Nov 232022

Today’s Update featured about 12,400 Ballots being counted by Placer County, bringing the total to 145,657 Votes. There are now about 49,500-50,000 ballots left.

Of the update, 2,757 votes were added in SUP D2. Shanti Landon gained 675 Votes. This is a 62.24% – 37.76% win for Landon on this batch.

If there are 9,000 ballots left in Sup D2, Scott Alvord needs a 38.86% Margin of Victory in order to pull even. Basically 69.43% of those ballots. If there are 12,000 ballots left in Placer SUP D2, Alvord needs a 29.15% margin of victory or 64.58% of those ballots to pull even. That would require a Miracle never before seen in Placer County Politics to happen.

Given that tomorrow is Thanksgiving, in the spirit of the Holiday will Alvord call Landon and concede?


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