Nov 142022

Election Month. Good Lord. This means no one knows the results of anything yet.

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  2 Responses to “100,000 Ballots Remain in Placer”

  1. Thank you Aaron.

    It was shocking to me when I learned my ballot (and my wife’s) had the following report when I followed up on it at

    Ballot Return Status: This ballot will be challenged. Pending due to roster verification Please call the Election’s office to inquire about your ballot status.

    So as of this morning, November 14, 2022, our ballots have NOT been counted. FYI, we used a drop off box at the Placer County Elections Office in Auburn on 11/5/2022.

    Also, John Fredricks pointed out the GAME DAY VOTING did not work and he explained how Democrats have learned, based on the new rules, to HAVEST BALLOTS as opposed to Republicans GETTING VOTES, something that gives the Democrats an advantage.

    Therefore, in the future, the Republican Leadership needs to learn “how to work within the new California Laws where ballot harvesting is legal” to HARVEST BALLOTS and to learn how to do it BETTER than the Democrats.

    Again, thank you for reporting this and I hope you spend more time on this subject.

  2. We are now a corrupt 3rd World Country!

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