Aug 032022

Did I mention that the Roseville Puke-Tribune is in the bag for Democrats? They always have been and always will be. Heck years ago, the editor of the Auburn Journal was a convicted cocaine dealer and the P-T employed a registered Sex Offender! Interestingly, the links to the issues with Graham Alexander Womack are all broken, but searches still show some proof of his maladies.

The 2022 version of the P-T is functioning as a propaganda machine for Scott Alvord, Placer County’s favorite socialist.

I am not holding my breath for this rag to do anything anywhere near this lovely and syrupy for Shanti Landon. Instead, I am expecting the same treatment of her that they did to Kirk Uhler – with a cavalcade of communists giving credence to every left-wing lie that is invented against the target they are gaslighting.

Man, I have been told how FCC was the savior of the Athens avenue dump. I pissed off a lot of people in local government when I pointed out that FCC can’t handle their s–t and has a long record of regulatory fines and complaints. FCC also has a laundry list of industrial accidents too.

So why am I not surprised that FCC had a flaming pile of s–t at the dump? Just a couple months in to the vaunted new contract to wreck the Athens avenue dump, we have a gigantic dumpster fire, a flaming pile of s–t if you will. (different than Alvord, this is a literal pile of s–t on fire)

The local CBS-BS affiliate has a neat video if you are in to watching piles of s–t burn.

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But HEY!!! FCC is the best choice for the staff of the Western Placer Waste Mismanagement Agency! I hear that Madrid is lovely in September, too…

Not to be left off the train of nimrods is Jason “All Hat No Cattle” Paletta.

Apparently, he is attacking Democrat-Turned-Republican Jonathan Zachreson whose transition from Dem to Rep was because of CRT, Mask Mandates, etc in schools (like thousands of others). Apparently, the crazed Paletta is not paying attention to democrats re-registering Republican in droves all over the country! NO! Zach is eeeeeeeevil.

Please note that Zachreson abandoned his AD05 run and endorsed Joe Patterson instead of Paletta…  If you think that has nothing to do with Paletta’s rant on social media, please remand yourself to therapy immediately.

Make sure you attend Zachreson’s event and donate as much as you can. The Roseville City School Board is the former home of Gary Miller who is an accomplished communist versus the garden variety socialist Scott Alvord.

And with this update – Right on Daily endorses Jonathan Zachreson for Roseville City School Board. Good luck with your campaign.

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