Sep 292022

As your intrepid blogger is known to do, we trolled the California Secretary of State Website looking for candidate filings.

We pulled the recent reports for Kathryn Sanchez and Matt Rahn. Kate’s disaster is linked here. Matt Rahn’s report is linked here.

What a groundswell of support for Kate Sanchez!

So let’s summarize the numbers for the readers of this blog:

Rahn’s YTD total: $319K, Kate $66K. (A 5-1 advantage for Rahn)

For the period of 7-1 to 9-24-2022: Rahn Raised $72k and Kate 12k – that is a 6-1 thrashing.

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Kate has a net $21,500 in the bank and Rahn, a net $44k in the bank. HOWEVER, Rahn has spent 93,000 on campaign advertisements since 7-1, Kate? $17,000. (a 5.5-1 Advantage)

It gets better, Kate Sanchez disclosed 35 donors on her report. 19 of the 35 are repeat donors. So only 45% of her reported donors are new.

A few hot takes from your intrepid blogger (and I will have more to say about this later):

The Orange County Republican Party appears to be a paper tiger. They are not delivering the goods for Kate Sanchez.

Were it not for Kate’s boyfriend and family, she’d have raised $40K, and take out Bob Kowell and she is at 30K.

My guess is that the weakness displayed by this report is going to cause two things to happen – Kate’s already anemic fundraising will slow even more (which appears to be why she had her Sunday fundraiser before this report came out) and an outside group will be emboldened to come in and finish her off.

Now about Matt Rahn’s fundraiser last night (9-28-2022):

Matt Rahn raised more in this event than Kate Sanchez did in her 7-1 to 9-24 report. According to information your intrepid blogger has obtained, Rahn has already raised another $42,900 since the 9-24-2022 cutoff of the filing period. As of right now, we have seen one check for $2450 reported by Sanchez from her event.

She’s MIA in multiple ways…

Tick Tock, Kate. Judgement Day Awaits.

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