Jul 172022

All hat and no cattle.

Did you hear that Jason Paletta has a new website? Did you hear that Jason Paletta is going to hunt down corruption? He and his best buddy Brandon Bean have formed an alliance from what your intrepid blogger has been told.

Paletta – proving his brain is a vacuum is labeling the Placer GOP, Kiley, Patterson, The Milkman, the Dog Catcher and anyone else that has bruised his ego as corrupt. We’ve seen this before in Placer County, Karen England, Doug LaMalfa’s staff (think David Stafford Reade) and a bunch of dupes in the tea party teamed up to run the Placer CRA members out of the Placer GOP leadership. The Tea Party people were looking for someone to blame after the 2008 election of Obama and LaMalfa/England gave them a straw man to tilt at.

Paletta and Bean appear to be attempting to perpetrate the same lie in 2022. The rhetoric is the same as the psychotic rants I saw in 2009 and 2010. Your intrepid blogger has confirmed that Paletta/Bean have been attempting to insert people onto the Placer GOP.

A concerning angle is that it appears Eric Eisenhammer has been aligning himself with the Paletta/Bean crew. If this is true, this would be a dramatic departure from Eric’s past pattern. Eric has a reputation as a reasonable conservative who avoids extremes.

Secondly – the obvious question is, if Paletta is concerned about Corruption, what does he have to say about Brandon Bean’s abhorrent behavior? Or, is the desire to vent a grudge superior to any sort of ethics, integrity or real corruption?

Too Damn Hot Sale

Brandon Bean sure made a difference – read more about the lawsuit here in which Bean threatened to rape a co-worker.

Speaking of integrity – read here the corroborated story of Bean’s Drunken escapades.

Finally, when Jason Patella announced his “New” website to fight corruption, he called Joe Patterson, the AD05 GOP Nominee for Assembly a democrat.

Apparently, Moonbat central missed Paletta’s Memo. Or perhaps, Paletta is just a butthurt idiot, you decide.

Please note as of 7-17-2022, almost 6 weeks after the primary Bean has refused to support Sheriff-Elect Wayne Woo and Paletta is refusing to support Joe Patterson. These two have earned themselves permanent residency on the Scott Alvord therapeutic patient list of Right on Daily.

Mr. Paletta – when you read this blog, understand that your intrepid blogger has MANY friends on the Placer GOP. If you attack them, you are attacking me.

Not to be outdone, another of Placer County’s finest Moonbats decided to sortie out of it’s spider hole:

Thanks for the endorsement Connie.

True to form for the left, they would not be able to understand stone tablets from God. (as they deny the existence of God as a breed) Worse, this one likes to twist people’s words. So your intrepid blogger paid it a visit on twitter. (Note, I did not assume Connie’s gender… perhaps it is tree sloth, who knows)

Right on Daily for the win.

There must be a general election coming! The idiot/moonbat infestation is in full swing.

In case you are wondering, here is a photo of Matthew Oliver, Your Intrepid Blogger and Oliver’s Campaign Manager taken on 6-7-2022:

The Scott Alvord fan club board of directors.

Party time in Placer, baby.

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