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For more than three decades, Marianne has been a leader in spiritual and religiously progressive circles. She is the author of 14 books, four of which have been #1 New York Times best sellers. You can access Marianne’s teachings in daily, weekly, and monthly formats as well as through digital courses and her best selling books and audios.

That’s from her website. Marianne Williamson is a freakazoid running for President against Joe Biden on the Dem Side.

So what does Marianne Williamson have to do with the CAGOP? One of her disciples, Clint Greiss has been on a rampage jihad on behalf of Steve Frank against John Dennis. Greiss has also been getting helped by the San Mateo GOP crowd (think Anna Kramer) in inciting chaos against the SFGOP. Some of this crew are also attacking Contra Costa and Marin.

SFGOP Chairman John Dennis is running to become the Chair of the County Chairs Association. His opponent is the Chair of San Mateo County. This same chair has also betrayed Mark Wright by double-dealing on him in favor of candidate 3 from Southern California for CAGOP Vice Chair.

When I refer to the circular backstab squad, that may be too simple to explain the tentacles of screwing people over. Some of the crew appear to be multi-tasking their backstabbing skills. Perhaps it is like a chainsaw brigade.

Your intrepid blogger is aware that Anna Kramer has been criticized internally for her virulently negative campaign against John Dennis and it appears she is now using surrogates.

Mr. Clint Greiss holds himself out as a life coach and a business coach. Yet, he lives in rent-controlled housing in San Francisco.

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In his LinkedIn Bio, he lists “A Course in Miracles” aka ACIM.Org as part of his education. This is the New York Times bestseller written by Marianne Williamson. It seems to match the Bachelor’s degree in Psychology this man got from UC Berzerkley. A course in miracles does not however, match his current life…

(Allow me to suggest a personal relationship with Jesus Christ versus Vipassana Meditation and ACIM. The real thing will do wonders…)

Greiss was a registered member of the Peace and Freedom Party up until 2019. He also worked for San Francisco Mayor London Breed in 2018. He was hired by the SFGOP to be their executive director as those that knew him said he had a great work ethic and it appeared that Greiss had had a political awakening… but…

Given that he is now on a rampage to tear down the SFGOP, it is fair to ask if he was ever a Republican. It is also fair to ask why the others seeking to run the RINO’s out of the CAGOP have aligned themselves with this guy. It is clear that Greiss is nowhere close to being a conservative let alone a Republican, kind of an odd ally for a group of people attacking candidates for CAGOP office over ideological impurities.

Clint was fired as executive director of the SFGOP because he was on a personal crusade related to fluoride in the SF County Water Supply. (Something they have done since the 1950’s) Every time anything SFGOP would happen, Clint would use it as a forum to talk about fluoride in the water supply to the detriment of everything else.

As I am watching the flame-outs happening all over the state, It appears that the “opposition to the RINO’s” has once again failed to vet one of their lieutenants. What a mess…

Joseph Grcar and Clint Greiss. Is that what it has come down to for the opposition?

In the meantime, Let’s start writing a new section in the DSM-5 manual.

P.S. The legal fees Greiss refers to were authorized in a public vote of the SFGOP in Feb 2023… details details…

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  13 Responses to “CAGOP Asylum Update 8: What a Coalition for the Opposition! Marianne Williamson Would be Proud!”

  1. This could all get cleared up real fast if the SFGOP Treasurer issued a statement.

    I’m glad to not have to vote in this one.

  2. Mac – the whole thing has gone berzerk.

  3. The treasurer who signed the two unauthorized checks ($2,500 and $1,500) resigned. What’s interesting is that during these discussions John didn’t tell the committee that he had the 2nd check issued to the law firm.
    You try to make it seem a bad thing to change registration to Republican. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to be doing? Striving to build Republican registration? Clint was registered as NPP prior to registering as a Republican.
    As a member of the SFGOP since 2011 (with the exception of March, 2021 to November 2022), I have known Clint Griess since the first time he attended an SFGOP monthly meeting. Never heard him speak of flouride until his book was published. He is an exceptionally loyal and hard worker for the SFGOP. He and I worked together in putting on SFGOP dinners until I resigned as Vice Chair of Events. I am the 15 year president of the Republican Club of San Francisco (founded 1945 as the Nob Hill Republican Women). We have approximately 250 members. Aaron, you’re getting your information from your good friend, John Dennis and spinning it. Your spin isn’t accurate. The video doesn’t lie. Why don’t you watch it.

  4. Now Aaron, last I heard Solano GOP Chair Michele Guerra is also running for Chair of Chairs and is the factual current incumbent of the County Chairman’s Association. Now fair is fair–so you need to also attack her to in these rants. She also needs the free air time. Laugh (Aaron you are cracking me up a lot these days)

  5. And Aaron, remember, the County Chairman’s Association vote is a very small universe. Only the County Chairs get to vote. Hugely important, but up to there are only 58 counties and some counties don’t have functional committees (which is a crime in itself)

  6. Joan – the video and audio were edited severely. Also, as you know the county party made some business decisions recently, and as such it required financials. Those financials do not match what you just typed. The minutes of the meetings don’t either. You are entitled to your opinion and your disdain for John, but PLEASE get your facts straight.

  7. Captain Schaupp – There are 4 counties without a committee, so the universe is 54. Keep going and you may become a Lieutenant…

  8. You capture my feelings about Clint exactly. Feelings I’ve had since I first met him years ago. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on him.

  9. Aaron….I look forward to being a Lance Corporal….they are the real Warriors in the Marines… (so by all means reduce me in rank some more)

  10. Wow, if THAT’s what it takes to be an ” executive Director of the SFGOP “, sign me up!! I’ll apply for the job! I have a great work ethic too AND I’m a registered Repub! Who do I have to speak to to get THAT gig?
    wth!? It’s one thing to switch from being a Peace & Freedom party member to Repub, but did he REALLY switch or did he just change registration? Yes Joan, you’re correct, we’d like to have people convert to our side, but not just to acquire a job or a position within the party JUST to get a check.
    If I can use an example here:
    Movie 300, Rise of Empire…..lady villian WAS a Greek, until they ruined her day. Switched sides to become Persian, not just to gain pretty clothes and a position. End of movie, died as a Persian commander. She didn’t just swap back to being a Greek which could have saved her life.
    So, how does that apply here? Probably doesn’t, but it made for a good visual!

  11. John must have forgotten to tell you about my unpatriotic penchant for karaoke. We all know karaoke was invented in Japan, and Japan was our enemy in WW2. But the bigger issue is that I can’t sing very well at all and it causes auditory injury to everyone within earshot.

    Your statement above is filled with inaccuracies. But, I won’t get specific lest I look like an even bigger moron.

    For those who want to watch the full, unedited SFGOP October 2022 monthly meeting, that we recorded without the consent of the members of the SFGOP, google it.

    Here’s to insanity and and idiocy in GOP leadership!

  12. Chief Latrine Officer Schaupp.

  13. Aaron…It’s a tough job but someone has to do it. By the way…there is always the chat to raise my spirits….’Squidly Squidy don’t be blue, the Army and Air Force and messed up too’….lol

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