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The CAGOP is having officer elections again and I am pissed. WARNING: EXTENDED RANT COMING…

I’ve written ad-nauseum about the current leadership of the CAGOP. Some of the highlights from the 2021 CAGOP Convention included the Staff of the CAGOP taking several overtly biased actions including allowing the LAGOP Chair to appoint 22 Jessica Patterson votes to fill vacancies. (The LAGOP later amended their by-laws to make that legal in 2023, thus admitting that we caught them. This also proved the CAGOP staff and credentials committee was complicit in a cover up) It also featured Modoc County getting crushed by the CAGOP, whilst Yuba, Tehama and Glenn were allowed to stand after committing similar violations of state law and their own local by-laws.

After blowing my stack repeatedly at the staff of the CAGOP for ignoring requests for information, the FBI showed up at my front door.

Just when I was thinking that the theater of the absurd was going to be a few notches lower… WELCOME TO 2023.

I have gotten several forwarded emails that the California Federation of Republican Women is in a near total meltdown. Lovely. I guess with the CRA growing and mostly harmonious, some other group had to fill the drama void.

I have gotten several forwarded emails that the County Chairs Association is also in a similar state of turmoil, with most Chairs ignoring communications and the State Party Staff being forced to communicate in lieu of the revolutionaries whose coup a few months ago was poorly executed and legally questionable. (see also defective notice, failed quorum calls, etc) Apparently, the revolutionaries are now fighting amongst themselves.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

I got the DAMMED FBI CALLED ON ME while I was HELPING THESE PEOPLE!!! In 2021, we stopped a couple of piss poor rules changes. We exposed several bad actors, and got Lani Kane and Laurie Wallace Elected. Hell, Stephen Frank got 423 Votes – THE MOST EVER FOR A CHALLENGER AGAINST AN INCUMBENT CHAIR (at least in the time I have been around).

And for what? The CCA Meeting debacle? Drama? Infighting?

Let’s start with Chair. Mike Cargile – who I like and have helped in the past is running. You may remember that he was lynched in 2020 during his CA35 race without a hearing. In 2022 Cargile flipped off the CAGOP rather than defend himself.

George Yang. What?

Rob Bernosky. What?

Cargile rattled Norma Torres – a literal Salvadoran Communist from the home of MS13 – so bad that she torched him in the #CA35 race, long considered a safe seat. Go look up the results, Cargile WAY overperformed there and Torres spent a lot of money.

So, in all, three people want to run against Jessica? Where the hell is the unity? Oh, that’s right all those people your intrepid blogger helped in 2021 are fighting amongst themselves. What the F— did I put myself at personal risk for again?

Vice Chair. Mark Wright vs Corrin Rankin. I’ve written about this before. I just do not see Mr. Wright as Vice-Chair material statewide. Northern Region Vice Chair, yes. State Vice Chair, no.

Add to this, it has gotten back to me that people who may or may not be the Violin Wielding Peter Kuo have been making racist whisper attacks against Corrin. This is ironic as Kuo and his crew accused your intrepid blogger of Racism when I was torching the guy for his ties to Red China. Note, those ties to Red China were used in hit pieces using Peter Kuo against Kevin McCarthy years later.

“Corrin only cares about Black People”. “Corrin is rude and pushy”. IT IS 2023, NOT 1953. GROW THE F— UP PEOPLE. These are two of the oldest anti-black attacks in the book. Any of you repeating these whispers better hope to GOD your Intrepid Blogger does not find out. If I do, you will be in lights.

I know Mark Wright is not involved in this, as I know his integrity. That said, he needs to reach out to his crew that think this is a smart way to do business and stamp this out now.

P.S. This racist bulls–t is not original, people have been whisper attacking Harmeet Dhillon for being Sikh at the National Level to damage her attempt to get elected RNC Chair. God help them if they get outed.

Treasurer – who the HELL in their right mind is going to run against Greg Gandrud? Are you kidding me? He has been a stalwart conservative and one of the few independent voices on the CAGOP’s board of directors! Has the asylum door swung so far open that even HE is under attack from his right? Gandrud is known for annoying CAGOP staff because of all the questions he asks about the reports and book keeping. This is a picture perfect treasurer.

(Or perhaps these people are libertarian anarchists planted in the CAGOP to cause chaos – the more and more I see the stupidity, the more I believe this)

Secretary – Similar to the rant about Gregory Gandrud, Randy Berholtz has also exhibited an independent streak on the board. While Berholtz is softer spoken and less demonstrative than Gandrud, he is similarly conservative. Yet – some dude from Imperial County has decided to challenge Berholtz from his right.

But the horses–t does not stop at the state officer level… how about some County Party garbage!

Modoc County Organized. This time there should be no excuses to strip them of their 5 delegates in 2023.

The now former Chair of Shasta County, Cathy Kneer appointed 5 delegates a week before resigning in Jan. She had told people in October she was leaving. Thus, her act was premeditated and unethical. The establishment will argue that this is allowed under the by-laws. Just like getting wasted off of booze or pot, having an abortion, cheating on your wife, etc… is “legal”. This just further proves that the establishment do not care about county parties and those delegates to the convention to deliver proxies are all that matters. Screw the local guys. Since the Shasta by-laws were written by their establishment handlers to only call for an organizational meeting once every 4 years, there may be no recourse. However, anyone that cares about local parties should know and be outraged at what was done in Shasta County.

The people I talked to in Shasta noted that Shasta County got 8 delegates in 2021. Why did Kneer only appoint 5 in 2023? This is because many establishment counties turn in paperwork THAT IS NEVER VERIFIED (ahem, I got that in writing shortly after the FBI visit) to use provisions in the state by-laws to appoint more consultants and staff to the party. I mean Santa Cruz County got 8 delegates in 2021. If anyone believes they have precinct captains in 50% of their precincts with 15% GOP Registration, I have a nice padded cell for you on K Street.

Remember Glenn and Yuba County? The Conservatives took both of those counties over. In 2021, just to show everyone who was boss, the current Chair of the CAGOP appointed their officers to the proxies and credentials committee after both counties were exposed for violating state law. Now, those counties are no longer fraudulent shells that deliver a dozen proxies. There are real people there.

In Alameda County, there was an organizational meeting. Long time Chair Hugh Bussell was ousted. In a similar move to Cathy Kneer in Shasta, Bussell, knowing he was going to lose his re-election appointed 5 delegates to the CAGOP right before the officer election. Two of those delegates were from Southern California, underscoring the establishment meddling and control of Bussell.

The difference is that in Alameda, they actually had to organize per their by-laws and that committee has a case to gut the actions of Bussell and his handlers. See the letter from David Chan, the new chair of the Alameda GOP.

The Alameda GOP and the Shasta GOP will be forced to appear before the same proxies and credentials committee that listed paid establishment proxy gatherers Scott Winn and Corey Uhden as members. I will await further judgement but I am skeptical that either county will get fair treatment as this committee was a flaming pile of biden in 2021.

A lot of people were upset over the Lassen, Sierra and Plumas GOP being essentially Brian and Megan Dahle. I am being told they still are and that efforts to organize those committees have been fruitless. (By either Dahle’s crew or the other side)

In other counties, the transition of leadership has been much more tranquil. For example, in Stanislaus County their longtime Chair Joe Day gave way to Joel Campos with a unanimous vote.

Lake County elected Bryan Pritchard Chair.

I have been told that the SFGOP and the Marin GOP have a lot of drama that is being fueled by a bunch of Steve-Bannon Hair-on-Fire election fraud mavens. Those people could very well be getting encouraged in their efforts by people with personal axes to grind.

FYI – SFGOP Chair John Dennis is the adult in the room. People that care about the CAGOP need to vote for him to become CCA Chair.  I know the players and I know 100% where the attacks are coming from… sour grapes over past elections. I ran Steve Frank’s campaign and I do not have a grudge against anyone that did not support him, neither should anyone else.

Your intrepid blogger is just getting started. Any of you are welcome to call me or email me ANYTIME to explain your side, lobby me to supporting something or someone, etc. The more information I get the better these blogs will be. I am VERY disappointed with what I have seen happen and wish I did not have to write this blog…

P.S. Full disclosure: John Dennis has purchased advertising on this blog in the past for his CA12 Campaigns.

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  3 Responses to “As the Asylum Door Starts to Swing Open, Your Intrepid Blogger Introduces 2023 CAGOP Officer Election Drama!”

  1. Surprised you didn’t mention the opaque closed to the public unless your name is andy gimmecandy LAGOP organizational committee meeting and the rigged officer elections in violation of state party election code on December 10th, 2022 or the perverse agenda that was distributed to committee members, ex-officios some of whom who were not notified to attend and the most first time alternate voters every to attend an LAGOP central committee meeting in its history.


  2. Aaron, Is there a list of who is currently actually running for the various CAGOP elected positions at this time, i.e., who’s running for Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, etc., for all the positions that we vote for as delegates. When does the filing date end for those who decide to run for one of these positions. This information, in a concise list, would be helpful to start vetting who we feel would be the best candidates to vote for in each position. Thank you.

  3. Aaron,

    Is there a current list of who is running for the various elected positions in the CAGOP. It would be helpful to know exactly who is running o that we can vet these candidates to decide as a delegate, who would be the best candidate to elect in each position. When does the filing date end for those who may be deciding to run for one of the elected positions in the CAGOP? Thank you.

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