Jul 152022

Who’s Next?

Man can not dine on Scott Alvord alone. But he is in desperate need of therapy. We have loved on him for years and the ministry of love will be reconvening because we are here for Scott Alvord. In case you are just tuning in, this is the Placer County Sup D2 race featuring the much loved and endorsed Shanti Landon against Scott Alvord whose entire existence resembles a Potemkin village.

Your intrepid blogger has been aware of the AD71 race in Riverside / Orange County. Kate Sanchez is a disaster, we are following that tilt closely as Sanchez came within 3% of beating Matt Rahn.

Your intrepid blogger has been watching a couple of third-party freak shows as well, it is possible we will be having some fun with them.

There are so many nimrods in Orange County that need love too…

The Rocklin City Council Race has not really begun yet, but I am watching it carefully. Anyone that attempts to oppose Bill Halldin will get run over with a freight train by Right On Daily.

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There is a coming City Council race in Roseville, where your intrepid blogger has endorsed Pauline Roccucci. We are tracking that tilt closely.

Your intrepid blogger has been fielding a series of calls about insider machinations within the California Republican Party. It appears there will be some tightly controlled changes in leadership. Kevin McCarthy needs/wants to keep control of the CAGOP – but the colossal failure (California is one of only 4 states where the Dems have posted a net gain in registrations since 2020, and at a gain of 167K, it dwarfs the other three states combined) of the Party to grow is wearing on insiders.

Can McCarthy keep control of the CAGOP while attempting to play in 75 Congressional seats across America?

We are also aware of criminal investigations in and around California Politics that will provide some fascinating color.

There are some ballot measures on the CA Ballot we may be talking about as well.

Lastly, can Mark Meuser force Padilla to spend his money? How competitive will Lanhee Chen be after whizzing on the GOP Base? Can Nathan Hochman beat Rob Bonta in this political environment?

Party Time is coming soon.

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