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Let’s see here. Steve Frank does not like John Dennis very much, so he published an inside baseball story parroting the talking points of the Steve Bannon Precinct Strategy people that have been dispatched to destroy local Republican Parties in the name of Trump. John Dennis will be your next CCA Chair and I strongly suggest figuring out how to work with him going forward.

I now have reports that these Steve Bannon people (who took over and wrecked the Washoe GOP, the swing county of the swing state of Nevada) have attacked San Francisco, Marin, Contra Costa, Riverside, San Joaquin, and Stanislaus Counties. It appears that they are using Saul Alinsky’s tactics and are being openly embraced by many people I figured would reject Alinsky’s patently immoral and evil methods. Apparently, mean tweets and a complete lack of empathy are just the appetizers for what is coming in 2024.

Charlie Schaupp, who, for reasons I can’t identify (other than getting concentric circles in his eyes about another campaign), decided to jump in late for Northwest Vice Chair, and he has criticized the aforementioned Steve Frank in the comments of this blog. Who is Schaupp’s constituency again? (I’d have figured it was Steve Frank folks…)

The racial slurs and idiotic comments related to the Vice Chair race have continued. They seem to be updated daily as I have a collection now. What should be noted is Craig De Luz, my pick for Central Region Vice Chair has NOT been getting slurred. This emphasizes that the slurs are deliberate, specific to a candidate and are not just generalized stupidity.

Speaking of the Vice Chair race, an Asian Group that appears to have been assembled by the con artist Peter Kuo specifically to attack Corrin Rankin appears to have turned on Mr. Kuo as their latest screed attacked him too…

… and at the same time, key members (as in two County Chairs) of the coalition for Candidate 2 have continued promoting candidate 3. (Candidate 2 is from the north, candidate 3 is from the south)

Conservative Mugs 970×250

The circular backstab squad is alive and well.

Please note, I have a lot of information on Candidate 3 that I may choose to print at a time of my choosing.

Now, there is another effort to reform the proxy process for the CAGOP. There seems to be one every convention for at least the last 10 years. At least one of the amendments was authored by Thomas N Hudson. For that reason alone, I can declare that amendment dead. Mention the name Tom Hudson and it will cost you at least 200 votes at the CAGOP level. (Given there are only going to be about 1100 at this convention, do the math)

So the opponent to Randy Berholtz for CAGOP Secretary was telling people his campaign was not really serious and that he likes Randy, etc… those comments were 3 emails ago. I guess we can put that guy in the liar and circular backstab list along with a couple county chairs and candidate 3 for CAGOP Vice Chair. Even funnier is that candidate for CAGOP Secretary donated $1K to Candidate 3 for CAGOP Vice Chair in her failed campaign for public office in 2022. The Web of politics…

Meantime, 3 candidates are running for CAGOP Chair against the incumbent. All I can see them doing is filling people’s inboxes as the proxies are gathered by the dozen. Unless many of the same people I worked with on behalf of Travis Allen in 2019 and Steve Frank in 2021 have learned new skills, it appears that the CAGOP Chair is going to win in a landslide the size of the snowpack on Donner Pass.

However, the backstabbing insanity does not stop with the above list. Riddle me this, why is Joseph Grcar running for CAGOP Treasurer? He has been attacking the current CAGOP Chair in his public communications. Granted, the crazed Grcar was un-endorsed in 2022 for his AD20 race.

I guess when you get unendorsed by the CAGOP, it becomes a platform to run for a position in party leadership versus a wake up call that what you are saying is stupid and destructive. (Or at least ill advised fodder for the leftist media in the case of Cargile)

I don’t mind mentioning Grcar by name (Versus the others I am using pronouns for) because he is a homophobic bigot (My opinion of him). Do remember, that your intrepid blogger worked for the Prop 8 campaign, and is an evangelical Christian with crystal clear beliefs in opposition to homosexuality. However, a gay-bashing campaign for leadership in any organization is as immoral as anyone thinks homosexuality is.

Despite our difference of opinion on that issue, I consider Greg Gandrud a good friend and have had many conversations with him about an array of issues. He deserves better than what Grcar is doing. All the conservative organizations I know of with a stake in the CAGOP have endorsed Gandrud and should all set fire to Grcar at every turn. If that maniac gets more than one vote (his own), those delegates need their heads examined.

As a final note, Grcar is close to Steve Frank. Frank’s conservative coalition group endorsed Greg Gandrud. This makes me wonder if in this case, that Grcar is the latest member of Frank’s crew to go postal. There have been quite a few this cycle.

Racist Attacks. Check

Gay Bashing. Check.

People turning on each other? Check.

Lying by the dozen? Check.

And these are the so-called values conservatives! It makes me wonder what the dem convention is like…

P.S. Let’s correct the record from something that happened in 2022. Megan Dahle was attacked by the Jenny Rae LeRoux campaign for allegedly purchasing the CAGOP Endorsement.

If the Dahle’s bought the endorsement why did it take 5 ballots? IF that common sense argument does not resonate, there is this:

James Gallagher, someone Conservatives respect and the current minority leader corrected the record then and let me repeat it now… Megan gave the CAGOP Assembly Caucus $40K for their targeted races as her district is safe. The timing was terrible but the money went to Gallagher’s efforts to elect other Republicans (Like Greg Wallis and Josh Hoover).

Please note, I worked for LeRoux and was present when the attack was made and I believe James Gallagher’s explanation.

It is that simple.

Stay Informed!

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  17 Responses to “CAGOP Asylum Update 7: Can you tell Convention is a Week Away? I can. (Bonus: Correcting the Record from 2022 Convention As Well)”

  1. Blogger’s Note: Candidate 3’s Assembly Campaign was a disaster and I will be writing in detail about it at some point, in addition to her abhorrent personal behavior in this campaign and that one. With regard to Mark Wright, I have known him 20 years and I am infuriated by the raw deal he is getting from his “friends”, especially given that the CRA endorsed him.

    Intrepid Blogger, you are clearly on the Corrin Rankin team, and this is OK, but failing to recognize the other candidates is a cheap shot. I know all the candidates.

    Mark Wright (Candidate #2) who has been a very successful Chair of Placer County. He stabilized the committee, and they were very successful helping nonpartisan candidates to cross the finish line in 2022. I have known Mark for two years.

    Soo Yoo (Candidate #3) has been on the ABC Unified School District Board (LA County) for ten years (twice as President). The CAGOP and the Steel Campaign asked her to run for AD-67. The district is +17 DEM of which 80% overlapped Michelle Steel’s CD-45. Soo lost her contest by only 3.3% and Michelle Steel won by 2.4%. Her school district is 45% Hispanic and 33% Asian. She is an immigrant and grew up in the hood. Not a bad resume. True she has not been on a central committee, and she is a first-time delegate, but in the few weeks I have got to know her, she is a very fast learner and has a ton of energy and her pursuit to build the CAGOP are real. I have known Soo for three weeks.

    I have known Corrin Rankin since she ran for City Council in Redwood City in 2013. She was a Democrat when her party failed her and became a Republican. She became a member of the SMGOP as an Alternate to an ex officio. She was elected to 1st Vice Chair and that did not turn out good, not necessarily her doing, and resigned. A coalition of many groups are asking her to clarify her stance on Proposition 16 (2020). This was Assembly Constitutional Amendment No. 5 to repeal Proposition 209 (passed in 1996) the use of race and gender affirmative action in California’s public sector. Proposition 16 was defeated by a bipartisan coalition, including the CAGOP, by 7.23%.

    Blogger’s Note: Corrin left the Dem Party over their soft on crime policies including eliminating cash bail.

    Based on my observations, the one that has the leadership and the fire-in-the-belly that the CAGOP needs now for Vice-Chair now is, Soo Yoo. The path for the Republican Party to rebound is first to win and hold school boards. The CAGOP is getting this one right. It is being addressed at the Spring Convention, May 11, 4pm. It is called “Parent Revolt: Run or Recruit”. This is why the CAGOP needs an experienced elected school board member on its Board of Directors.

  2. The so-called “Parent Revolt” is a joke and a scam perpetrated on us by Shawn Steel and Jessica Patterson. Of all the money raised in their email appeals, not one dime went to recruit or assist one candidate for School Board.

    Clearly “CRP Appointed HACK” is being slightly skitzo here in promoting Soo Yoo who never misses a chance to miss a chance to attack both Shawn Steel and his wife, and then he promotes Steel and Patterson’s scam meeting next week at the Spring Convention.

    Right On Daily has done all delegates a service, by exposing the monkeyshines of folks like YOU…Steel and Patterson.

  3. Pat, you bring up a good point about how the CAGOP used funds raised to recruit candidates for school boards. I have no idea how much was raised or how was it used and now I am curious.

    The CAGOP needs to improve on accountability, transparency, and best practices.

    Blogger’s note: Given the way candidate 3 ran her assembly campaign, transparency is not in her vocabulary.

  4. “Monkeyshine”…Not very original, afraid to show your ugly face in public for fear Luis Buhler will cancel your delegate badge and you won’t be able to eat on Munger’s dime next week?

  5. Pat, sorry I am not very original, and I am kind of a shy person, but do not get intimidated by you or the people you mention. Maybe we will meet some day. We probably have more in common than you think.

    Intrepid Blogger, like you, Soo Yoo is a Christian.

  6. “Monkey see…Monkey Do”…You’ve never been shy verbally attacking people you disagree with at Convention, me thinks you’re simply honing your ability to lie here on the pages of this blog.

    I’ve never witnessed the “Intrepid Blogger” make racist and bigot statements at Public Meetings, unlike Soo Yoo who has publicly shamed and ridiculed Latino constituents for many of their Catholic beliefs and practices.

  7. @CRP delegate – fact check for you. Corrin has been GOP since 2009. Thanks!

  8. Mark Wright’s Placer county central committee elected over 30 school board members this last November, not counting county Board of Ed and College boards. Solidified/flipped 13 school districts. Soo Yoo needs to file now and start running for that Assembly seat again and WIN!

    Blogger’s Note: this is 100% correct and it is mind boggling why people have abandoned Mark and also shows the suicidal nature of the campaign of candidate 3…

  9. “concentric circles in his eyes ” ??? laugh….Good one Aaron. And nope, Steve Frank is not supporting me and that is fine. I dont want to be beholden to him.

  10. BTW Aaron, no plans whatsoever to ever run for office again. I am 68 and dont have enough years left for that. Time to go fish’n in a few years and just be an old fart….lol

  11. @California Conservative…Once again, no telling how successful a Central Committee can be when they don’t rely on the CAGOP or their scam “Parents Revolt”.

  12. You stated:

    ” Now, there is another effort to reform the proxy process for the CAGOP. There seems to be one every convention for at least the last 10 years. At least one of the amendments was authored by Thomas N Hudson. For that reason alone, I can declare that amendment dead. Mention the name Tom Hudson and it will cost you at least 200 votes at the CAGOP level. (Given there are only going to be about 1100 at this convention, do the math)”

    Really? He just gave a speech I believe at our group meeting last month, on this very topic of Proxy voting. If it was the same guy, why is he this bad? I’m asking from the perspective of someone who wishes to know more about WHO is WHO in these groups.
    Thanks for an explanation. If it’s THAT inflamatory, you can always email me.

  13. Leo, for the last 5 years I have drafted some the bylaw changes to do away with the corrupt proxy process. This convention I told others to ‘cool it’ and wait until we have a new rules committee (hopefully) at the next convention. But they didn’t listen and will try to get Hudson’s through anyways. The Rules Committee will kill it and there is no way to get 2/3s on the floor as long as the proxies are in effect.

  14. Thank you sir, for the clarification. Maybe the rules committee’s need a change? From what I’ve been informed, most of the power base springs from SoCal anyways, is there a way to effect change upon them? Simplistically, it would seem that the members should be choosing ” who’s who ” on these committees, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. However, if that IS the case, small wonder why we have nearly a zero field of candidates in any of our legislative arena here in Sacto,, and have had for many years. I continue to be optimistic about the future and it’s prospects, which amounts to about .02% chance on a die roll off 100. Besides the swarm of people leaving the state, does anyone KNOW of the folks who’ve left, if they were Demo or Repub? What are those percentages looking like? Good luck to those who are attending! Hopefully, something good will be reported after the event!

  15. Leo, our bylaws allow for a Stong Chair…which means the Chair gets to appoint all committee members and place people on the committees that will support the Chair’s agenda. To override the committee report/recommendations it takes two thirds of the Delegates and Proxies to allow for discussion on the floor of the Convention and again a 2/3s vote to overide the committee recommendations. That is what is meant my strong chair. The delegates have no say on who serves on committees. The next chair will appoint the Rules Committee. If Jessica is re-elected I don’t think there will be any major changes on the Rules decisions and ending proxies will likely be dead for another two years… Unless 2/3s or the delegates and proxies at the convention decide they had ‘had enough’ with the corrupt proxy system in place and vote to overturn the Rules Committee.

  16. Well Charlie, let’s hope that Jessica isn’t reelected and that the members of the 2/3’s decide differently.

  17. Leo, the race to watch is the vice chair. If Jessica jumps ship to Washington, the Vice Chair will become the Chair….That is HUGE! Everyone I know is voting for Mark Wright (Placer Chair) but I mostly hang out with the conservative circles.

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