Feb 042023

Does this mean LaMalfa, McClintock, Kiley, Duarte, Valadao, McCarthy, Nunes, Garcia, Calvert, Obernolte, Kim, Steel and Issa are all going to join in efforts to reform the Proxy Process in the CAGOP?

Inquiring bloggers want to know why Washington DC should be different than the CAGOP?

Please note, your intrepid blogger strongly opposes proxy voting in any party organization. I also support efforts to limit or make proxy voting more difficult as a compromise measure as well. IT looks like Kevin McCarthy has taken a similar stance.

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  5 Responses to “CAGOP Asylum Update 4: Kevin McCarthy Calls for an END TO PROXY VOTING!”

  1. Aaron
    Why don’t you ask your endorsed candidates if they strongly oppose proxy voting starting with corrin rankin who some affectionately call the stacey abrams of the cagop.

  2. That is a great plan. Interview each endorsed candidate’s position on proxies. People change their opinions all the time and what a time this is. I speak on behalf of every delegate when I say Do Not Force A Poor Sap To Speak To The Pure And Virtuous CAGOP Proxy Process At The Mic

  3. Suggest this bylaw change. It was submitted to the Rules Committee for consideration at the Spring 2023 Convention. It follows – one person – one vote. Novel idea.

    ((delete text))
    [[add text]]

    Section 2.02.03
    (B) Proxies.

    (1) At any meeting of the Committee, any (regular, appointive, or) associate delegate may be designated as a proxy for [[any regular or appointive delegate who is not present or registered]]. (up to two delegates.) No individual may carry more than one proxy or cast more than one vote. At any meeting of the Committee, any such proxy or proxies shall be submitted to the Chairman or the Chairman of the Proxies and Credentials Committee no later than 12:00 noon on the Saturday preceding the Sunday business session.

  4. Tom – I like that.

  5. Rudy – thank you for confirming some of the rumors of racist whisper campaigns that have been brewing behind the scenes. I can’t wait to see how you guys smear some of the other candidates.

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