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Diane Harkey’s rampage has been screwing the OCGOP for years. Ask her, and she will tell you repeatedly what a victim she is.

When I first got this fundraiser invite, I wondered what was in it for Diane to do this. It is given there is rage and revenge; this has been the calling card of Harkey for years.

As your intrepid blogger has been assimilating information from around the county, let’s list the coalition of the insane, depraved, and corrupt.

Gene James. We’ve written about this guy for a long time. He was endorsed by the OCGOP despite repeated warnings. In defense of the OCGOP, the opponent of James was a 19-year-old communist (literally a communist)… and another thinly funded candidate they did not feel like trying to help. I was also told they ignored James’ abusive behavior towards the third candidate and other women. In addition, we have proven James has been sued, liened, and can’t even pay a $500 traffic ticket. This is over and above James buying military medals from amazon or something and wearing them to black-tie events!

We have been told that Gene James has enablers in the local Lincoln Club and is attending OCGOP Meetings to intimidate people with his 6’7″ and 350ish frame. Further, James has been open about his desire to overthrow the leadership of the same OCGOP that once endorsed him!

Now add another jilted endorsee of the OCGOP, Bryan Maryott. Yes, Bryno has been out talking to anyone that will listen about how the OCGOP abandoned him, blah blah blah. Based on what I was told by people with knowledge of the NRCC’s inner workings, they investigated Bryno thoroughly and determined that he was out of reach to compete with Levin in CA49. I thought Bryno’s campaign was well run and looked good. However, from 550 miles away, I did not have the day-to-day knowledge that people closer had.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

It appears that Bryno is out of touch with reality as well. But there is a theme with the Whitaker haters.

  1. They were endorsed by the OCGOP
  2. They came to believe the same OCGOP, not them, was why they lost. (or lost the support of later in the case of Gene James)
  3. They had unrealistic expectations of what the OCGOP was supposed to do. (aka they were lazy campaigners)
  4. They are now focused on Fred Whitaker, using him as a straw man

This gets me to the drunken Diva, Diane Harkey. Once a huge fan of Fred Whitaker, she is now calling for his ouster in between fundraising for democrats and drinking.

Jennifer Beall is the only person I know in Orange County who has defended the drunken diva. Beall is in an interesting position as she transitioned from the embattled Assembly member Laurie Davies (whose district is barely R-leaning) to being the Chief of Staff for Kate Sanchez.

Further, I have spoken to Beall around three times over the years about efforts to oust Mr. Whitaker she was supporting and/or participating in.

I wonder if Beall (Married to RSM Councilman Tony Beall) is part of the latest effort against Whitaker. Does this mean Davies and/or Kate Sanchez are participating? If so, why? Both were endorsed by the OC GOP and won their respective races. It is also noteworthy that Laurie Davies has avoided taking positions in CAGOP officer elections.

Harkey has more retread than most semi-truck tires, but it is everyone else’s fault she keeps losing. Few defend her anymore or try to explain her actions, but Harkey continues alienating former supporters.

Where does Harkey go to try and rally support? Gene James? Bryno? Those Lincoln Club guys?

In the meantime, your intrepid blogger must remind people what an entirely morally corrupt disaster Diane Harkey is. Everyone with any stake in Orange County Politics needs to shun Diane Harkey and Gene James. If Bryno is proven to be doing what I believe he is, add him to the list.

If you are wondering why I am suddenly defending Fred Whitaker, it is simple, he is getting a completely raw deal from a group of selfish malcontents he helped as chairman of the OCGOP. That is complete bs, and these people are the coalition of the insane, depraved, and corrupt.

To be continued as we take you on a tour-de-Harkey once again, as it appears memories are too short down in Sunny Orange County. (Perhaps some Nevada snow and sub-zero temperatures are needed to provide therapeutic assistance to those in Orange County…)

As a footnote, an excellent site about Diane Harkey is still live.

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