Sep 252022

Have you heard of “Team Fontana”? Me neither until I started getting calls alleging an unholy alliance between Phil Cothran the liberal Republican Chairman of San Bernardino County GOP and Norma Torres, the communist Congresswoman.

From Left to Right, Norma Torres, Pete Buttgeig, alleged Republican Acquanetta Warren (Who endorses democrats) and Congressman Pete Aguilar.

There is apparently a lot of controversy about the light rail extension in to Rancho Cucamonga. There are a ton of theories out there about who is doing what and why.

What I know is that Acquanetta Warren is not a Republican, but gets fawned over but leftist Republicans all the time while she raises taxes, votes for AB32 crap and endorses democrats. She needs to get out of the GOP. I am not surprised one bit to see her palling around with a pair of communists talking about wasting tax dollars on green grab bag pork projectss.

Buttigeig was in town to talk about building the light rail beyond Rancho Cucamonga in to Fontana. It is alleged that a bunch of developers have land that will explode in value should the light rail go beyond Rancho Cucamonga. It has also been alleged that there is some sort of connection to San Bernardino Republicans that are a part of this left-right alliance called Team Fontana.

What I know for a fact is that Supervisor Kurt Hagman has been fighting with the Rancho Cucamonga City Council. There is a tunnel that will be built from the terminus in Rancho Cucamonga to the Ontario Airport. The RC City Council see this project as a cash cow and are seeking to extort a surcharge on tickets to the light rail. Ironically, the socialists running the light rail project see a $1 a ticket surcharge as some sort of outrage and affront. Hagman, long famous for playing both sides of issues (this is his leadership style), is also playing footsies with the Team Fontana crowd.

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It could be as simple as trying to back the RC City Council off of their demand for a ticket surcharge.

It could also be as simple as a bunch of leftists wanting the Light Rail to extend across America and Fontana is the starting point.

What has caused a lot of people to allege corruption and conspiracies on the right as the way the establishment rigged the election of Phil Cothran (rigged is my opinion of what they did), and coupled with their allegiance to democrat-turned republican but still liberal Jesse Armendarez for Supervisor.

Armendarez has deep ties to the pot industry, but his connection to this story is his known support for Team Fontana and their desire to extend the light rail to Fontana. Armendarez is in a tight runoff with another Republican. Supporters of the other guy claim the establishment have been engaging in bullying and intimidation tactics – I was given two specific examples, one involving SBGOP Chair Phil Cothran threatening to run someone against a local Republican Elected and a second local elected that caved and dual endorsed in the runoff.

Luis Cetena is the Opponent to the establishment.

What I also know is that the SBGOP had $150K in the bank, 3 months later it had 1300 in the bank. They had to let go of their executive director and then were able to re-hire him when they lined up a donor to cover his salary. Some think the donation was linked to the Team Fontana thing. I have also been told that there is no detailed accounting given at monthly SBGOP meetings about where the money goes.

I will be checking campaign finance reports when they display, but I have been told that the SBGOP spent $70K on Armendarez in a race with another Republican on the ballot and another $30K on Thurston “Smitty” Smith against Tom Lackey in another R vs R race. Regardless of any alleged corruption nexus to Aremendarez – this is a liberal Republican Chairman of a County Party doing what liberal Republicans do… palling around with democrats and spending money against Conservatives and not democrats.

It does explain why Cothran has the fan club he does – he fits right in to the moderate Republican motif, pick winners in primaries and expend all energy on stopping conservatives.

The nexus to team fontana (which may or may not exist)? We will see if we obtain more direct evidence. Suffice to say, when any government project gets built, a lot of people get rich. Who and Why, we will find out more soon…

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