Aug 032022

BUT BUT BUT Matt Rahn is a RIIIIIIIINO. Well, Matt Rahn does not have to explain himself for stuff from 2020, or even last week for that matter.

So um, Kate… let’s talk about Fauci. You know that maniac that likes gain of function research on animals and humans, that guy.

Kate Sanchez has a nice long history that is like three-mile island.

So um, Kate… you like to talk about that website that has Matt Rahn’s name on it as “endorsing” Kamala Harris. This lie is perpetrated even though Matt Rahn did not give his consent to be on the site, you and your crew continue to perpetrate that lie from 2016.

Here is 2020, and that is clearly you and required your OWN action to like this drivel about Dr. Mengele. Whoopsie. Looks like Kate has some ‘splaining to do.

There is one thing about this latest discovery, it demonstrates that she should not be on linked in… or perhaps she should spend some of her boyfriend’s family money on an image manager. Kate Sanchez’ resume on Linked in is as bad as this latest find…

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Ahhhh yeah, party time in AD71 baby…

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  2 Responses to “#AD71 Update: Kate Loves Her Some Fauci!”

  1. You know when someone has reached rock bottom in their campaign they start talking shit and reaching for anything to use. Kate, do the Republican party a favor and stay out of politics. You are worthless !!!

  2. Anyone who does not disrespect Fauci has failed to do their homework.

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