Sep 272022

Your intrepid blogger has determined that the SBGOP are run by squishes and supports a bunch of squishes. Are they crooks? Can’t prove that at all.

When we put our first post up about the SBGOP, its’ Chair Phil Cothran and others… the nexus for your intrepid blogger was simple. I took issue with the way Phil Cothran got elected, it was an establishment jam down at the expense of conservatives. Not once did I allege they did something illegal.

I have been tracking the SBGOP ever since.

I also have a HUGE pet peeve when Republican Groups in California spend time and effort on R vs R races. This is the second thing that annoyed me and motivated me to write the post.

SO let’s set the record straight. Your intrepid blogger was right about Jesse Almendarez being a squish, however Jesse has been a Republican his entire life. His people dispute his ties to the pot lobby as well. I even had one insider personally vouch for the man’s character based on years of friendship while confirming he is politically moderate.

Much of the explanation over the decision to spend $70K on Almendarez and $50K (Note the higher amount) on Smitty Smith over Tom Lackey involved a bunch of complicated insider garbage, but suffice to say the SBGOP was able to leverage those races to get a lot of donations. It was also put to me that the overwhelming majority of the committee agreed with both spending decisions.

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They get to choose what the money is spent on. I’d have opposed the decisions.

I was told that Luis Cetina – the opponent to Almaendarez ran for LA City Council in the 1990’s as a democrat. No one gave me an answer about the allegations of intimidation, but one fascinating angle is Connie Leyva, a flaming leftist appears to be helping Cetina borne out of some issues she has with others in the area. This seems to be a constant in politics everywhere.

It was further confirmed that the Light Rail is being built in to Rancho Cucamonga. That part is done and is happening. It was explained to me that the RC City Council have been irresponsibly spending tons of money and they have nearly run out of land. With the Prop 13 property tax cap, RC can’t raise property taxes fast enough to satisfy their desire for more money. No one knew about the attempt to extort higher ticket prices by RC however.

There is indeed a “Team Fontana” but it was described to me as something informal that was coined back in the days when Fontana was “Fontucky” and not the emerging destination it is now.

What was most peculiar is that no one seemed to know a thing about a plan to extend the light rail in to Fontana. All are aware that there is indeed a federal contract and some funding that was put through to build tracks all the way to Las Vegas.

Lastly, not one person attempted to defend Acquanetta Warren – that tells me everything about her as well.

This will be continued as there are more shoes to drop…

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