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You’d think that the Orange County Mafia (that are participating in a Sunday fundraiser for Kate Sanchez that talks about her faith all the time) would be interested in the record of abject failure of Kate Sanchez to raise money. I mean, for many of them, their status and positioning at cocktail parties is a function of their donations or ability to raise political dough.

According to the recently disabled LinkedIn page of Kate “Cant-Keep-A-Job” Sanchez, her congressional employment was terminated in June 2018 and she didn’t secure another job for over a year.

Kate “Can’t-Keep-A-Job” Sanchez’ long-term unemployment came to an end during the summer of 2019 when the California Women’s Leadership Association (CWLA) took pity on her and hired her. CWLA is a conservative non-profit with an affiliated Political Action Committee. The Orange County-based founders of the CWLA are among the most engaged and respected Republican leaders in the state. I’m curious if they conducted a legitimate background check and verification of credentials.  It appears unlikely as many run in the same circles as those I deride as the Orange County Mafia.

In her campaign materials and website, Kate “Cant-Keep-A-Job” Sanchez boasts that she is the “former Executive Director” of the CWLA. In reality, however, she was only a very temporary and interim executive director. Similar to getting beat down by the secretary of state for trying to claim to be a taxpayer advocate, Kate Sanchez appears to be lying about her “work” for CWLA to overcompensate for her lifetime of failure. She intentionally omits the “interim” part of her position which may lead some to believe that she had worked as an actual executive director, even though her CWLA employment was terminated after just a few months.

Kate “Cant-Keep-A-Job” Sanchez has an extensive (and troubling) history of dishonesty and deception, especially when she’s seeking to conceal her failed employment history from the public and the voters. In addition, she has been sued for refusing to pay her bills, has been proven to have lived off of others for extended periods of time and let her folks get their wages garnished to cover her financial maladies.

In the first six months of 2019, the CWLA PAC raised $38,300 – this was prior to “Cant-Keep-A-Job” Kate getting hired by CWLA.  Once “Cant-Keep-A-Job” Kate took over, its PAC raised just $5,150 for the last six months of 2019, from 7/1/19-12/31/19. After 6 months of Kate’s “leadership,” the PAC reported just $388.70 cash on hand.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

Now we have more context for her current fundraising failure – complete with the fact that despite her constant harping about her faith – she is desperately trying to raise money on a Sunday. (Very odd for someone campaigning on their alleged faith)

Although the position/title of “executive director” of the CWLA may sound impressive to some, it appears that Kate “Cant-Keep-A-Job”  Sanchez was not paid a real “executive director” salary for running the CWLA.  The organization’s income for the entire year was less than $38,000. Not a real job?  Not a real paycheck? This would be consistent with the pattern we’ve laid out about Ms. Sanchez.

Curiously, the year after Kate “Cant-Keep-A-Job” Sanchez left, the CWLA’s income nearly doubled and their assets grew by over $38,000! (See the 2020 report here)

                                    2017               2018               2019               2020

Total Income             $82,135          N/A                 $37,799          $63,118

Total Assets              $30,958          N/A                 $775               $39,708

CWLA terminated the “employment” of “Cant-Keep-A-Job” Kate in January of 2020 and as you can see, their finances quickly recovered thereafter.

As we’ve reported previously, Kate “Can’t-Keep-A-Job” Sanchez lists no other employment for the rest of 2020, all of 2021 and the first months of 2022 until Kate’s boyfriend (and single-largest campaign donor) “hired” her so she could tell voters that she has a job.

P.S. I also find it odd that the CWLA has had nothing to say about Ms. Sanchez one way or another – especially given current circumstances.

P.P.S. Matt Rahn attends Church most every Sunday with his family, is a PHD and is also the Mayor of Temecula. It appears his primary offense is living in Riverside County.

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