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Sometimes you find stuff and you ask yourself, “Self, does that crap write itself!?” Apparently, with Kate Sanchez, the internet is replete with her repeating lies time and time again. I also have this article in a PDF in case the group that posted the interview takes it down.


Women’s Public Leadership Network (WPLN) is featuring stories from mothers seeking or serving in public office to celebrate Mother’s Day. WPLN’s Director of Strategic Impact, Mercedes Blackwood, interviewed Kate Sanchez, former Executive Director of WPLN’s state partner, California Women’s Leadership Association. Check out the conversation to hear about her experience balancing service to her family and community!

Kate Sanchez is a businesswoman, taxpayer advocate, mother, and candidate for California’s State Assembly District 71. Kate has an extensive career in government and public service. Currently, she serves as a national board member with Maverick PAC and the state finance director with the California Young Republican Federation. Kate is a current California Women’s Leadership Association member and former Executive Director. She has worked for lawmakers and as the Development Associate for the California Policy Center.

Blogger’s Notes: Kate Sanchez lost a lawsuit regarding the Secretary of State over her claim on the ballot to be a taxpayer advocate. Kate was the “interim executive director” of CWLA, and the deception and embellishing was repeated in this article. Similarly, the embellishments of her junior staffer status for legislators are repeated in this introduction. If working for a combined total of 3 1/2 years is extensive, then what is my 25 years in the political field called?

[WPLN]: Tell us a little bit about your decision to run. What motivated you, and what did you hope to accomplish in office?

[Kate Sanchez]: As a working mother of a 9-year-old son, the personal really is political. We are undoubtedly our child’s biggest advocate, so when letters to local officials, calls, and rallies went unanswered during the Coronavirus pandemic, I said, “enough. We need a new, unapologetic voice in the state capitol that will fight for the personal freedoms of all people in the district, especially our children.”

I have spent my entire career working with impactful lawmakers and purpose-driven non-profits focused on introducing policy solutions that make government more efficient and reflective of the communities in California.

Now more than ever mothers from all walks of life are running for office bringing the whole of their experiences to the campaign trail. Which is why, I will be a fierce champion for smaller government, modern job growth, constitutional liberties, and greater opportunity.

Blogger’s Notes: Her entire career is 3 1/2 years of working. She has been unemployed for twice as long as she was actually employed. When Kate Sanchez was referring to local officials ignoring everyone, her Assembly-Member was Laurie Davies. This looks like the latest example of Laurie Davies “thoroughly vetting” a candidate she endorsed – perhaps Kate was correct to attack Davies for doing nothing during the COVID lockdowns as Davies appears to have done nothing before endorsing Sanchez.

The comments about being a fierce champion of job growth are delusional given her personal history. 

What was that conversation like with your family as you were making this decision?

I come from an incredibly supportive, hardworking family and as the granddaughter of two military service members so being involved in the community is second nature. In California, our children, families, and small businesses need an advocate to fight for them today- not tomorrow, or 10 years from now. So, the conversation and decision to run for state assembly has been focused on how to navigate raising a child with a demanding career. Which requires creativity, flexibility, patience, humor, and grace.

Blogger’s Note: Describing her family as incredibly supportive may be the most truthful thing in this interview. Her father’s bank account got levied and her mother’s wages got garnished as a result of things Kate did. It is clear from an investigation of her work history, being in the assembly would be the best job Kate Sanchez has ever had and Sanchez has zero experience working in a demanding job anywhere when she actually did work. Her characterization of herself is indeed creative, I will grant her that. 

Were there any difficult situations that you had to overcome in regards to balancing your public service and family life?

I come from a long line of strong working women. My grandmother was one of the first women to receive a master’s degree from Avila University in Kansas, served on the city council while she ran a family-owned business, and raised eleven school-aged children. My mother is a registered nurse and businesswoman. Therefore, I’ve learned how important time management and organization are while still being flexible to life demands. So, for all those moms out there, we know every day brings a new set of challenges, and yet we find the fortitude to get it done. When we surround ourselves with the right team, anything is possible.

Blogger’s Note: It is clear Kate has a team of enablers in her life including the Orange County Republican Party. However, her definition of time management and organization includes getting sued for not paying her bills TWICE. Also not included is her marriage annulment where she said under penalty of perjury that she was of unsound mind, is that her definition of fortitude?

What advice would you give, or a piece of wisdom you wish you’d known?

The piece of advice I would give would be, “Find your why and show up authentic.” As well as, “focus on being part of the solution, not the noise.”

Blogger’s note: “Pay your bills. Tell the truth. Be of Sound Mind.”

To be continued…

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