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As I wrote previously, I spoke to an opposition leader at some length. He told me Joseph Grcar went completely rogue and left the team the weeks before the convention. Grcar’s actions damaged the credibility of the opposition greatly. Grcar has long been known for his bizarre behavior and based on what I have seen from him, I believe he is insane.

In my final post about the convention, one of the points I made was to pick your allies carefully. Had the opposition done some due diligence, they would have understood that Grcar is insane.

It appears that Grcar is attempting to use Right on Daily to validate his insanity.

While I stand by my post from June 2022… Matt Klemin did nothing wrong with regard to Grcar and I 100% back his and the CAGOP Staff’s actions with regard to removing Grcar from the convention. I hope the appropriate people / committee remove Grcar as a delegate to the CAGOP as well. 

I also 100% agree with and THANK the security staff at the convention center for doing what was needed to remove the crazed Grcar from the convention. Having seen Grcar’s theatrics, he is the only person that believes he needed physical medical attention, it is the opinion of this blogger that he needs long term phycological help most likely from a Dr. of Psychology.

I only posted Grcar’s entire email so that the readers of this blog had the full scope of the lie-infested and deceptive creation of an unstable mind.

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Note: Grcar is a delegate to the CAGOP because he was the only Republican who filed for AD20 in 2022. Grcar finished 4th(!) with a paltry 11% of the vote.

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  14 Responses to “CAGOP Post Convention Update: Rogue and Insane Joseph Grcar Attempts to Use Right on Daily to Help His Insane Rampage”

  1. Better double check the delegate situation…You have to be in the top two in the fall election to get delegate status. If he was 4th it would have been in the Primary and he would not have gotten delegate status (unless it was some kind of special election–or there is a loophole I am not aware of)

  2. Unfortunately, Grcar is the norm, not the exception to the extreme right wing of the CAGOP.
    Until the extreme right wing of the CAGOP start to coalesce around leaders who don’t flatline on 12 out of 12 leads on their EEG, they’ll continue to be what most of them are, LOSERS.

  3. Lance Corporal Schaupp – Check the CRP By-Laws, they are clear on the top GOP Vote Getter being a solo delegate.

  4. If I may, can Pat or someone please explain, what exactly is ” an extreme right wing Republican ‘? Is this comment from above, a revelation from a moderate?, conservative? what? What type of leaders ARE we seeking: appeasing kinds? Fighting kinds? Weak kinds? I’m lost here. The above mentioned the right-wingers as LOSERS. Um, ok. I’ll give you that, for your opinion. However, That pretty much sums up a LOT of republicans in this state, across the broader spectrum. We don’t like the far righters, but we haven’t come up with anything else. Place-holder assembly seats, isn’t enough. The last republican (I believe) that was in office, was ahnold, and look what he turned out to be. Anything but. ” Let’s borrow 1 to 3 on the dollar, we take one and give back three via his bond initiatives; Let’s say we’re republican, but lean way to often with the demo’s on practically everything.” In case you haven’t noticed, the Demo’s don’t seem to have an issue about how far left their own lefties are. Except of course, when it comes time to vote. THEN, they’re all about the ” moderate positions “. If Repub right-wingers are LOSERS, as Pat described above, then what is the Moderate side of our party here in CA? Close seconds? Stupid antics like the gentleman grcar, I agree, are extreme. Tho I doubt ALL right wingers are that extreme. Then again, I could just as well be naive to the whole thing. (shrugs shoulders)

  5. @Leo…To elucidate…From reading your mad ravings on this blog over the years, you’re the Chair of “Institutionalized Republicans”.

    Thanks for playing, see Don Fardo on the way out for your consolation prizes.

  6. The base of our party is MAGA. Don’t flip out Pat. It only means the voters, years before Trump, were growing weary of open borders and a woke curriculum from pre school to College. Once Trump ran it was clear he was the only one willing to fight DC bureaucrats and The Left. This is the reason he won. Our fight continues so we need strength, not a weak squish. DeSantis has proved he’s got courage and grit also. We’ll see who voters choose in the primaries. There is no going back to the old days. There are a growing number of non rinos attending the conventions. We are not all jerks like the subject of this article. Our movement includes former executives, advanced degrees, rural and working class people. We have common goals and proxy prostitution coupled with shady delegate appointments only hold us back. That’s the point, isn’t it?

  7. Pat says: ” From reading your mad ravings on this blog over the years, you’re the Chair of “Institutionalized Republicans”. ” Really Pat? Mad ravings? And where oh where does that leave you?? Are you one of those who profess to be a ” middle of the road ” person? Are you a staunch conservative who fights for what’s right? Or are you just someone who makes a lot of noise, blames others for being a squish, then whines about how the ‘radicals ‘ of the party are making the party look bad? I’m sorry I hurt your feelings, but look around Pat. The R party in California made itself look like S**** long before I ever appeared on anyone’s blog. If you think I’m too far right for your tastes on Aarons blogsite, you should have heard me on the Radio back then. Refresher Pat: Mark Williams, talk radio KFBK 1530am/93.1FM. You DID listen in didn’t you? Or was that too vibrant for you? Again, my apologies that you feel the need to besmirch those who dare to stand up to what’s blatantly WRONG with the party in Cali. Let me ” skool ” you Pat: IF YOU, are one of those who feels the party is in a good place, don’t want to make too many waves, can’t stand controversy, abhors conflict, and is happy with the status quo? You, are a problem in the party. I’m not sure where you stand or what you stand for, but I know I can’t stand the way Cali is, has become and where it’s going. Over a million others must have felt like me, cause they just left instead of fighting. Is that what your abdicating Pat? We just roll over and accept what we have? That’s the status quo of mediocrity, imho. EXACTLY why people have no faith in the R side. Why should THEY fight when it appears WE don’t? Other than amongst ourselves, that is, oh we’re GOOD at that. (see past elections on how R-sides go and support each other) I already got my prize Pat, tyvm. Shame you chose to symbolize me as one of the grcar group fruitloops. Lets me know you must be an old guard member, way past their prime with nothing better to do that pretend to be a republican. Have a great day, I’ll pray for you.

  8. oh, PS?? Pat? You never did answer any of my questions to your previous statements. Again, seems like you make inflammatory statements, then refuse to respond to questions on your meanings. Speaking in circles, smells. We already have politicians that do that. Speaking in riddles, is good for batman movies. If you can’t explain what it is you mean from your comments, perhaps you shouldn’t make them. Comments, I mean.

  9. Pat is one of those people that will go into a Giants Fan Club and shout ‘Go Dodgers’….if you know what I mean. lol And Aaron, you are correct ‘head latrine officer Schaupp’ got a copy of the delegate rules. Leaned something today. Now quit pissing on the toilet seats…LAUGH…you make such a mess hahahahaha

  10. @Charlie “Head Latrine Officer”, good to know, you like paling around with turds like Leo?
    BTW, Astros now, Astros forever

  11. Wow. And to think, some people profess to be ‘ above the crowd’. Well pat, since you’ve resorted to name calling directly, let me just say this: Your azz seems to be akin to the antics of that mr gcrac you’e been discussing up here. Really? What next, will you do a virtual fall-on-the-floor and act like you have turrets syndrom? Definately, an old guard member with way too much time on their hands, pretending to be a Republican. Or, just another Trump hater. Seems like both to me. I’ll end this with a very hearty and heartfelt: gfy.
    Have a great day.

  12. Leo, don’t let Pat get under your skin….That is why a person like Pat says that says things like that–They feel big when they belittle others. And Pat—Aaron demoted me to ‘Latrine Officer’ and in good fun I am thick skinned and can laugh it off. Perhaps you should grow some thicker skin…..ehy?

  13. “Colonel of the Urinal” would be a better rank for nuttbags like Charlie.
    Thin skin vs thick skin ? Doesn’t matter.

  14. Colonel of the Urinal??? haahahahahaha Proud to be a Republican NutBag!! 😉

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