Oct 262022

Did Mr. Anti-Government Jeff take gifts from people? (Let alone being over the limit)

Jeff Hewitt has some ‘splainin’ to do. And, we are not talking about the 50 liens and the slew of lawsuits he has been in.

This guy has had nothing but trouble with the FPPC – the campaign finance regulators – because he refuses to file his paperwork. Hey, that sounds a lot like his “successful” business! Worse, he has also been lit up for flaunting the rules as well!

The FPPC fined Hewitt $1,111 for failing to report large contributions as required by law. This occurred on five separate occasions. FPPC Case # 17/00038  Total Penalty: $1,111  Respondent: Jeff Hewitt for State Senate #23 2014; Jeffrey F. Hewitt; David Castaldo, Treasurer Govt Code Section Violated: 84203 (5 separate 24-hour report violations)
FPPC fined Hewitt $4,923 for failing to file required campaign reports and failing to during 24-hour period. Hired Ashlee Titus at Bell McAndrews, Hiltachk. FPPC Case # 2018-000248.  Respondents: Jeff Hewitt for Assembly District 42 2016, Jeff Hewitt, David Castalado, and Wendy Hewitt.
Your intrepid blogger expects more FPPC complaints are to be expected as a result of Hewitt’s failure to file all $1,000 checks or more within 10 days of receipt last year (dozens).
Currently, five formal complaints have been filed with the FPPC against Jeff Hewitt between 2017-2021. As a result, three separate investigations are currently underway. The two other complaints did not result in new investigations, but were added to the current investigations.
Of the five complaints/investigations:
  • two were initiated directly by the FPPC;
  • one was initiated by the Secretary of State;
  • two were initiated by the Franchise Tax Board;
  • BONUS one complaint for violating anti-corruption statutes was initiated by a private party
Another BONUS: Jeff Hewitt also got a warning letter over his conduct from his governor campaign in the failed California Recall of 2021. Hewitt failed to file his form 700 statement of economic interests for his Governor campaign – speaking of transparency.
The five complaints and the three open investigations are listed below.
Jeff Hewitt: 2 pending lawsuits, 5 pending FPPC Cases, 1 Pending Anti-Corruption Case, and 2 liens since being elected. What the hell else is there that we don’t know about yet?
To be continued…
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