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While your intrepid blogger has chosen to focus on the Sacramento Pravda and the extreme left-wing propagandist HH, others have focused on the key issue that resonates. We all have our lanes and roles. The amazing letter signed by 27 local electeds is the most direct attack on the goobers at the BS I have ever seen. I prefer to use them like a ragdoll as often as I can because their leftist absurdities seem to reproduce unabated. (That is kind of amazing, considering they are all abortions until time of birth people)

Embedded is the letter from Placer Union High School District and the Town of Loomis.

ON March 20th, on the Heels of Project Veritas exposing the rantings of a man I believe to be a fake pastor, your intrepid blogger lit up the Sacramento Bee for their journalistic harlotry in favor of drag queens and lending their newspaper to the now exposed Pastor.

The Sacramento Bee needs to come clean. It is clear they hate anything to the right of a liberal democrat, as evidenced by their withering attacks on Republican officeholders and their grotesquely biased endorsements of candidates.

Time and again, the Bee advocates for the farthest left of positions and candidates – yet they point the self-righteous finger at people like your intrepid blogger. Unlike the Bee, your intrepid blogger is proud to be a “religious conservative,” and I am clear that is my paradigm. The Bee needs to admit they are completely sold out to Socialists and the extreme Left.

The Bee had attacked the Roseville Joint Union High School District no less than three times, including disparaging the population of Placer County itself in a near psychotic leftist faux moral outrage because people were concerned over children being exposed to explicit sexual content. (See also Drag Shows)

Just what did the “Pastor” say on candid camera?

  • Reverend Casey Martinez-Tinnin, Loomis Basin UCC, The Landing Spot: “When they [parents] know that their queer kid is coming to me for support, they’re going to be upset.”
  • Reverend Martinez-Tinnin: “In my mind, how communities thrive is through intergenerational relationships.”
  • Reverend Martinez-Tinnin: “Parents don’t want me talking – encouraging this lifestyle, right? Like, that’s the thing.”
  • Reverend Martinez-Tinnin: “So, if we can start helping parents talk about, ‘How do you talk to your kids about puberty? Have you considered blockers?’”
  • Reverend Martinez-Tinnin: “I call CPS [Child Protective Services]” when parents misgender their kids.

The Sacramento Bee has been humiliated multiple times lately, they were forced to retract and apologize over the rantings of one of their “reporters” Hannah Holzer who lied about Charlie Kirk the founder of Turning Point, USA. Holzer’s outright lie may well have contributed to the riot that occurred on the campus of UC Davis when Kirk hosted an event there.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

27 Local Electeds in Placer County signed a letter telling the Bee to clean up its’ act and in anticipation of a furtherance of the Bee’s aloof leftist arrogance (as in they will ignore the letter and not respond), they indicated that they would refuse to engage with Holzer and also implied that this would affect the relationship with the Paper as a whole. There is a price to pious self-righteous leftist arrogance and celebrating lies and unvetted attacks.

As I have written many times, all a leftist has to do is accuse someone on the right of wrongdoing and the Bee reports on it like it is fact using a thin editorial veneer to provide the paper with deniability should they get sued for libel. This is unethical journalism and it appears that dozens of stakeholders in the community have finally drawn a line now that violence has occurred in part due to the filth the Bee publishes under the guise of news.

A variety of stories have hit media outlets as this issue has gotten legs. Like so much else, the Bee’s crew are so completely whored out for the extreme left, they have no self awareness that they are out on an island on this issue.

Hidden Video: Queer Pastor Actively Trying To Subvert Teens In 10 Schools

Pastor Counsels Roseville Kids on Sexual Identity & Gender Without Parents’ Approval

And of course Gold County Media had to chime in. Unlike their treatment of your intrepid blogger, they seem to have struck some balance in their story. (however the following story about the Lincoln school district omits the left leaning ideology of the parent whose plight they championed. In addition, they failed to mention his employment with Placer County as well…)

P.S. If you have not figured out that this post like almost all of my posts is a mix of news and opinion – read the disclaimer that has been on my site since it was started in 2009.

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  One Response to “Thanks to Your Intrepid Blogger, the RJUHSD Leading and Project Veritas, The Landing Place is Getting Blistered (and Rightly So) Scandal Goes National”

  1. W!—-T!—-F!!!!

    Who the HELL, let these type of people into a school?!?! I get the third degree when I just visit my school, and these yokels have ZERO info on who vetted this dweeb?! Pastor has a potty mouth? Pffft……….I’m refrained due to the blog owners status, but dang people! Wake up!! Parents with kids in this school district: WTH are you thinking or are you?! Let’s take the ‘ easiest fruit ‘ first; Separation of church and state. When, WHEN in California, is a school allowed to hold a Church based function on campus, during school hours, demanding EVERYONE attend, and NOT get sued by someone claiming religious issues??? Yet, in this write up, they were allowed to have one. So, can a Christian Church group ALSO be able to participate on school time, as a Christian Church, and the school FORCE all to attend? I doubt it. Non-Christian parents would be the first to object I believe.
    Second: this so called, false prophet. Credentialed or no? Background checked, or no? Who let him in? What’s the excuse for the School board? What’s the response? This clown talks with children and councils them? Licensed or no? I can’t council someone and not go to jail, but I can give my OPINION all day long. Is this false prophet doing the same?
    Thirdly, WHO is present during these counseling’s? Why hasn’t a student come forward with any accusations of impropriety during these so called, sessions? Why hasn’t a PARENT come forward,and slammed the false prophet with pedophile charges as well?!

    Yup, another things I’ll be looking at come the day. That crap about ” we don’t inform parents ” law, needs and will be changed.

    Totally unreal. Wheeeeeeeeeew, I feel for you folks in Placer County. But if you keep on ignoring what’s blatantly put in your face and don’t object, this continues till something bad happens. Or worse. One day, you’ll read about the traumatized student/former student, who turned to violence to solve the systems uncaring attitudes towards this kind of child abuse, from a false prophet.

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