Mar 152023

It is simple, really. Years of campaign work have shown me that I can work with anyone inside a campaign. I have even worked with some of the people I have woofed on in this blog.

(Grcar is pronounced Gritcher. I prefer to say State Mental Facility myself)

I want to lay out some stuff for my readers, many of whom are aligned with the opposition to the current leadership of the CAGOP. Frankly, this goes for the current administration as well. I would like to share with you some thoughts about how to move forward.

Be willing to own your mistakes regardless of whether the other side will.

I have forgiven the CAGOP’s staff for calling the cops on me. Remember, I had a part in that as I freaked out some of their staff, precipitating the call to the Sac Sheriff. It is not intellectually honest for me to 100% play the victim even though the CAGOP’s staff never dreamed the FBI would end up at my door at the behest of the Sac Sheriff. The actions of the CAGOP Staff since have shown me that they regret that incident as much as I regret blowing my stack and freaking out a couple of the kids they had working for them. I smacked the two people that mistreated me at this convention because their behavior was beneath the professionalism that a party’s staff should exhibit.

Also, remember, I blog under my own name and always take calls and emails from people. I will correct and remove posts if there are inaccuracies and errors.

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Be willing to work with political adversaries for common goals.

I have worked with Scott Winn and Andy G on stuff in the past. If it happens again in the future, I will have no problem joining them to accomplish the goals we share. All of you should take the same attitude. Republicans are grossly outnumbered in California, and we can’t tolerate divisions if we expect to get anywhere. The family feud is over, and I will be there waiting again in a couple of years.

Be Part of the solution, don’t just attack people. 

Wait a minute, isn’t the Right on Daily Blog some right-wing attack site? That is part of what I do… but note at the end of the 1800-word long rant about the Credentialing Process, I suggested modifying the By-Laws and writing a policy and procedure manual for the Proxies and Credentials Committee. If Luis Buhler and Billy Essayli contacted me, I’d help them. The same goes for Drew and Scott on the Creds Committee.

The Opposition should be willing to work with the current leadership of the CAGOP. If they do, it will go a long way to helping everyone focus on chipping away at the woke disease that overran California.

Also, remember, I blog under my own name and always take calls and emails from people. I will correct and remove posts if there are inaccuracies and errors.

I met Greg Wallis in person at the convention. He is a good dude, a total moderate, and I can tolerate that because that is who he is, and he is in a D+9 district and only won by 80 votes. I could nuke the guy, but that would help elect a Democrat. Can you make peace with that?

Leaders Lead. Be Willing to Resolve Conflict.

The CAGOP has had a need for more leaders willing to get their hands dirty with regard to conflict resolution. Leaders are willing to upset people to bring long-term resolutions to issues.

I’ve been told that many within the CAGOP have finally recognized the systemic issues with the delegate appointment / credentialing process. We need to encourage the leaders in the effort to modify the CAGOP By-Laws and put aside the anger over the way the conflict has been handled and avoided to make sure the changes are what they need to be.

In addition, if the leaders present effective solutions… we should all applaud the solutions and the leaders for doing so.

Do a Better Job of Recruiting.

Take more time to learn about candidates instead of supporting candidates based on tribal affiliation. Had this happened, the opposition would not have been embarrassed by some of the people associated with them. Had anyone used google about Soo Yoo and paid attention to the crap being circulated against our current CAGOP Vice Chair, this would have helped the opposition steer clear of that disaster.

Further, attempting to ascertain political allies’ character is a must. A member of the opposition and I had a long call, and this leader related to me the circumstances with Joseph Grcar and two others that went completely rogue. The Brutal reality is that those three people represented most of the bad behavior I wrote about. There are consequences to going into battle with unstable or low-character people.

What is Your Reason for Being a Part of This?

I can answer that quickly, Abortion is Murder, and I got involved politically because of the holocaust called Abortion. As an unabashed Social Conservative, my faith and values propelled me to the political arena. Did I ever think I’d become a paid consultant? Not when I got started in 1997. My passion for impacting the political arena took me to places in the political world I had never dreamed of.

My faith in Christ governs my life, and my political work is an extension of that. This is also why I blog under my own name; I can handle criticism and fix stuff when I get it wrong.

What Will You Do When You Lose or Get Attacked?

Some may not realize I have been smeared by a dozen media outlets, physically assaulted 7 times, lost a business, talked to the FBI, been sued, thrown out of CRA, and gotten 31 legal demand letters. Yet, I have never held office! However, every time something “bad” happens, I get stronger. What is your staying power? What keeps you in the game? It is natural to be frustrated and think about quitting when you lose an election fight. I keep getting back up because political work is the job I was chosen for.

My value and purpose comes from my faith in Christ. I have been in the game for 26 years, and I am 52 years of age.

It is not about you. Get your ego and personal agenda under control. 

I made a decision years ago that I was never going to run for public office and that I would dedicate myself to influencing who does hold office. It freed me. I have no agenda to be some elected somewhere.

If you are involved in politics to get money, get laid, gain power, get control, get a resume, etc., you will get cut to pieces. You will end up with a bag of fool’s gold and memories of temporary gains with a personal life that is like three-mile island. I’ve seen it many times from a lot of people.

You will also get exposed eventually. Is it worth it?

Be Consistent.

I will never work for a candidate I would not vote for. Over the years, it has cost me a lot of money, and I am entirely at peace with it. I sell insurance, too; God has taken care of me just fine.

Make sure actions and decisions are consistent with your values and personal mission that got you into the political arena.

Remember, you are dealing with people.

The CRP’s Staff are flesh and blood human beings. Jessica Patterson is a human being. Andy G. and Scott W. are human beings. These folks all have feelings, families, lives, etc. If you take a break long enough, it will become much harder to hate your enemies and to work with them under applicable circumstances.

Sometimes I have gone too far when I have lit some people up because I forgot this basic principle. I can’t undo that, but I can tell you this is an important lesson to internalize… and this will inherently cause restraint. If you practice this principle, you will never have to deal with people irrationally hating you the way I sometimes do. It will also enhance your problem-solving ability and increase your effectiveness in campaign situations.


Why are you here? Why are you involved? Answer those questions first and foremost.

Are you willing to be a part of the solution? Even if it means working with political adversaries?

I sincerely hope everyone can come together and fix some of the structural problems within the CAGOP structure in order to move on with a healthier party. It is that simple.

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  18 Responses to “2023 CAGOP Convention Part 5: Your Intrepid Blogger’s Benediction. My Thoughts on How To Move Forward”

  1. I am willing to work with Andy, I had a short conversation with Howard and Andy at Sac Airport on Sunday. We have some shared desires outside party leadership. If we can improve our Sacramento status and our statewide election status Id be happy to donate to the state party and vote for Corrin in 2025.

    My county chair in SB frustrates me at times, but there are things I can work with Phil Sr on, and I’ll do what I can with them as well.

    I think those on the opposition who are reasonable should work with contemporary intermediaries like John Dennis of SF County and make our state party better. If things gradually improve reward the party with a 25- or 50-dollar check. Show tokens of appreciation.

  2. Wow, a kinder gentle Aaron? I dont believe it LAUGH

    Blogger’s Note: Lance Corporal Schuapp – Discipline In Ranks Marine…

  3. I really did enjoy the MIB guys. I want one of those uniformed shirts they were wearing.

    Every time I encountered the Good Doctor in the hallways [which seemed to be a lot] at the convention center I started rolling “Cherry Bomb” by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts in my head. The geriatric Punk Rock genre is a favorite of mine.

    I knew we were in for trouble when I saw firsthand what he was capable of when he was checking in on Friday morning — and I saw it with my own eyes. They should have bounced that fucker out of there ON DAY ONE — using his head as a battering ram. Total lunatic. Whoever convinced that turd to run needs to be run out of the State party —because their aim is chaos and disruption, not the admirable aim for reform.

    Thanks for the summary. The convention was a little too heavy on the monkey scat throwing this year but it is what it is.

  4. Hear, hear, Aaron! We all need to row this boat—in the same direction! Lovely seeing you on Sunday. My family fled democratic socialism once. I’d like to stay and fight it here in CA, and to do that, everyone needs to aim their fire *outside* the tent.

  5. Great Blog, Aaron. You. have given time to pause and think. I, too, am in the political game to help our city, state and nation for the future generations. I sometimes wonder why I put so much time into all I do politically, but then I remember why. I also am a strong Christian and feel that God has called me to do this for the betterment and preservation of our country. You know that saying, “If not me, who then?”

  6. Our Intrepid Blogger has offer some keen and thoughtful insights. Sadly, I fear it’s “Pearls before Swine”.

    Too many on the ideological right of the CAGOP are stuck in their very own political version of “Groundhog Day”…Doomed to repeat their own shortcomings and failures every two years.

  7. WHOA!!! OMG, wtf is going on here? Opposition portion of our party? Opposition to what/whom? Patterson is okay as a human being? QQing back at old posts. “too many ideologs of the right”, wtf does that even mean? I’m really dismayed, at the kumbayah moment we’re having here. I’ve worked with folks I’ve disagreed with as well, as both member and in leadership. Here’s another saying I’ve learned from leadership: Lead, Follow or get out of my way. THAT, was from the Army. If you’re getting a more than challanging leader(Patterson) who’s passion seems to be negating anything republican, given the persons history, then you’re supposed to be happy with the outcome? If you’re rules committee’s seemingly corrupt and the way they do things appear corrupt, but since you lost, that’s ok??NO, it isn’t. Again, this proves my point that the party in CA is seemingly content with being: Losers, 2nd placers, i-got-my-check-leave-it-alone folks who are content with being irrelevant. It’s mind blowing and irratating to say the least. It’s almost as bad as having to distinquish between parties, when there seems to be very little to distinguish. You may not want to air out your issues in public, but behind the closed doors, if you screwed up, we’re gonna let you know about it. Mediocrity is NOT the name of the game. Being content cause you LOST is not totally acceptable, you think the DEMO’s kneel when they lose? Pfffttttt. I”d like to know what ” Too many on the ideological right of the CAGOP are stuck in their very own political version of “Groundhog Day”…Doomed to repeat their own shortcomings and failures every two years.”, means. No beating around the bush. Just say it. THAT, is open dialogue. But when THIS kind of stuff comes out as Aaron has written it? It makes me wonder: what happened and WHO got to you? I’ve seen that happen before, with one Ms Deborah Johns. Doolittle got to her, and forced her into a ” be quiet ” corner. For that, I went totally after him and didn’t much care that he was an R sider. I hope I”m wrong, but something doesn’t seem right with all the ” eyes are open ” mentality I’m seeing here. Makes me wonder, what I’d actually find out when I attend my first convention.

  8. Each needs to realize that a person may share your position on an issue today and tomorrow they may be on the opposite side. Conversely a person who is on the opposite side an issue today may share your position in the future. It works best to find common ground at the beginning.

    I was visionary and submitted a bylaw amendment proposal, “Code of Ethics / Decorum”. The Rules Committee killed it. Maybe it should be revived.

    Section 1.05 Code of Ethics / Decorum

    (A) I understand the California Republican Party State Committee is a qualified political party under California Election Code, Codes: Codes Tree – Elections Code – ELEC (
    (B) I will become familiar with and follow the Standing Rules and Bylaws of the California Republican Party.
    (C) I understand that my authority as a delegate or appointed delegate is restricted as defined in these bylaws.
    (D) I will become familiar with Roberts Rules of Order Revised.
    (E) I will inform Membership Services if there is a change in my contact information or party affiliation.
    (F) I will respect ideas and opinions expressed by fellow members and guests to ensure the best interest of the party.
    (G) I will avoid acts of favoritism toward special interests and avoid use of the party for personal advantage.
    (H) I will respond to member requests concerning California Republican Party business.
    (I) If on the Board of Directors, Executive Committee or standing committee I will not vote on a question in which I have a direct personal or pecuniary interest not common to other party members of the organization.
    (J) I recognize that participation is encouraged but it is voluntary.
    (K) I will respect the privacy of members that do not want their contact information or photographs shared outside of the State Committee or County Central Committees.
    (L) I will be politically active in the State and/or my county central committee and/or Republican clubs and will attend State Committee conventions to the maximum extent possible.

    One thing I should have included was, “I will not buy or sell a proxy.”

  9. Thomas, I like your list. Wish the RCCC would adopt this.

  10. Leo – you missed most of the point of the post. But, knowing you as long as I have, I should have expected it.

  11. Aaron, I’ll accept that as a ‘ good thing ‘. I’m rereading your post: What do you mean, you were thrown out of the CRA?? Given your knowledge of how I am from our past, I would imagine I’m destined to be banned from the same, given enough time if not sooner.
    I’ve seen a few of the ‘ vetted ‘ in our group, but I’d like to ask a question, given the abortion topic. So, here’s the situation: Since we WHAT IF a lot on this topic, what IF: You are informed that your sister, mother, aunt, niece or WIFE, is pregnant but was in a very serious accident. The Dr’s are adamant that they can save ONE life, but at the cost of the other. Which would you choose? So, in the comments of, ” the ideological right of the CAGOP are stuck in their very own political version of “Groundhog Day” and “I can answer that quickly, Abortion is Murder “, which side would you (meaning, anyone reading this) fall into? Let’s be real on that topic: for a LONG time, girls got pregnant and wanted the ’embarrassment to the family’ removed. Or, girl was assualted and didn’t want the incest/rapist baby. It’s now morphed into a cheap form of Birth Control and gives the other side a serious side up in the aurgument. What’s the realististic version of this. Yet, we lynch-pin candidate potentials with an all or nothing question, and if the correct answer isn’t provided, we withhold support for that person. I’d challenge ANY MAN in this or anyother forum, to let me know what they endured, mentally AND physically, when they went through one. (I’ll answer that for you, you can’t) Only a woman, could answer that. but I digress. I’ve seen the RCCC verbage used about, and what exactly, do THEY do? Some folks think it’s not a good group, others that it is. So, which one is it?
    On a more personal note: Aaron, I’ll be making a personal request from you by years end. Sadly, you’ll be the second person I’ll be asking a favor from. ONLY because I’ve known the other person longer than you, lol. Thanks and ya’lls have a great day!

  12. Hi folks. If we are talking about the RCC just to get it right it is the RCC (not RCCC). it is the Republican Conservative Coalition.

  13. David Chan, age 20, was treated terribly in the Bay Area meeting and in the Rules Committee. His issue specifically is an easy fix moving forward. Easier than an end to pay to play diseased proxy prostitution. Shame on Hugh and all of Hugh’s supporters. David is our future.
    I hope Aaron can convince his clients to influence the smirking and unethical rules committee. Start with that, take a stand.

  14. WOW…More nuts than a jar of Planters.

  15. BTW Aaron, you never blogged on the Tea Party Dinner that I noted-just some comments about the Treasure Candidate. Last convention is was sell out at 100 seats…they upped it to 150 this time and sold out before the Convention….but about 170 showed up so it was standing room only in the back. That like 15%+ of all the delegates that actually attended the Convention. Wonder how the CRP dinner did? Tea Party dinner: food was better, speakers were better and crowd was fun. Looks like the Tea Party is going to need to find bigger venues in the future.

  16. Another interesting tidbit to add to Charlie’ remark on the Tea Party Dinner. Mr. Speaker, Kevin McCarthy spoke at the luncheon because he did not want to compete with Wayne Allyn Root at the Tea Party Dinner on Saturday night.

  17. Aaron a task/challenge for you. 53% of the votes at the convention vote end the buying or selling a proxy. That was not a secret vote…the only secret vote is candidates. Therefore, who voted which way should be part of the public record at CRP. My task for you is can you determine how many of the No votes were proxy votes. That should be part of the record as those votes had be cast by a proxy holder. I would almost bet, that not only a majority of the delegates and proxies vote a 53% to end it…but I would almost bet that 2/3s of the actually delegates in attendance vote to end it….and if this is true it could grow legs for the next convention to end the buying/selling corruption. If I know you…you will find out!

  18. As a first time delegate, but an on the ground volunteer for a very long time, number one issue for the heart of the CAGOP (remember us, the volunteers) are the consultants. We must see and TRUST that there is no consultant influence with the chairs or leadership. The Rules committee was incredibly disappointing. Transparency should be #1 priority.
    We have been balked at too many times. Have the leadership reach out to us and extend the hand. Otherwise, we can’t believe anything will change.

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