Nov 072022

UPDATE: We’d like to thank David Bass for being a reader of Right on Daily. It appears that within a short period of time, Mr. Bass made a complete revision to his original facebook post that was the subject of this blog. Should Bass gain election to the Rocklin Council, I hope this has been a teachable moment for him. The unforced error was not necessary.

This post replaced the post written about below. This should have been the original post, along with a warning / request to people to stop stealing signs.

Dear Mr. Bass – as you know and have said repeatedly there are ample grounds for lawsuits. Imputing motive onto someone campaigning for a School Board candidate in an attempt to make a political point is one such tort. Remember, the man pictured is a private citizen and the standard for defamation is different.

Wait, is that a Vote Biden Shirt on the person with the Hamilton Sign in Hand? Does this mean he was stealing or removing the sign? Bass???

So the viewers of this blog can see that indeed while complaining about a nasty campaign, Bass attacks a supporter of some School Board candidate as being a part of some conspiracy on Matt Oliver’s behalf. This is likely an outright lie, and is at the very least a stupid move.

I decided to make an issue of this, because Bass’ attack helps the leftist School Board Candidates and could be an indicator that Bass knows which side his bread is buttered on. Bass had at one point displayed the endorsements of Rick Miller and Michelle Sutherland on his website. Bass also got money from Miller for his campaign.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

This is a mistake by Bass and will cause him a lot of problems going forward with the much larger conservative base of Rocklin should Miller and other leftist school board candidates gain election.

This blog reminds me that Bass really needed to spend a few bucks on a campaign manager because this mistake was easily avoidable. Bass is showing a similar lack of discipline to what his crew says about Matthew Oliver.

Allow me to remind the readers of Right on Daily – I have not formally endorsed anyone in Rocklin. That said, I oppose Rick Miller, Michelle Sutherland and Jen Brookover for School Board as all have demonstrated their desire to brainwash our students with vile disgusting crap and they have also demonstrated an open hostility to anything resembling faith.

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  2 Responses to “UPDATED: Public Service to David Bass (for Rocklin City Council) attacking supporters is a double-edged sword”

  1. I think the shirt says “Vote Bible”

    Blogger’s Note: If true, this would be the first such shirt I have ever seen

  2. When you know you can’t win you start to paint a picture that everyone is against you, then blame your opponents for everything.

    Poor Dave….

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