Mar 262023

Tribalism is really bad. Anyone that would have taken the time to get to know John Dennis would not be surprised by the below at all. The man has been under siege for years by the left (irrespective of the Steve Bannon nimrods that have been trying to wreck the cent com there)

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  2 Responses to “CAGOP Update: To those of you that think John Dennis is some sort of RINO…”

  1. From my observations, JD is not a RINO, but he has failed to bring the SFGOP together. Not an easy task. Being a Chair of any central committee is a challenge. First of all, they are organized and operate like communist politburos. A faction takes control, and the mission of the faction is to stay in control.

    In a representative government, the chair needs to be neutral and best represent the good of the registered Republicans in the county. The chair needs to be fiscally responsible. The chair needs to mentor and nurture. The chair needs to build consensus. If no consensus, bring it up for a vote at a meeting. Limit it to a study session.

    The problem with political parties is they are political and elections matter.

  2. John is known as Liberian leaning…legalized drugs, legalized prostitution, anything is OK with those guys. Don’t know him personally, or his personal views on the Liberian Party and platform…But there are quite a few in the CRP ranks now and I would never consider those views and ‘main-stream Republican’ or ethical and moral. Not RINO but not Republican either.

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