Sep 282022

Well well well. It looks like Ken Cooley is sweating a lot. He has had to unload a ton of TV ads against Josh Hoover, including an ad torching “extreme far-right politicians” that have endorsed Josh Hoover. Please note, Jay Obernolte is pro-choice up to 15 weeks as is Mimi Walters. This is the first time I have seen either of them referred to as extreme far-right, and I’d like to welcome them both in to my world… the water is fine.

I got this absolute NUKE in my email box that was so awesome I had to re-post it on Right on Daily! I added underlining for emphasis on the absolute Nuclear Political Ordinance that was included at the end of this release.

Press Release
September 28, 2022
Contact: Natalie Blanning

Ken Cooley worked closely and coauthored over 1,000 Bills with three legislators he calls “extreme far-right politicians” in new campaign ad

FOLSOM, CA — Assemblyman Ken Cooley recently launched an attack ad against his opponent, Josh Hoover, where he smears Hoover and labels three legislators that Hoover worked with as “extreme far-right politicians”.
What Cooley is not telling you is that he worked closely with all three Legislators. In fact, Ken Cooley coauthored 471 measures with Assemblyman Jay Obernolte, 614 measures with Assemblyman Kevin Kiley and 7 measures with Assemblywoman Mimi Walters. A total of 1092 measures were coauthored with the three so-called “extreme far-right politicians” legislators. In addition, Cooley signed on as a coauthor for 15 more bills where the primary author of the legislation was one of the legislators Cooley labeled as extreme far-right politicians.
It turns out Cooley’s so-called standards are not so high when it comes to who he works for.
Prior to his election to the Assembly, Cooley worked for Senator Ron Calderon, who was sentenced to 42 months in federal prison for taking $120,000 in bribes, and for Assemblyman Lou Papan, who used his position as Rules Committee Chairman to demand sex from lobbyists. Cooley’s ad does not mention that experience.


Paid For By Hoover For Assembly 2022 FPPC ID# 1442521

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