Feb 182023

He is now jammin’ in heaven

For those of you that were not a part of the Secret Faebook Group that had something like 250 family and friends of Eric Bose, the summary is that he got sick with cancer over 2 years ago. It was aggressive and they tried all sorts of treatments. IT appeared that Bose was hanging in there until November of 2022. I had scheduled a meeting with him when I was down the hill in November of 2022 and he had to abruptly cancel the meeting as he was not feeling well. Other things happened after that (those details are withheld on purpose), that made it clear to me that he was in serious trouble.

Bose finally succumbed to the Cancer on 2-18-2023.

I met Eric Bose (then Eric Teed-Bose) in 2010 when he was running for re-election to the Eureka USD Board. He won what would be his final term.

That connection led to Eric hiring me in 2012 to help Kristi Greiss in her race for re-election. People on the Placer GOP will remember that Renee Nash spent almost $100,000 in that race helping herself and Ryan Jones to unseat Greiss. At the time Nash owned the Antique Trove and she took tons of money out of the business to fund a rampage.

At the time, and for the next decade the Eureka Schools Foundation controlled the Eureka USD. That race in 2012 was vicious and nasty. For a district that might cast 5,000 votes, you could hear the shells exploding 100 miles away.

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Rarely in politics do I meet people I can trust, and Bose was one of the few. I never regretted going to war for him and Kristie Greiss. That crew out in Granite Bay ruled that district with an iron fist for 10 years until 2022 when my friends on the Placer GOP figured out how to flip a couple of seats. It was outrageous for democrats and true RINO’s to be running a school district in an area like Granite Bay, but they did for years until Covid exposed their true colors.

The friendship between Bose and myself endured. I saw him walk through a divorce, other career struggles, and was beyond elated when he met Cathy. Cathy showed her true character, staying 100% true to Eric up to and through his physical death. Cathy should have been Eric’s first wife.

I knew Bose was a musician. I also learned that Bose was a gifted developer, as he basically built the entire town of Mountain House, California.

I knew Eric Bose to be a trustworthy man of solid character. But, in the last days of his life, I learned far more about Mr. Bose than I ever knew. One after another, Men whose lives he touched wrote tributes that were astounding in that Secret Facebook Group. That stuff rocked me to my core, as I want to be remembered like that when I die. What a man Eric Bose is (as he is alive in heaven now)!

My story with Bose does not end with the above. The unbelievable connection is related to Bill Halldin’s run for Assembly, when Kevin Kiley prevailed and Kiley’s Brother effectively made sure my wife and I were no longer welcome at Bridgeway Church. This was the second Church I was forced to leave due to their leadership’s unwillingness to tolerate my political work.

I have written about that story before – but the part I have not written about is another part of when I met with Kiley’s brother there at Bridgeway after the AD06 Primary that Kevin Kiley prevailed in. Mr. Kiley’s Brother related a story to me about why he did not like me. The man’s wife worked for the Eureka USD at the time. When I was shelling Renee Nash and Ryan Jones (+ the Eureka School Foundation), the staff of the district were angered by what I was doing. Of course they all gave Nash a free pass for her nastiness and instead focused on your intrepid blogger. So did Kiley’s brother.

If you followed this post, I was working on behalf of Eric Bose in that 2012 explosion. Even though my wife and I were significantly affected by the retaliation, I sometimes questioned if I did the right thing by setting fire to the Eureka USD (or hammering Kevin Kiley years later in the AD06 race), reading the stuff about the kind of man Eric Bose is reminded me that I went to war on behalf of a man who deserved that kind of loyalty. Bill Halldin is also a close, personal friend.

Thank you Lord for the reminder, that sometimes there are short-term consequences, but choosing good candidates and staying consistent will always be vindicated.

God Bless Eric Bose, he is healed now and will be there waiting for us in Heaven when we depart the earth as well.

P.S. Note that your intrepid blogger endorsed Kevin Kiley for Congress pre-primary in 2022.

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