Sep 272022

This weekend, your intrepid blogger talked to several political insiders. They were universal in their disdain for Kate Sanchez. Most politely explained her lack of capability and they all commented on the expose your intrepid blogger has been crafting.

Yesterday, your intrepid blogger was altered to a Realtor / Business Community Forum that Kate Sanchez skipped. It looks like every other invited candidate attended.

And for a closer view of the empty chair…


The Orange County arrogance continues as they continue to shun the unwashed from the Desert…

But wait, there’s MORE! Kate also skipped a HISPANIC Forum too:

Conservative Mugs 970×250


Every one of the insiders I spoke to mentioned Kate skipping public events being of zero surprise to them based on their interpersonal experiences with her.

Kate Sanchez’ Sunday fundraiser appears to have been a flop. Only $2450 has been reported from that event so far. (That was one check, fyi…)

By contrast, let’s have a look at a real fundraiser – which also features James Gallagher from Sutter County, the GOP Minority Leader and two of Riverside’s finest Jeff and Lori Stone. (Although Jeff is now a resident of my home state of Nevada now) Jeff Stone served in the California State Senate from Riverside County and is remembered as a stalwart conservative.

Professional Campaign vs Impostor Campaign.

For those of you just now tuning in to the Kate Sanchez experience, see below for all of the fun stuff we have learned so far:

Kate Sanchez admits to Marriage FraudThen she admitted she was of unsound mind to get the marriage annulled.

Kate Sanchez gets beat down by CA SOS for fraudulent ballot title.

Kate Sanchez Divorced Husband Two, Fired the First Attorney, Bounced a Check to the Second, Got Sued, Lost and Stuck Mom With The Bill!

Kate Sanchez lost a lawsuit and caused her father to get bank levied and mother to get wages garnished!

Court filings reveal that Kate Sanchez was living off of her second husband’s family.

A review of voter registration records reveals that Kate Sanchez has no income and no home.

A Review of financial disclosures confirms Kate Sanchez has no income and no home.

Kate Sanchez got sued for bailing on her Bank of America Credit Card.

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