Oct 242022

So, we know that Hewitt was not simply pandering when he did the LaRaza salute to the Mexican National Anthem at an event

At our Southern border, government agents have committed acts of cruelty that shock the conscience in pursuit of the counterproductive and futile goal of controlling the free movement of people. America’s immigration bureaucracy has become an authoritarian monstrosity, aimed not just outward at would-be immigrants but also inward at American citizens. The prohibition of immigration requires an extensive apparatus for mass surveillance and government intrusion into our daily interactions. Libertarians say: The United States should welcome immigrants.”
Let those comments sink in and if you want to experience them in context, see Hewitt speaking to the Libertarian National Convention, and these are around 5:15-5:20 point. https://www.lp.org/sotu2019/
Hewitt should be endorsed by the far left with these comments as they sound like anything AOC, Tlaib or Omar would say. The man literally accused ICE of Cruelty and called then a tool of authoritarian monstrosity!
His insane and irresponsible comments give us even more context for his votes to defund police and fire in Riverside County. Libertarian Anarchy.
The board also allocated $2.5 million for temporary firefighter staffing, something sought by Supervisor Kevin Jeffries, who warned that major wildfires can leave fire stations empty for extended periods. (Riverside Press Enterprise, 6/17/21).  The Riverside County Fire Department will receive $2.5 million more for “surge staffing,” or the ability to have extra personnel available for dispatch to locations countywide during wildfire season.
Open Borders Hewitt opposed funding wildfire staffing for Riverside County. Was this part of the “authoritarian monstrosity” too?
Money to bolster public safety in unincorporated areas and to add seasonal firefighters to help wildfire-strained stations is among $16.9 million in changes to Riverside County’s $6.9 billion budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday greenlighted the changes in a 4-1 vote, with Supervisor Jeff Hewitt voting no after his colleagues rejected his proposal to allocate $10 million toward the county’s $3.6 billion pension debt. (PE, 6/17/21)
We wrote about this before, but Open Borders Hewitt opposed adding police officers to unincorporated areas (speaking of immigration smuggling and human trafficking) as well.
Given that Jeff Hewitt has 50 known Liens, a host of regulatory fines, a bunch of lawsuit judgements (above the two current lawsuits against him) and has even been liened twice since taking office – his opposition to anything resembling law enforcement makes perfect sense.
This guy is to the left of everyone in Riverside County on matters of law enforcement and needs to be canned from office post-haste.
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  1. Thanks for the information. It’s my belief we need to cancel the 87,000 IRS agents and get 87,000 new ICE agents instead. Let the deportations begin.

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