fact straight if you want to be creditable. Check your emails.

  4. Catherine – I get little if anything negative about Anna. I get a constant stream about Yolo and have for a while.

  5. Charlie – nothing received yet. Send to my yahoo account please

  6. One wonders if this Lance Corporal inhaled too much napalm in the morning, or pitched his tent next to a burn pit?

    It appears that the CAGOP has its share of whacked out Marines. Just look at that Colonel from Mission Viejo.

  7. Yes Pat, proud to be the ‘Wackest’ Marine in the GOP…but BS is BS….and I call it like I see it! (Ya know sometimes I wonder if you are even a Republican…but thats a different issue)

  8. Aaron, I was forwarded a copy of the email today from the RCC that was sent to you that neither Brown and Guerra were ‘Ousted’ as you put it. In fact it was never even discussed or considered…(Someone else did get ousted- another issue), but you sources are flat wrong if someone is telling you that and they are feeding you political spin garbage. Don’t be a hack for the shit stirrers! (PS I send you the other message email twice…check your blocked list or span folder…but it was only sent to you)

  9. We conservatives can learn a lesson from penguins. To avoid getting eaten by the bigger more powerful seals, they jump in the water at the same time. Apparently, the seal feels threatened and swims away. If conservatives could only learn from the penguins . . .

  10. Lance Corporal – just sent you an email, with another email address you can use. thanks

  11. Again Aaron, your reporting is all screwed up. First you change the headline of this post form (Has) been to should be….Ya right! Second, Dan Brown is not a member of the RCC that know of. Yes- he occasionally he attends Tea Party Sterring meetings but is not a member, he is not a member of the CRA, not a member the College Republicans, None of the RCC membership groups so you want he ‘Should Be’ “ousted” from groups he doesn’t belong to??? Third, Dan is a very-very effective County Chairman and I have gone over that in other posts on your blog, but more than that he is not a ‘squish’ and realizes just how corrupt the CRP has become with the use of proxies and the control of ‘Bakersfield Bunch’ (Know as the Kabal in most conservative circles). I have tried to call you, but you never answer your phone. If you going to continue to print one sided nonsense, then it’s just ‘muck raking’ and you have no credibility.

  12. Aaron, I have called a lot of folks trying to figure out who is feeding you the nonsense…most think is the ‘RomperRoom’ Boys, or Mr Pony Tail or the Fake Marine….But I guess only you know.

  13. What’s everyone gonna do now, since Larry entered the race??
    Yup, changing the subject, lol.

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