Apr 242023

First Off – Here are the Results of the Officer Elections:

2023 Annual Convention

Officer Election Results


Executive Vice President

Davina Keiser – 105 votes ***

Dale Tyler – 29 votes

Vice President (5 Positions)

Jim Shoemaker – 112 votes ***

Katherine Loy – 111 votes ***

Rich Handy – 101 votes ***

David Marko – 93 votes ***

Jo Reitkopp – 86 votes ***

Greg Perrone – 73 votes

Dean Gross – 53 votes

Membership Secretary

Zonya Townsend – 100 votes

Rich Marshall – 62 votes

Voter Registration Secretary

Karl George – 122 votes ***

Martha Flores-Gibson – 35 votes


Pat Garcia – 94 votes ***

Baron Night – 66 votes

National Committeeman

Bill Cardoza – 113 votes ***

Jong Lee – 48 votes

National Committeewoman

Nancy Hinton – 123 votes ***

Eveyln Jones – 38 votes

*** Elected (Two-year term of office)

Please Note: Carl Brickey was Elected President, Greg Goehring Recording Secretary, PJ Garcia Corresponding Secretary, Greg Qunath Asst. Treasurer, Paul Beckley Sgt. at Arms. with no opposition.

Here is the bottom line about the CRA convention as I have aggregated several people’s input. The Old Guard of CRA attempted the standard array of tricks at the convention, including picking floor fights and losing them all badly. It seems that the same thing I wrote about the RCC held true at CRA, some folks can’t let go or accept that the political winds have shifted.

The bottom line is that CRA is the only GOP group not in decline. CRA is the premier anti-establishment GOP group in CA.

Since 2019 – CRA’s Membership has tripled. (See also 300% gain)

Since 2019 – The CRA has doubled the number of chapters… all of whom have real people and host real meetings.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

Since 2019 – The CRA’s convention attendance has increased 250%.

Currently, 6 New CRA Chapters are in the works. George Yang is in the middle of several of these new groups helping CRA establish a presence in the Bay Area.

My guess is Brickey serves 4 Years as President of CRA as a transition from the old guard who are fading away and is a bridge to the next generation of conservative leaders. If successful, this becomes a model for other groups about how to sustain growth and effectiveness even while time marches on.

The results (growth of CRA) of the new generation of leaders speak for themselves.

To be continued…

P.S. I served as an officer of the CRA for 15 years. That era was characterized by constant fighting and drama. The chain of events that led to my expulsion was another series of fights. It appears that 2-3 years after I was expelled from CRA, the leadership finally got a handle on the fake clubs and a lot of the remaining bad actors. In 2019, the CRA had hit bottom and has been in a growth pattern since. Many of the combatants from those years are no longer in CRA and well over half the current chapters are brand new. This is exactly what was and is needed for a healthy CRA.

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  3 Responses to “CRA Update: A Write Up on Their 2023 Convention”

  1. Good take Aaron

  2. I am glad to see a Republican organization is growing in California.

  3. Carl Brickey was the Vice-Chair of the Yolo County Republican Central Committee 20 years ago when I was the Chair. Carl is a honest straight-shooting guy, honest as they come, and a close friend. They could not have chosen a better leader! (And Aaron, you and your brother gave me a bunch of crap a decade ago when I seconded him for another CRA position saying ‘He is not our guy’.and ‘how dare you support him’…Time to swallow hard and admit you were wrong!)

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