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There are some interesting machinations in Riverside County – Richard Roth, an alleged Moderate Democrat / Military General State Senator, is looking for his next office. (I say alleged because Roth’s voting record is indistinguishable from any of the avowed communists in Sacramento) Roth’s fellow democrat, the malignant cancer Sabrina Cervantes is looking to jump from the Assembly to the State Senate. This leaves Sabrina’s sister Clarissa Cervantes, a Riverside Councilmember as the chosen pinko for Assembly.

It is nice to know that everything I complain about regarding insider politics is at work on the Democrat side, except this time with real power versus the games for the GOP super-minority.

Riverside County – your intrepid blogger is watching you…

The above office shopping list is speculation on my part but is also widely discussed in Political Circles. So with that in the background, Your intrepid blogger came across a 9-30-2022 article in the local rag about a lawsuit filed by Clarissa Cervantes against Chad Bianco, the Sheriff of Riverside County.

It appears that Clarissa is trying to get attention for herself in advance of her run and is also attempting to pander to the cop-hating far-left.

In the article about the lawsuit is a key sentence (claim if you will):

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The suit alleges Bianco’s statements were “false and libelous” because Cervantes was not involved in the protest or vandalism, and “defamatory” because they “impute criminal conduct” and would cause a reader to “judge her unfit to be a City Councilperson.”

Impute Criminal Conduct causing a reader to judge her unfit to be a City Councilperson. 

On 12-17-2014, Clarissa Cervantes was indeed charged with a crime.

So Cervantes got popped for a DUI, and she was sloshed too. BAC over .15.

So – Cervantes got charged. Was she guilty – thus making her a “convicted criminal” and confirmed to have engaged in “Criminal Conduct”? Read on…

Have a look at the documents. #1 they are dated a little over 10 months after she was charged with the DUI. This suggests that Cervantes attempted to fight the charges, later agreeing to plead guilty when it was clear she was not going to beat the rap.

It looks like she got fined a couple grand total, got her driver’s license suspended, got sent to a diversion program, and was sentenced to 10 days in jail. She was given credit for the night she spent in the drunk tank and the remaining 9 days appear to have been suspended or swapped for an alternative sentencing program. By definition, Clarissa Cervantes is a convicted criminal.

Using Clarissa Cervantes’s own words from her lawsuit against the current Sheriff of Riverside County (Sniff was the dude when she got popped for the DUI), Impute Criminal Conduct causing a reader to judge her unfit to be a City Councilperson. 

Using Cervantes’ words in the proper context, she is guilty of criminal conduct and thus IS unfit to be a City Councilperson. Time to resign, Clarissa.

P.S. When Cervantes got popped, she worked for Riverside Councilmember Andy Melendez. This means a lot of people in the Riverside County Political Community knew about this DUI while Cervantes is playing the victim, “worrying” about her reputation. Someone should have called her and pointed out the obvious.

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  1. Thank you for staying on top of all this. I wish you would do a series on the (alleged???) corruption in the Banning City Council. Why have 2 council people resigned/quit? Does it have to do with the warehouse (council people voted to change the zoning) that was going to be built next to an assisted living facility???

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