Aug 042022

IT is fascinating really some of the people that pop up out of the political cesspool to run for office.

Looks like your intrepid blogger found out a bunch more stuff…

There has been this snippet floating around. The person or entity that made the snippet took the time to reference the public records.

Your intrepid blogger would like to point out the difference between this and some website of Kamala Harris that listed Matt Rahn without his consent. This is from official court records and was related to a 1 1/2 year marriage that Sanchez filed to have annulled.

Here at Right on Daily, we are firm believers in investigating the backgrounds of all candidates… It appears that the Orange County Mafia have failed miserably to get a good candidate. It is one thing to engage in xenophobic provincialism (my opinion of their decision) against a former Mayor and sitting councilmember from Riverside County, but it is still another to endorse and fund a complete train-wreck as an alternative.

Anyone that reads this blog knows I played a major role in electing Laurie Davies at the expense of the monster Bill Brough (who apparently is reinventing himself with the enabling of many of the same people now supporting Kate Sanchez). Here at Right on Daily, we are consistent in our mission including criticizing the decisions of people we once helped. Laurie Davies did not investigate Kate Sanchez. If she had, she would have easily found this.

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There is a reason why neither Ed Royce nor Darrell Issa – both of whom Sanchez brags about working for – have not endorsed her. I guess the folks in Orange County (many of whom I consider friends) missed the memo.

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  2 Responses to “#AD71 Update: That Time When Kate Sanchez Admitted to Marriage Fraud in Court Filings”

  1. Parkski…When you is right…you is right…
    Keep turning on the lights, make these cockroaches run for cover.

  2. Unbelievable that someone having this crappy background and Who has committed marriage fraud can even thinking about running for office. Just tells you how mentally unstable she is. Kate Sanchez is a complete fraud !!!

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