Oct 272022

In what is shaping up to be a Republican Rout – including Young Kim’s CA40, we get this:

Raths had no business running for Congress, he got Hundreds of Thousands worth of IE’s from Democrat Leaning Groups and now that he lost – he has climbed in bed with them too.

The people that tried to boost Greg Raths in to the top two against Asif Machmood knew what they were doing.

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  3 Responses to “CA40 UPDATE: Dear Greg Raths – You Are Done as a Republican. Get Lost Now.”

  1. Rath’s conduct is beyond sour grapes. BTW he is a retired O6 Colonel, from the Marine Corps Air Wing…He was a ‘fly boy’…not your typical ‘in the mud, in your face’ Marine. Ego’s are huge among the pilots…. So his conduct doesn’t not surprise me.

  2. He referred to himself as a lower case marine? Finally a jar head with humitliy. I don’t know why those guys are so arrogant. It’s not like they are an Army Reserve O-5 like I was! Four years since you beat me into submission, I have not forgotten Aaron. I will be back! Sherpa Derpa Mohammed Jihad!

  3. Lower case marine is items dealing with the ocean not the US Marines….Nothing to do with ‘humitliy’… Rath is simply a case of sour grapes on steroids.

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