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The CRA has basically become the only functional volunteer organization in the California Republican Party as the Women’s Federated is in the process of a second split amidst declining membership. It is also beset with a lawsuit that will further rip the group apart. The College Republicans go through a 4-year purge cycle; the CYRF, the Congress Club, and others are tiny shells. The CRL is a fraud and has been for 20 years.

The CRA is no longer the Crazy train. It has become a refuge for the opposition to the establishment and has grown and evolved into a much healthier organization than I ever remember.

Perhaps this is why I am seeing “Conservative this” and Reform “that groups” springing up like political herpes everywhere. Some people just gotta control stuff.

We don’t need a dammed coalition, we need unity and focus. (GASP)

Breaking News! Rachel Hamm Named California Chairwoman of Rethink! GOP

Dear Fellow Patriots,

I have some tremendous news to share with you today. Rachel Hamm, a conservative warrior, #1 best-selling author, speaker, and host of The Rachel Hamm Show, has been named the new Chairwoman for Rethink! GOP in California.

As you know, Rachel Hamm ran for Secretary of State in California during the 2022 midterms and demonstrated an unwavering commitment to conservative principles. Now, as Chairwoman of Rethink! GOP in California, she will help Republicans win elections by evening out the playing field with ballot harvesting and early voter programs.

With Rachel Hamm at the helm, we will take the fight to the liberals and ensure that Republicans have the tools they need to win. Her leadership and vision will be invaluable as we work to build up our party and take back our country.

So, my fellow patriots, let’s rally around Rachel Hamm and support her in any way we can.

Thank you for your support,

Robert Duran IV

National Executive Director, Rethink! GOP

Your Intrepid Blogger deleted the “Send us Yo Monay” link. Too much grifting…

I don’t know Rachael Hamm other than as a hair-on-fire election fraud maven. She was the target of the establishment who recruited Rob Bernosky to keep her out of the runoff for Secretary of State. Apparently, Bernosky forgot all about what he did to Hamm on behalf of the Establishment and is now attempting to remake himself as a conservative opposed to said establishment he served just months previously.

If you are confused. Go buy some weed or a big fat bottle of booze and suck it down until all these people make sense. Then when you sober up, you will realize why the CAGOP has been a dumpster fire for years.

I’d tell people to stop forming other groups and to just join CRA, but who needs such a vanilla name, we gotta rethink insanity. Yep – the CAGOP has rethunk Crazy. The CRA is the adult in the room now. (And you too can get one of those bestselling books or something…)

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  6 Responses to “CAGOP Update: They Used to Say the CRA Was the First Three Letters of CRAzy… I Guess it is Time to Rethink Crazy.”

  1. You correct Aaren. I have note that not only is the CRA growing, but it has also been electing common sense leaders that actually are putting the Party first so we can start winning elections again. And the CRA seems to have an ‘on target’ view of what is wrong and what needs to be done.

  2. Good piece Aaron
    Netter here

  3. Common maybe…Sense…NO.
    CRA is only growing as Election Deniers have no place to hide anymore.

    Rachel Hamm, a practicing with, or does she prefer “Wiccan” is a monumental dumpster fire who seems to have decided to get on the Grifter’s Train.

  4. Pat – are you saying Hamm is a literal witch?

  5. Boy, I heard Rachel Hamm speak last year before the primary.

    It is a free country, but I have never wanted to flee so quickly from a Republican candidate. Whatever happened to simple credibility?

    It was a nice email announcement, though.

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